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Flyover Stamped Brands


Prager University is the world's leading conservative brand and its main focus is on changing minds through the creative use of digital media. Taking full advantage of today's technology and social media, it educates millions of Americans and young people about the values that make America great.

Turning Point

Turning Point USA is an organization founded by Charlie Kirk whose mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government. 

The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire is a politically conservative news and opinion website featuring daily podcasts by Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, and Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro.

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza has had a prominent career as a writer, scholar, and public intellectual, and has also become an award-winning filmmaker. Born in India, D’Souza came to the U.S. as an exchange student at the age of 18 and graduated from Dartmouth College. Called one of the “top young public-policy makers in the country,” D’Souza quickly became known as a major force in public policy through his books, speeches, and films.


Watch FlashPoint with host Gene Bailey and his special guests to discover how prophecy and current events are aligning to usher in the greatest awakening the world has ever known. Focusing on various issues currently facing America, FlashPoint delivers information under the Anointing that will provide encouraging evidence and hope that God is indeed working to bring about His plans and purposes during these turbulent times.

The Flyover Mission

Our moment came on January 8th, 2021… we were driving home from our nation's capital and we witnessed a gross misrepresentation of facts by the mainstream media who told the country that 2,000,000 patriots were in fact terrorists, and we were among them. We were appalled… we were angry… but most of all we were motivated. Out of this motivation, Flyover Conservatives was born.  We knew we needed to do OUR part as a family to take back control of the narratives. We realized on the drive back home that other conservatives needed to wake up as we did and we started putting words to these feelings. We decided our motto would be Wake Up • Speak Up • Show Up as those were the three phases we had gone through in this journey. Everything we do now stems from this motto. Our goal… our mission is to help conservatives across the 17 Flyover States to Wake Up to the fact that there is an evil globalist agenda and if THEY don’t step up no one will. In 2020 everyone looked to Trump to do 80,000,000 things to save our country… We are helping people wake up and realize we need 80,000,000 people to do 1 thing to save their own country! The second phase after waking up is to start speaking up. Speak up in YOUR places of influence. We have created hundreds of pieces of content to arm you with actionable items on how you can speak up in your home, neighborhood, social media platforms and beyond. YOU, yes YOU reading this are one of the 80,000,000 we are counting on to help save this country. We need your voice. We need you to speak up! Everywhere you can. We are the majority who will no longer be silenced. Lastly we need 80,000,000 people to SHOW UP! From your local HOA meeting where they are making rules you can’t fly your flag to the school board meeting where there is an agenda to indoctrinate your children with Critical Race Theory to your City Council who is working their darndest to partner with terrorist organizations like BLM and Antifa. You must Show Up at these events and let your presence be felt. We must shine light in the darkness. We must expose that which hopes to never see light. 

These were the thoughts we began to vocalize and process together as a family on January 8th on the long drive home. We decided to spread this message on every platform we could. Within one week we had launched this site, a podcast that reached 25 different platforms, Youtube, Rumble, Facebook, Instagram, we started a blog and we began to do what we felt God telling us to do…. “Record, Record, Record!” At first it was with our family and friends and having them share their perspectives, but then the Lord started opening up doors and we were able to host interviews with Beni Johnson of Bethel Church and then Juan O Savin, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Colonel Phil Waldron and the list goes on. Daily we were honored as dozens and then hundreds and then thousands and now millions of people tuned in to hear our message of Wake Up • Speak Up • Show Up. We are thankful to have you on our team and we hope to continue to inspire you, motivate you, irritate you, and ultimately to partner with you to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!
God has a plan for this country and we choose to partner with that plan! The prophets have spoken and we choose to partner with them. We believe 4 things…


1: This is the best time to be Alive

2: President Donald J Trump will be reinstated back to the office of President soon!

3: Revival has hit our country and will produce a billion soul harvest.

4: Through all the above there will be a transference of wealth from the wicked to the righteous.


These are things that God has told the prophets and has confirmed through the intelligence community. Both are saying the same thing and we believe it would be foolish to go against those beliefs. We do not hide our faith in our shows as we believe it is the cornerstone of not just our Flyover Family, but of the whole patriot movement. This is God’s movement and this fight is not Democrat vs Republican… it’s not even conservative versus liberal… This is Good vs Evil and in this battle we choose to align ourselves wholeheartedly with what God is doing. 

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