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How 2000 (and more) Mules Doomed The Dastardly Donkey

Updated: May 4, 2022

Try saying THAT 12 times fast ;-) Well, this “tongue twister of truth” is IMHO about to be proven true now that the amazing and desperately needed film “2000 Mules” has finally been released. I was at its' premier 7pm showing last night on May 2, 2022, and I’m not going to so much write a review or tell you why you should see it, but to tell you why I believe that this will be the fatal iceberg wound in the hull of the Demoncrat’s “Titanic Ship of Subversion” against America; and of course in turn, the world - yes, I think it will be that YUGE.

When I lived in LA I came into contact with a number of people in or connected to this film as a member of the publicly known but secret membership conservatives in the entertainment industry group “Friends of Abe”. I’d met Larry Elder at parties and knew the ongoing composer for all of Dinesh D’Sousa’s films, the great Bryan Miller. I have another friend Gregg Kellogg who worked on the composing team for the first film who told me that everyone connected to it had problems with the IRS afterwards (which bankrupted my friend), and of course D’Sousa actually made a film about his jail time that resulted from the trumped up (probably a poor choice of terms) election contribution charges Obama had him convicted on. That is ironic, because the Obama crowd made the worst enemy they could have ever imagined in Dinesh D’Sousa, because “2000 Mules” is going to be the mother of all nightmares ongoing gift to the Deep State/Cabal/Demoncrats.

2000 Mules” will be the Pandora’s Box weapon against evil that cannot be pulled back or ever diffused, because even after the film has been seen in its entirety by the paying public in theaters and online, it will be cut up into clips that will literally go everywhere under so many names that even a million Zuckerbergs could never find a way to block their distribution on social media - and speaking of Facebook, they figured in a lot to the whole scheme outlined here and I can see why FB banned me for a few days for posting the “2000 Mules” trailer.

In short: even all the brainwashed people who you’ve tried to get to watch things in the past but refused on the grounds that it is just “conspiracy theory”, will even inadvertently see enough of this film to trip any surviving working cognitive dissonance switches in their brains. I watched the latest X22 Report this morning, and Dave exploded this golden thought bubble on our heads to consider: New Twitter owner Elon Musk now has 90 million followers there, so what happens if he tells them all to go watch “2000 Mules”? Ka-FREAKIN-BOOOOM.

So let me tell you at least a few things that this amazing film unearths that supports my hyperbole here, and why I believe it has just caused the certain Demise of The Doomed Donkey Party:

For me, the “hugest booms” here were some implications from the method that the “mules” were identified that were not actually discussed in the film that I will go into later. Just to give a context, “mule” was the name the filmmakers gave to the paid people who were used by the Democratic Party to physically deposit the illegal mail-in ballots into the special metal receptacle boxes that were installed (I think, anyways) especially for this election, because their function was so similar to how the Mexican drug cartel uses people as “mules” to transport drugs. The whole distribution method was meticulously planned from the non-profit entities that funding came in through, to the various party offices that coordinated the creation of the faked ballots (more on that below), to the paid mules driving and pedaling around their city territories for weeks stuffing the boxes all day and far into the wee hours of the morning.

To me one of the best aspects of the film was that D’Sousa brought together a group of the best known conservative pundits to capture their “in the moment” reactions to what they were seeing in both the video proof from surveillance cameras to the brilliant method they used to identify the mules. From cell phone data available to anyone, they narrowed their suspects down by just choosing people who came into direct contact with a high number of mail-in ballot boxes with an impossible to be coincidental frequency of visits. The paths of these mules showed trips to paths to dozens of ballot boxes daily over days or weeks up until the election, and the method they used to come up with the 2000 number of “mules” doing this around numerous cites could very believably be even I think they said even 40 x higher with a very small adjustment to their criteria for identifying a mule - so let that sink in.

But the “hugest but unnamed boom” that I was referring to above is this: Not only did a whistleblower office worker show how the internal ongoing election theft machine works and who at what levels are complicit, but check this out: Lots of the mules cell phones were also found to have been on site at a lot of the BLM etc rioting a little ways back, but ALSO close enough to the scenes of shooting murders that they had to be one of only a few that would have to have been the shooter.

So what does this mean? To me, it means that we have a nation of people that either for money or a very sick and perverted ideology have - and would do again if allowed - be traitors to their country in the form of stolen elections, but also in terms of the big picture, to sell out the entire human race by crippling the United States of America as its most powerful protector against evil.

Of course, it’s obvious that America has also been at times a weaponized tool used by these evil people masquerading as a political party - and yes, I’m talking about a of of Republicans too, they are also at the very least compliant in this whole thing, because its too big to have been pulled off without "insiders".

A phrase used in describing any election fraud that has always enraged me is calling it “political shenanigans”. Shenanigans are things like pulling a girls pig-tails in the schoolyard or putting a bucket of water above an open door. Calling the theft of a huge country's election a “shenanigan” is like describing crucifixion by saying that it “may cause mild discomfort”. What this film is really calling for is the rounding up of thousands of different levels of mule-like citizens who were the head, hands and feet of the crime; and then probably many MORE elected officials and other professional organizations that would have HAD to have be complicit to pull off anything of this scope as well as it was. And if we DON’T act on what has been shown in this film, we are nothing more than a gulag with an attractive flag flying over it.

Always the sophisticated sceptic, Dennis Prager at first identifies himself as “agnostic” on the subject of the election steal, but by the end of the film is enough of a believer that he was as close to literally enraged as I’ve ever seen him. Larry Elder came as close to someone finally going all in and outright declaring the Democratic Party as an organized crime syndicate, which D’Sousa does state outrightly at the end of the film.

When I hear people talk about which Demoncrat is most to be feared in the coming elections, or if Donald Trump should run again, my answer is always the same: their will be no Democrats to fear because there will soon BE no Democratic Party, and Donald J Trump doesn’t need to run for president again because he already won and IS the President of the United States, and all we have to do is to watch and wait for that to be clearly revealed to the entire country and the world.

“2000 Mules” will be the mile marker in our journey from corruption that we can look back on and say “and that’s when the battle visibly turned in our favor”. Again I will out my father’s favorite joke as to what the monkey said when it got it’s tail caught in the lawnmower: “It won’t be long now”.

Uncle Ben Ghazi, Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

May 3, 2022

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