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“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

We are currently trying to live through a time that is both bewildering and emotionally draining, where almost nothing makes any sense. This statement by President Roosevelt is probably the single most true thing I have ever heard said on both politics and any world event, keeping in mind that all things that happen to anyone on the planet at the hands of any power group is just local politics if you happen to be living there.

At the same time, I get a sense that we are witnessing what could well be the biggest psychological operation in the history of the planet, and since entire industries have been created to make people believe things that aren’t true, it’s vitally important to have something to point to that you're sure is true to use as a way to measure everything else. For me, this statement about nothing “just happening” because of incompetence or chance is that measuring tool, and so that’s what I’m going to base what I am about to say on:

In regards to the entity known as Slow ByeDone, as far as I’m concerned, the only explanation for its actions in the recent withdrawal from Afghanistan can be someone’s intent to completely discredit and humiliate him on the world stage to people of all countries. I say that because its history has been one of constantly controlling the “spin” appearances of its actions, and it’s impossible for me to believe that any amount of senility or just bad judgement could explain the image self annihilation that has been wrought on this entire administration in a few days - it had to be have been PLANNED. I’ll go into a few reasons why I say that here, but for more on the who and why on this subject see my previous blog that asked the unanswered question: “Who Stands To Gain?”

To put it simply, the obvious three choices are either 1) The CCP, who clearly own him and lots of others in politics around the world, 2) the globalist cabal, in which I will include the many black ops / shadow government groups around the world including the SeeEyeA etc., who in a way include the CCP but are a level or two above them as an unseen hand using them until their usefulness is outlived, and 3) the worldwide Alliance, who have been working with Trump and others to battle against the plots, plans and schemes of these two groups. Out of all these, who stands to gain by what I think most would agree at this point is the inevitable end of the ByeDone Presidential unit?

You could say that the CCP and Globalist motivation has always been to have VP Kammie as the longterm visible President, and then the social media conjecture of Nancy P as the VP actual power running things; but I believe that the damage is so bad to the entire administration that the American people would never accept that as an actual replacement following an impeachment or resignation.

Only someone that has shown that they actually have a track record of showing power against an enemy that invokes the kind of fear and loathing that the Taliban does on the planet would fit the bill at this point, and the only person that currently fits THAT suit is Donald J. Trump. And there’s nobody that has shown themselves over the years to be more of a “master planner” than DJT, but if what’s really happened here has been a controlled exposure of his enemies, then he has taken 3D chess to a quantum level.

But let’s also look at the other exposures that are going on in the country and world right now that seem to be coordinated to facilitate the - yes, I’m going to say it - return of Trump. And when I say return of Trump, I don’t believe that he has ever left his control post over the country, but I also am not sure if he’s really going to want to actually function in the role of a president after all of this - maybe it will be some kind of an overall guidance role that we don’t even have a political office named for at this time. But not to digress, here’s the other stuff I am seeing:

Spike Lee is now coming out with a documentary series on both the 9/11 attack as well as CoVid - supporting that he believes them both to be real conspiracies and not what we have been told about them. Regardless of if you’re a Spike fan or not, think about what it says to lump those two things together to the general public - AND that it’s very hard to play the “race card” on this guy, with that being about the only card the left has “left” to play these days.

Then, put that with the declassifications that Trump did, and take a look at where all of that becoming mainstream knowledge to John Q Public might land us. To me, that place would be the kind of modern French Revolution type anger at a power elite that would be more than enough to welcome weeks of televised military tribunals. I see that the very thing that I have always predicted would be needed to break the MKUltra-style mind control conditioning that has happened to the country: an emotional shock state strong enough to break down the closed access to people’s logic centers, is to allow them to finally see truth that wasn’t fed to them through the paid for media.

We’ve always been told that the reason for the delay of the return of Trump has been to prepare the public for what they are going to learn both emotionally and intellectually, and regardless of what we all think that time frame should have been, I can certainly see the stage being set for that moment now. Here’s another big thing that we have been missing regarding the reasons for things that we don’t understand - let’s talk about the election audits:

One thing that has always frustrated me whenever our enemies have been caught doing something utterly illegal is this concept that comes from who knows where that nothing can even start to happen until we have at least 11,000 tons of evidence. If we operated like this in normal life, no one would go to jail for anything unless it could be proved that both they and their ancestors back to Queen Victoria had burned and murdered entire towns - that is literally what seems to exist with the evidence gathering that’s been going on with the 2020 election audits.

Granted, this is at least in part explained by all the judges that have to sign off on it who are both bribed and blackmailed by the CCP, Demonrats and whoever else; but again, I gotta come back to the “nothing happens that isn’t planned” saying to guide us on this one as well: What’s the PLANNED reason that the audits are dragging on like a kid longing for Christmas in July? Sure, we know that the cabal is in “delay-delay-delay / scorched earth mode”, willing to do anything to keep themselves in power for even 10 more minutes. But what if that isn’t really what’s holding everything up? What if it’s all dependent on some countdown clock that is actually in our FAVOR for things to wait until they can begin?

Nope - I don’t know what that is, or even if it for sure exists, but just speaking as a writer who understands something about crafting both a story and supporting its claims along the way, I see the evidence of (to borrow the spiritual term) “Intelligent Design” here. I can see that if in fact we are watching a planned and carefully timed out unveiling of a master storyteller's hand in the writing of history here, and be that storyteller's name Donald J Trump, the God Jehovah, or both; all of these things that I’ve been talking about seem to work together into a story about the defeat of a long standing great evil, NOT an out of control careening into the wall of destruction that we as a race are completely powerless to swerve to avoid.

And so for the third time this month, I am going to say to try to not be bounced like a bobbing buoy of emotions on the sea of current events right now - things are NOT over and will still get worse, but I really believe there is redemption around the corner. If I’m wrong, you can all take it out on me in the FEMA camps where those guillotines all are that we heard “they” bought to use on us back in the early “Obamantion” - but I think that regardless of their original intent, there might be “other purposes” that they will be put to, and SOON.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

August 25, 2021

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