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“Truthy Truthiness”, or Why Trump Shifts from Politics to Media & Tech

Do you ever wonder where some of the phrases that you have “just come to use” actually have originated from? What happens for me when I get the inspiration to write a blog is that I wake up in the morning and the title just comes to me, which in turn gives me a mental outline for what the whole thing will be themed upon. So as I typed out the title above, it made me wonder where I heard those terms, and if my understood meaning was the actual meaning that at least someone with a website had put into the internet world. So I looked up these two worlds and got this:

“Truthy In JavaScript, a truthy value is a value that is considered true when encountered in a Boolean context. All values are truthy unless they are defined as falsy.” (From something called “MDN WebDocs” found by Mozilla, broadly identifying it as a search engine term.)

“Truthiness is the belief or assertion that a particular statement is true based on the intuition or perceptions of some individual or individuals, without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts. Truthiness can range from ignorant assertions of falsehoods to deliberate duplicity or propaganda intended to sway opinions.” (From the failed bastion of truth known as Wikipedia)

Here’s what else usually happens for me when I get the idea for a blog: I will promptly start to see things that fit in my mental outline that fleshes everything out and more sharply defines it’s direction. So then I saw the image I am using to visually define the topic and let people imagine why they might want to read this - in this case, the curiosity of how Donald Trump might be connected to the title, and the intriguing idea that he might be at least in part shifting his focus from politics to media and tech - and don’t worry, I AM going to tie all of this stuff together before too long and make my main points - so read on:

And then I watched an interview on a German podcast with Sheryl Attkisson. If you don’t remember her, she is the ex-CBS reporter who left that network for it’s liberal policies and what she saw (rightly) their attempts to cover up what really happened at Benghazi (I wonder where we have heard THAT name before?) and called out Shril-lary for claiming to have been under fire in her trip to Bosnia, causing her to retract that statement as a “mis-speak” the very next day - so she’s a definite white hat and we like her.

The interview with Attkisson (on Rumble - gee, how about THAT for coincidence as well?) is below in Link #1, and is on the subject of “Astroturfing”. So if you aren’t clear on the meaning of THAT term, here it is from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: “…organized activity that is intended to create a false impression of a widespread, spontaneously arising, grassroots movement in support of or in opposition to something (such as a political policy) but that is in reality initiated and controlled by a concealed group or organization (such as a corporation)..”

So to put it in simple street language terms, it’s more easily defined as a false flag operation meant to look like a grassroots event. To summarize what she is saying about astroturfing, she says that LOTS ( as in most of? Or At least half?) of what is portrayed as real citizens or unbiased doctors etc stating a point of view that is actually a paid position by a media group or industry with an agenda to sell to you.

She says that there are actually thousands of people in media and marketing whose jobs are nothing but this all day long, but there are clues everywhere of it being done to us if you are really paying attention and not dismissing all the things we hear every day that don’t add up.

Here’s an example of one I just started seeing in the last week or so: Hopefully you are already aware that about 10-20 years ago medical / hospital advertising (which she says actually used to be illegal, which I had forgotten) shifted from talking about curing diseases and pain to “managing” them - right? Well, have you heard the new Johnson & Johnson ads on Roku and Amazon etc that are suddenly using the term “cure” again, and in connection with the word “cancer”? I don’t claim to know what that is, but to use one of my terms I made up in watching current events, “that’s not nothing.”

So I will be paying attention to what might be coming out in medicine, because from what I am seeing, I think it’s highly likely that Big Pharma as an industry will be going extinct very soon from lawsuits as a result of this period, and I would assume that they know that their “no fair suing us” laws that they cooked up with the Deep State years ago won’t survive popular option and the hungry law profession for much longer, and they are busy even now on how they are going to spin their value to us. So be looking for all the subtle ways that your opinions are being manipulated all day long, because it never lets up, so your defenses against it can’t let up either.

And now my main point, the coming unveiling of the new Trump Media & Technology Group, the brand new announcement that it will be connected in a partnership to Rumble, and what that writing on the wall actually means of the soon to come future:

What the interview with Attkisson shows us is that there is a war of propaganda that can only be won by getting our own control of “thruthy truthiness”, and as such, the most important thing that we can do is to have our own protected independent platforms for disseminating truth that cannot be spun by the Spiders from Hell that have controlled it for so long. What these moves by Trump and Team shows us that finally the Right has learned what I have been saying for decades: we have let the Left define our terminology, our marketing image, and what we actually believe for too long and just blithely muddled along merely trying to pass legislation. This is putting the cart before the horse: we can’t pass legislation because what the general population believes about what we are doing is is based on that spider spun false definitions, so we have to get the truth out and THEN put it into legislation AFTER we have sold the real definition to the public.

You might say, “Well duh, Uncle Ben, but they’re never going to ever see it because they won’t WATCH whatever Trumps new media is going to be!” - to which I will come back that in saying that, you are showing that the Astroturfers have done their job well in convincing you that our numbers are SMALL. They are not, and when the “election steal real numbers” come out, I think we will see that at least 75% of America are with us, they just have no way of hearing one honest message that they can trust - and that’s where Trump Media & Technology Group and Rumble come in.

From everything that I have heard on the plan for the group, it will be one unified network that every podcaster, researcher, honest entertainment and overall content creators will have their own “channels” to present their ideas, etc., and every single person that shares of is at least interested in hearing those messages can go to find it in a secure and protected way, because it uses nothing that our enemies have built - it’s all 100% SANE GENIUS OWNED AND OPERATED. Now are you starting to get what Deven Nunes that this was a more important and excitingly effective job for him than rolling around in that snakebite with the demons that we call Congress?

So here’s the really important part of this: Finally, we will have a foot soldier role in this whole thing that goes beyond prayer and fearfully trying to share things on FartButt, classically enemy territory filled with friends ready to cancel you, family to disown you, and Fat Czechs ready to “de-publish” you for having an opinion that’s not Zuck-approved. You will have a place that you can point anyone to that is interested in looking at things like the obviously bought and propped up financially CNN that they’ve already been questioning anyways. And you will be able to connect with people that are probably right there “on the street where you live” to quote the old show tune that you never had a way to identify as a comrade in arms before - and a whole lot of other things that I think DJT & The Alliance have been planning for a long time - so I din’t know if this is the Christmas present that he’s been promising us for so long or not, but I think it’s a lot more exciting than the “socks and underwear from your grandmother” gift that if might have appeared of be on the surface.

OK, one last tangent topic that you will see really isn’t a tangent: This new Rumble report from Glenn Greenwald on the coming US extradition of Julian Assange from the UK, that seems will happen maybe before Christmas in Link #2 below - and why it really matters to us all.

Glenn is a great reporter who left the Washington Post to go independent and conservative, and he shows us the big picture on the who what and why on the Julian Assange phenomenon, and why it’s pretty much unlike anything we have seen happen in America - that is, at least until the people from January 6th that are still being held but not charged indefinitely under unconstitutional Obama’s law that actually allows that - but I will get to the point of why Assange matters to us all:

  • He isn’t a US citizen (he’s Australian, and in fact has only spent 4 days in the US), but at least two foreign countries have worked to try to give him to the Deep State American government for well over 10 years, including using the time honored DemonRat tradition of the Bimbo card with not one but two women in Sweden alleging he raped them.

  • He has the actual files etc that Seth Rich was murdered by MS13 for, the international proxy fighter / thug for hire group used by countries all around the world to take out it’s whistle blowers - and that trial is rumored to be coming up soon, see link #3 below for an overview of what might be happening with this, but think about what this all might mean if the Assange extradition was actually Trump controlled to John Podesta and all the other DNC people that it will take down with him - as this says, “why would a robbery be classified as a threat to national security?”

  • What the Assange case should mean to us all is that any of us can under current laws be classified a terrorist etc and either hunted down all over the world or locked up with no trial for any length of time. We all better get very interested in this case or we will all be as guilty as German Pastor who wrote the eerie “First The Came…” poem to explain how the German people ignored and explained away why they did nothing to counteract the concentration camps after WWI, see Link #4 below, but I’m going to include it here as well:

When the Nazis came for the communists,

I remained silent;

I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,

I remained silent;

I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,

I did not speak out;

I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,

I remained silent;

I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,

There was no one left to speak out.

So what I am excited about is that FINALLY, we are making very tangible progress that we can point to and not just hope for, and we will soon have very clear actions that we can all take part in - but as the poem about warns, the consequences of not speaking out will also be just as potentially bad.

So in the meantime, be on the look out for the Astroturf in your life and when you see it, point it out and identify it to others. We are all in this together, so use every tool you can to survive and “break on through to the other side”, as the old Doors tune said….although, their lead singer Jim Morrison was the son of Navy Rear-Admiral George Morrison, who was commander of United States naval forces during the Gulf of Tonkin Incident of August 1964, which sparked an escalation of American involvement in the Vietnam War….NO, no more tangents! :-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi


Dec. 15, 2021

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