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As we leisurely tour God’s House of Gold, we take time to digest the hidden truths we uncover.

Everywhere we excavate we will dig up nuggets of truth, each added depth, and color, as the largest and most exciting picture of redemption in history, gradually unfolds before our very eyes, as each transforming truth jumps to life in our hearts.

A study that does more than feed our minds with historical facts, but rather a study that gives us a deeper understanding of the transformation of our temples into houses of gold where God now dwells by His spirit.

Since God devoted only two chapters to all of creation but fifty chapters to the Tabernacle, surely this should tell us the importance that God has placed on this colorful tapestry of His plan of redemption. A tapestry was woven in gold, silver, and brass with threads of blue, scarlet, and purple.

Possible titles for a book on Tabernacle:

“Stepping into His Presence”

“Beyond The Torn Veil”

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