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2 Million After Effects From 2000 Mules

This is my follow up to last weeks blog on the “2000 Mules” film that was released to immediate YUGE success. This blog will look at evidence of the after effects I predicted would come from the film, because I am already seeing dramatic ones all over social media. It will include info on the exciting new innovative marketing & distribution scheme it used that will also open up a whole new industry to independent filmmakers.

But first, speaking of social media, I need to get up on the UBG Soapbox for a couple of paragraphs first - I actually first mistyped it as “Slapbox” at first - maybe that was a Freudian slip:

We are in a war with the Cabal, and from what I can see over 50% of conservatives seem to understand and embrace that fact. This is actually the real purpose of this film, to open the eyes of the rest of us as well as all the liberals that can still be deprogramed - although some never will, unfortunately. All that being said, we are all soldiers in this war, and it’s up to us to decide to be part of the solution or part of the problem, to use the time honored phrase.

I see a huge amount of people on Social Media that use every opportunity to throw the cold water of pessimism on any fire of excitement over the “winning” that Donald Trump told us we would one day literally get tired of. I think the reason may be that people have gotten so exhausted at trying to hold on to hope that they have come to see a “nothing will ever change - nothing will ever happen to these people” attitude as the way to use the only power they think that they have left : to paraphrase the classic rock songwriter genius Peter Townsend, it’s the power to “not be fooled again”.

And as such they want to pull everyone they can into their pessimism whirlpool, because the more they can get us to echo their cries of constant calamity, the more validated their feelings and actions feel to them.

Here are Uncle Ben’s reasons why it’s imperative for the country that you make a conscious effort to actively and vocally Resist The Pessimists Until The End - as long as that turns out to be:

I’m sure that there is a perfect WWII movie slang term for soldiers that constantly complain. One saying that goes back to probably before the Romans is “It’s the soldiers right to complain”, but generals all know that chronic complainers have to be controlled or they will “leaven the whole lump” of the human bread dough we exist in.

I did some searches to try to find a really choice Military style slang term for a complainer solider. Here’s a few that get close - a lot of these are from WWII, the last “war to end all wars” that didn’t:

B-ACHE - Complaint, or to complain (so this would be short for a “bellyacher” that complains about everything - this is the closest I found.)

BOLO- Usually an Army derogatory term for an individual who cannot perform a task or meet basic requirements; also can mean “be on the look out” (Which is what I am saying, we need to “be on the look out” for BOLOS on social media and in our face to face relationships.)

Goldbrick: A person, especially a soldier, who avoids assigned duties or work; a shirker. OR an idle worthless person. (And really, since pessimism has no valuable function to get us to victory, these people ARE in essence “goldbricks” in their duties.)

A Couple Of Cases In Point:

Yesterday I saw a person named “Pavlo” (from Russia actually) on a conservative friend’s string post tell everyone that “the film was full of holes and nothing will come from it” (apparently almost verbatim by what Ben Shapiro, who I consider to be a CLASSIC “B-acher”. I fired back asking how it stacked up again HIS film on the same subject, and he shot back that he had “faced the KGB since age 13” and that I “had no idea the enemy we were facing”.

I told him that “all I know is that we are finally showing signs of winning, and to tell people that nothing will ever work slows that process. Imperfect or not, this film has cracked through the lockdown on proof of the theft of everyone’s voting voice and is showing it to the world. Let’s not say that this won’t have any effect and that “resistance is futile” - the Cabal is not the Borg, they are human albeit Satanically controlled, and CAN be stopped.”

He also claimed that there was no actual evidence presented in the film. I argued this:

When Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein wrote their articles that started the call for the investigation that led to Watergate and in tern the impeachment of Richard Nixon, the articles didn't include the absolute proof. They just provided enough public opinion and anger to force the examination of the evidence they were merely claiming to have existed.

But even more importantly - all the data and video evidence that “2000 Mules” presented in brief EXISTS IN IT”S ENTIRETY, and awaits those tribunals, so if course they will be subpoenaed when they begin if they haven’t been already. Why would anyone think that it wouldn’t and why would they need to try to tell everyone that it will all be for nothing?

The already building torrent of private citizen soldiers is already everywhere and unstoppable - how about this?:

Here’s what is claimed to be a Tweet with pictures of a young woman who - as is unfortunately historically true with the “young, idealistic but dumb” - seems to have been completely indoctrinated to be the modern “Social Justice Warrior Antifa Robot” type that was infamous in the Hitler Youth of WWII Germany; who sometimes turned their parents into the Gestapo. To paraphrase what was said by one 2000 Mules, “I guess if I thought that Donald Trump was Hitler I might try to steal the elections as well”. Here she (allegedly) is transporting the votes to fill the ballot boxes needed to keep Governor Newsom in power in California recently. I pray that what is about to come redirects her idealism to something worthwhile and legal:

It’s not for people that post things on the internet as evidence, they are just adding to the kindling of possible evidence that will be proven or not - the point is that the release of the film has created an ever building torrent of accusations that will now have to be addressed.

Be On Guard Against Subliminal Socialism:

And this is what I have to say to the people who said the admission price was too high, or that it should have been free:

I’ve actually been seeing people coming down on D’Sousa on the price of admission and say that films on this subject should be free, shockingly sometimes even coming from conservatives in the film business who were completely ignoring the millions in costs. We need to guard against the subliminal Socialism that has been dripping into our brains for decades that anything that can’t be held in our hands such as Digital Creative Content needs to be free.

This concept is straight out of the CCP communist playbook to cripple capitalism via our old friend “Napster” - which if you didn’t know was probably code for “Gangster” or “KID-napster”, because that’s what they did with many peoples intellectual property. For those that don’t remember, Napster were the ones whose business model was to give away digital music and video files free to the world. Speaking as someone who owns hundreds of copyrights to music used daily in film/TV & advertising that at one time provided the downpayment on my first house where now some checks for wouldn’t pay a monthly rent, it’s always been hard for me to understand how the “music should be free” hippie mentality types couldn’t understand that this practice was starving out anything artistic as a profession, and in turn lowering the quality of art in general.

But here’s a link to the D’Sousa podcast answering all kinds of business aspects of the film as to why it cost what it did, including addressing the people that had bought a “streaming ticket” that didn’t work and what was going to be done for them that includes some bonuses. I’m sure most of us have heard recently that the Rumble servers used to stream 2000 Mules were mercilessly attacked on show day, and while I’m sure they worked hard to protect agains that, it must have been like an internet bandwidth WWIII.

But as Dinesh said in the podcast, while he hopes people will pay to see the film, he knows that there will be piracy but even that will have its place. I have seen people posting summary versions of the film for those that can’t watch anything longer than a couple of minutes, and to me this is the best kind of piracy because it’s sort of a promotional trailer for the whole thing, as well as really the only way into the locked shut minds of many on both the conservative and liberal sides of the issues.

This IS going to work because already it’s being talked about everywhere and people are doing short summary versions - which is piracy in a way but still accomplishing the mission - and this will be unstoppable.

Is there a New Sheriff in Zuckerland?

Another sign of WINNING that you might not be aware of: it looks like all of the sudden it’s ok to type “2000 Mules” in a post on Facebook. I was banned there a couple of weeks ago for posting a link to the YouTube trailer, and shortly thereafter had a 24 day group post ban added to it.

But then I found that I could suddenly post anywhere, even though my account was still “red listed” as restricted. This seemed to happen right around the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk, although I’m not going to claim that this caused it. All I know is besides this, all of the sudden you can post things regarding 2000 Mules on Facebook, and I have even seen the term “Nazi” that used to be completely verboten used as well. So that’s why I’m asking what’s going on under the hood in The House of Markie? It’s been rumored that the Trump team actually has some level of control there - could it be true?

So in closing I will leave you with this: On my way home from a Thai lunch today I saw this on a church marque: “Test Positive For Faith”. I think that’s a perfect guiding motto for this period, since in a way it feels like we are being tested, and it’s of course hard to stay positive while you are going through it. Every day we have various tests put to us in our battle against that Cabal Globalists, and the main thing we can bring to the battle is to remain positive and put down pessimism.

So I’d say that this bears repeating then: “Test Positive For Faith”, now and for as long as it takes.

Uncle Ben Ghazi : Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

FlyOver Country

May 11, 2022

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