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The New Roe vs. Wade, or Why You Need To Care About Alex Jones

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I’ll be brief, but I have to speak out when I’m not seeing many others saying what needs to be said on what is the hugest subject I have seen come down the “Horribleness Highway” in a long time:

It seems that the Cabal MKUltra programmers are currently so effective in their romanticizing of the glories of victimhood in society that people are currently brainwashed enough to award a BILLION dollars over the damage an OPINION can have on people - no need to stick a toothpick in us, if this is who we are, then we are DONE as a species. Let me explain to you why you better care if you value the future:

Regardless if you loath or love Alex Jones, if we let this $1 Billion lawsuit decision on the emotional damages that he caused the parents of Sandy Hook by his opinions stand, we are saying that virtually any person that takes offense to something ANY OF US says can set a dollar amount on their pain and suffering and extract that or more via LAWFARE from anyone of us.

You might say “But Jones is a crackpot and at least some of what he says isn’t even true, and he makes us all look crazy, and those poor parents at Sandy Hook deserve SOMETHING for what he said about the loss of their kids” - to which I will say “OK, show me the precedent of another court case where damages were awarded entirely on the emotional pain caused by verbalizing an opinion - go ahead, I’ll wait.” If there are any, I’ve never heard of them and they are just as wrong as this one, even if the dollar amount is quite a bit different.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN to him is that each person can choose to drop or add a subscription to his channel, call him names or sing his praises, and anything else AS THEY SO CHOOSE - not as the Cabal shadow controlled legal system decrees. Make no mistake, this case is just as much of a precedent setting social land mine as Roe vs Wade and would make it that we would never see a whistleblower of any kind again. And that’s 100% of the reason for the money behind this case, the Cabal could care less about ANYONES’ emotional pain, they just want to protect themselves from anyone trying to speak out against them in anyway for years to come.

It’s not that I’m prophetic or anything, I can just see the obvious destinations of things once they start and are pointed in a certain direction - all that being said, here’s AJ on how the jury was conned into believing that he had assets to pay a Billion dollar decision against him...oh, and someone else “opportunist dog piling” making noises about going after him for what he said about election fraud by a REPUBLICAN in Texas - is anyone seeing why I’m calling this the new Row vs Wade yet? I’m not exaggerating - have you ever seen that t-shirt that says “Make 1984 Fiction Again”? This would send the world into a perpetual 1984 REALITY.

As I said, you can like or not like Alex Jones, but you can’t allow him to have to even pay a cent on this or you can kiss free speech on social media or anywhere else goodbye, maybe forever. Here’s Steve Bannon talking about it to Jones, there is a short jury video clip at the top but then it gets into the actual facts according to AJ:

Just to add a sort of Biblical reality to all of this, there’s a story in the Book of Jasher, which is not part of the formal collection of Books in the Bible but along with the Books of Enoch and Jubilees are accepted as having accuracy from the same eras. The Book of Jasher has some really terrifying tales of what the people of Sodom and Gomorra did to others that made God decide that they needed to exit history covered in brimstone.

In this story, someone from Sodom throws a rock and causes a huge gash on someone named Eliezer’s head, and then tells Eliezer that he needs to pay him because the rock let out bad blood or something from him and actually was a “service” that he performed for him. The guy took Eliezer to the judge for this and Eliezer’s defense / revenge on the judge is truly BRILLIANT - if this story doesn’t remind you of what has been happening in our legal system, then you aren’t watching the same news as me - check it out, I have included the link for the whole Book of Jasher below as well:

11 And in the course of time Sarah sent Eliezer to Sodom, to see Lot and inquire after his welfare.

12 And Eliezer went to Sodom, and he met a man of Sodom fighting with a stranger, and the man of Sodom stripped the poor man of all his clothes and went away.

13 And this poor man cried to Eliezer and supplicated his favor on account of what the man of Sodom had done to him.

14 And he said to him, Why dost thou act thus to the poor man who came to thy land?

15 And the man of Sodom answered Eliezer, saying, Is this man thy brother, or have the people of Sodom made thee a judge this day, that thou speakest about this man?

16 And Eliezer strove with the man of Sodom on account of the poor man, and when Eliezer approached to recover the poor man's clothes from the man of Sodom, he hastened and with a stone smote Eliezer in the forehead.

17 And the blood flowed copiously from Eliezer's forehead, and when the man saw the blood he caught hold of Eliezer, saying, Give me my hire for having rid thee of this bad blood that was in thy forehead, for such is the custom and the law in our land.

18 And Eliezer said to him, Thou hast wounded me and requirest me to pay thee thy hire; and Eliezer would not hearken to the words of the man of Sodom.

19 And the man laid hold of Eliezer and brought him to Shakra the judge of Sodom for judgment.

20 And the man spoke to the judge, saying, I beseech thee my lord, thus has this man done, for I smote him with a stone that the blood flowed from his forehead, and he is unwilling to give me my hire.

21 And the judge said to Eliezer, This man speaketh truth to thee, give him his hire, for this is the custom in our land; and Eliezer heard the words of the judge, and he lifted up a stone and smote the judge, and the stone struck on his forehead, and the blood flowed copiously from the forehead of the judge, and Eliezer said, If this then is the custom in your land give thou unto this man what I should have given him, for this has been thy decision, thou didst decree it.

22 And Eliezer left the man of Sodom with the judge, and he went away.

So what do we do? I don’t know, but Jones is asking for donations for his defense ($400K in legal fees? Really?) and so it’s up to us all of we want to donate, but I have to believe that the BILLION dollar amount is not going to stand either way - even though IN MY OPINION which I am still currently within my rights to have and state publicly - EVEN A PAYMENT OF ONE DOLLAR WILL SET A TERRIBLE PRECEDENT. But at the very least, we all need to get our minds clear on what we believe about all this and what the BIG PICTURE is here, and be able to speak on an defend our positions at a cocktail party or holiday dinner table when Uncle Zeke and Aunt Zelda tell you what they think about the whole thing, because THEY WILL since that’s part of the whole MKUltra mind control point here: Making us all too scared to ever speak any truth that might offend anyone, because if we do, WE could be the ones on trial with Zeke and Zelda suing us for $10,000 for ruining their Thanksgiving Dinner with our OPINIONS.

You might think this is just me overreacting, but I don’t think I’ve reacted ENOUGH. This is THAT BIG, and what happens from it could last a lot longer than Roe vs Wade and effect a lot more people than it ever did.

It may soon be a lot more dangerous to have an unwanted opinion in our near futures than it was to be an unwanted baby in our near pasts. Think about it....

Uncle Ben Ghazi, “Sultan of Snark and Trader In Truth

Flyover Country

October 13, 2022

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