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Why I Think Healing for Homosexuality Is So Important

OK, this is will not be the "snarkiness" that is expected from me because I think this is a very serious subject: I’ve talked enough about things that I think are really damaging to both individuals and society in general that I know many people that take it to mean that I have some sort of angry attitude or “phobia” as many prefer to say these days towards homosexuals in general, and may even go so far as to say that I must be doing so because I am secretly suppressing my own homosexual urges or something like that. I’m about to address all of these points quickly, but will let the video links here do most of my speaking for me:

As sick as I am of having to do the constant disclaimers of why I’m not racist, or homophobic or all the other “IST” things that modern society has forced us to have to say whenever we are about to say something controversial, I guess I will do that ONE MORE TIME on this subject:

I have met and enjoyed spending time talking to lots of gay men in my life, while never having even the slightest sexual / physical attraction to them ever. I used to hangout with the same guy at the Monterey Jazz Festival many years in a row, and we would just talk about music etc and he knew I wasn’t gay and never tried to make a move on me. I met a really cool gay guy who was trying to get out of the lifestyle at a church men’s group (who really didn’t like him at all) and besides taking turns driving to those meetings (we both lived far from the church) and I even hired him to do some work at my house.

So all that being said, I have no personal issues with any individual homosexuals, but I do have HUGE issues with any individuals and especially GROUPS that try to promote that LGBTX lifestyle, because besides it giving it’s practitioners actually the OPPOSITE of a “gay” life, it’s also ultimately being used by the Globalists to reduce the world’s population.

I’m talking about this during this particular period of history because of all the attacks on children’s sexuality in schools, by “drag queen” shows at bars and libraries, the encouragement to become transgender with life maiming surgeries, etc. Donald Trump seems to 100% agree with my outlook on this, since he has identified that when he returns, he will take transgenderism (and “Critical Race Theory” as well, also equally destructive) out of schools and even end the Department of Education, which has been instrumental in spreading what’s been going on in these areas.

So this is a presentation by Dr. Julie Harren Hamilton, who will show the ACTUAL emotional and psychological causes of homosexuality, and the exact conditions in a person’s life that have to be present for them to cause a person to become a homosexual, and most importantly, WHAT CAN BE DONE TO REVERSE IT. She is working with two organizations, Exodus and

NARTH (National Association on Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) that have had a lot of success in this area - and you will notice that right after this research happened that showed causes etc that the laws were passed in the US that made homosexual therapy illegal - which shows that these groups were over the target.

She shows what I think is the huge issue here - that there are NOT biological causes of homosexuality - HERE’S WHY THE GLOBALIST / LGBTQX AGENDAS NEED TO MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT SOME PEOPLE ARE “BORN GAY”:

Because if God calls homosexuality a sin and He made some people to naturally be homosexual, then He couldn’t possibly be a loving God and create some people naturally to not be able to keep His commandments.

(I also want to thank EKOKO the amazing internet researcher who was able to find this video for me - I had posted it years ago and was unable to find it using every search word I could think of, it’s VERY suppressed on the internet.)

I have two versions of the presentation with a lot of the same information, but the longer one is of course in more detail.

HOPE 2015 Homosexuality 101 - Dr. Julie Harren Hamilton (38 minutes):

Dr. Hamilton presentation in 18 minutes:


TheFuelProject is a channel that I have posted tons of videos from, this guy is like the modern C.S. Lewis and literally a genius. Here he looks at the circumstance of sexual violation by adults on children as a cause of homosexuality. Milo Yiannopoulos talks about his past with regards to this, and says he is now “ex-gay” and is involved in opening treatment centers for others like him. I can say that I saw lots of men in the church that came out of the gay lifestyle and were married, etc. I really could always see the remnants of that in their mannerisms, vocal inflections and more.

Watch Milo in the video segment on him below and compare it to the Milo of 5-10 years ago - all those outward signs of homosexuality are GONE. This is part of the reason that I believe that there is complete healing for this available.

I will close in saying that as I watched the Dr. Hamilton presentation, I realized just how narrowly I must have missed becoming a homosexual myself - NO, it’s not that I was ever suppressing it, it’s because I completely fit all the job description list: extremely sensitive with artistic tendencies and almost no bonding with my father as a male role model, and mostly women role models in the home and school teachers. It could have happened easily with one male sexual predator at just the right time, and I am very thankful that it didn’t because it’s painfully obvious to me how hard of a life it is to be “gay” - I guess this is some of the reason why I am really committed to trying to help people out of this.

The Brokenness Behind Homosexuality (TheFuelProject):

(see the Milo Yiannopoulos segment at 2:59)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

SERIOUS Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

March 23, 2023

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