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Thrills, Chills, Spills in the Era of Ills

So, I just saw a Sky News from Australia video that said something like “this might be the most dangerous day in all of history”….well, I think there might have been some dinosaurs that got obliterated on another time in history where a great big unwelcome space rock arrived to wreck their collective days that might have disagreed, but I get what they were trying to say - the Pelosi Plane Ride To Possible Perdition could well possibly start WWIII, which could come out to be the human equivalent to the dinosaur disaster of way back before Noah even.

Do I think that’s what’s going to happen? Well in a word - nope. What DO I think is happening? Well, that’s the whole point of writing this, this is just a quick note to look at what the possibilities of of what’s coming around our collective bends - does she comes “riding three white horses” of doom when she comes, or does something else happen - or more importantly, is “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain” just WAY TOO OLD for hardly anyone have any remembrance of at all to pick up on references to (I still remember my grade school music teacher “Mrs. Morgan teaching it to us like it was yesterday).

So let’s hope there will be some tomorrows for teachers in the future to teach other things, but let’s take a look at a few things that might shed some light on what MIGHT be really happening:

I think the best thing to start with is looking at the “wild card in this whole thing here” that their reaction might be what this is all about - yes, to use my Facebook code to prevent banning for discussing anything sensitive by them, I’m talking about SHY NAH”.

I watched a couple of good videos on ShyNah recently that I think could have a lot more to do with whatever they are about to do than any anger at the US about Taiwan. I’ll just all my links below marked by topic for anyone that wants to dig in deeper, but I will give you my overview thoughts that I think are the big picture overview reasons that will influence what they ultimately decide to do:

Greed Works Against Communists As Well As Capitalists:

A really huge deal is that the Evergrande company that has been controlling all the mushrooming construction in China by building on anything that isn’t on water, and is currently debt leveraged beyond anything that the Goldman Saks / Bernie Madoffs of America ever even dreamed of.

Shynah decided that they had to grow their economy fast and that would involve getting a lot of new workers, so what they did was brought thousands of young Chinese men and women who had lived on farms working for the same wage people there did for generations into the cities, to staff the new industries they were creating there at the same time. Extremely ambitious, and to succeed it would have to be precession timed…..oopsey…

These people had to live somewhere, so that was great because it made there all the more reason to build more structures - and that’s where Hui Ka Yan, the relatively new self-made billionaire who runs Evergrande - you can read about his current trouble at the link below. Building takes capital, so they went to investors all over the world who smelled money like blood in the water to a shark, and so an endless procession of loans were taken out.

Like the US money man that everyone came to hate, Bernie Madoff, Yan got more and more greedy and figured that the flow of loans and buyers etc would just never stop so it would be JUST FINE to get JUST A LITTLE dipping into future money to pay off existing construction debt, and that worked just as well for him as it ultimately did for old Bernie.

SO - let’s put it this way: Since Yan recently defaulted on an interest only debt and that stopped salaries and construction on a lot of buildings to the tune of 90 million vacant new homes and LOTS of people that aren’t getting the homes in progress that they already paid for - IT COULD BE that China looks it their best way out of their debt MIGHT BE to start a big war (since that’s always a classic moneymaker on the planet) where an added plus would be to simply KILL OFF your creditors - hey, it wouldn’t be the first time.

The HARD WAY we would be able to know if this is right or not is if some bombs were being dropped on us etc, but DO NOT ASSUME that whatever you are being told is REALLY what is happening:

A few weeks ago New Yorkers were treated to a lovely public service commercial (see link below) telling them that if they just happen to have a nuclear bomb go off in their neighborhood, they should stay inside where the bad radiation can’t get them and wait for the NICE MAINSTREAM MEDIA to tell them what to do. Then just recently, there was a commercial out of Ventura CA where a nice looking young man walking down the road in the country sees a mushroom cloud and then turns to us and grabs his acoustic guitar and sings us a song on what to do about the whole thing - I kid you not - sorry, I can’t find it, maybe someone decided it was too dumb to stay on the internet…what a thought…

But if this stuff DOES appear to happen, and it very well could, I would advise to take your canaries outside and see what really happens to them - sorry, canary owners, make that a gerbil or whatever you think you can emotionally spare, but my bet is that if this DOES happen, it might be that only the loud bang was real, not the radiation.

Of course, this is not to say that they wouldn’t use the real thing if it was cheaper, easier, or just made them feel better. As is said all of the time now, our enemy is backed into the corner and this is very close to the end of the Cabal Wars, so they don’t care who they kill and what they wreck for one more breath of life.

If I am right and the timeline goes down really pretty quickly at this point, there will no longer be a DemonCrap Party in 2023 just because almost all of them were invited to an Old West style necktie party that they never return from - if you con’t get that reference, watch some of 50-60s westerns.

Identifying The Chess Pieces By How they Move - or DON’T ;-)

I’m the first on to admit that it’s VERY difficult right now to pronounce anything as absolutely true. Once thing that has always been a great truth “Divining Rod” (what they used to use to lead them to water before there were faucets) is what people DO, and many times just as much as what they DON’T DO - to the exclusion of what they said or is said about them, which usually is largely all disinformation smokescreen.

Here’s that I see up on the big world board:

SlowJoeByeDone told Pelosi not to go, and she (or someone made to look like her) went anyways. Since both the aforementioned puppets dance to any tune that the CCP organ grinder plays, this looks like a conflict of interest: one puppet tells the other not to do something, but of course they are both doing whatever they are told. Except what if the person in the organ grinder suit isn’t the CCP but someone from the Alliance?

That might seem far fetched, but take a look at the MonkeyWorx video link below (if you don’t know him, he tracks US aircraft around the world, and believe me that is a lot more interesting than it sounds), his big board shows 3 currently in place US aircraft carriers in defensive locations of Taiwan, and the USS Enterprise moving into the area as well. Would that be happening if SlowJoe controlled the military?

This looks to be a meeting by someone in the Alliance with Taiwan (have you seen that video with the woman who was the head of their disguise department at the FBI showing how good their face masks are?) on how they are going to support and defend her against China, with China trying to talk tough.

But actually they are “plenty scared” (to use a term from the old “Kung Fu” series) because they know that not only do they have no money and their population is teetering on revolt, but they hear they REAL coms from who is really running the American military.

OK, you might think I am really reaching, but time will tell on all of this within months tops. Whatever is going to happen is not going to take years or even months, it will be FAST, and when it happens we will all know what it was and who did what.

Here’s What I Saw On Election Day 8/2/22 In America:

I voted today, and I will say that I saw three times as many people as usual, and there were twice as many rooms and stations to accommodate them - and yes, I DO think this means something.

At the very least, it means that people can tell that this is an extremely important time to actually show up and vote, I have heard there is near 100% turnout in a lot of places. To all the people who say that it’s all pointless and it doesn’t matter what we do, “they” will always win:

Do you think that you become a self made billionaire by wasting your time? I’ll answer for you: No.

Donald Trump has been spending MONTHS “stumping” (campaigning and endorsing) for tons of candidates all over the country. Why would he do that if he didn’t have complete control of illegal voting and voting machines? If you have another answer than he’s in control of the voting process, email me at the address at the bottom and support your argument - I’ve been wrong before (once), I can take it…

I will leave you with this:

I got this recently from a conservative but usually pessimistic friend:

Friend: "Do you still feel strongly that Trump can win the WH and be sitting in it again? It looks bleak IMO.”

Me: "To win the White House, he would have had to have lost it first, wouldn't he have? Just checking..."

Yup - snarky to the end

Uncle Ben Ghazi / Sultan Of Snark, Trader In Truth

FlyOver Country

August 2, 2022




MonkeyWorx on The Pelowsi Trip:

What To Do In The Event of a Nuclear Attack Commercials:

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