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A Foe Under Any Other Name, or: Disclosure or Deception?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

(This is a re-print of my first blog here from June 2, 2021. I just watched part 2 of the MelK / Mike L video on Inter-Dimensional Beings and I decided that this is one bite of cabbage that is worthy to re-chew, given the feelings that they were having as well - here's their link, and my re-post blog with original picture below: )

Probably the one subject that everyone in almost the whole world has an

opinion about is the subject of UFOs and aliens. I am far from an expert on

the subject - nor do I want to be for a lot of reasons - but I have at least

made myself aware of the myriad of positions that people hold on the

subject, and at least the basics of why.

The one thing that I think most people would agree on is that the whole

subject is approaching the world’s consciousness like a skydiver who’s

parachute hasn’t opened - you know that impact is coming FAST, and is

as inevitable as taxes and death. So for that reason, I want to take a view

of the whole subject not in detail, but from at least 10,000 feet up, or

maybe let’s instead say from the “second heaven” (you’ll get why that term

has significance later):

Let’s start by setting the “Way-Back Machine” (sorry, Mr. Peabody) way,

way, way back - to the Book of Genesis in the Bible and the tales of what

are called “The Watchers” (which simply means ‘one who watches’, or

‘those who do not sleep’) or “Fallen Angels” - the ones who as said in the

Book of Jude: “which kept not their first estate, but left their own

habitation.” As most have heard the story, they were quite large and mated

with human women which produced giants - and probably not a few dead

human mothers from the experience.

But more than that, there was a sort of technology trade off to humanity

for “services rendered” where humanity was taught. A lot of sort of “magic

arts” which many have speculated could have included the ability to do

things like change the molecular structure of physical objects which could

explain both the transportation and exact fitting of the mage-huge rocks in

a lot of what could be pre-flood structures like Machu Picchu, This might

seem far fetched, but there are a number of present day structures in the

United States that were built by individuals all in the dark of night that

there was no possible way with known technology that they could have

done. See the link #1 to the “Coral Castle” built in 1923 in Florida below

and the explanation that the single man builder had “found the secrets of

the pyramids” to do it. There’s also another in the western states that I

can’t remember the name of but have driven by and seen, it’s right off the

freeway and in the California / Nevada area desert.

But my point is not to prove or disprove this phenomenon more than to

just say that from a very long time ago, but at least that there is record of

an exchange of technology between humans and “fallen angels” or if you

will demons from long ago - ok, but what about since then, it was just that

once, right?

Well, let’s take the way back machine FORWAD this time to the late 30s in

Germany. There are many that claim that there was something called “The

Vril Society” (links 2 & 3) that was built around a number of beautiful Aryan

type women with long blonde hair that eventually “channeled” information

with technology from what they believed to be beings from another solar

system that led to the production of the “flying saucers” that the Nazi’s

were developing at the end of WWII. If this happened, then that’s another

what I believe to be an ongoing “tech for skin” trade that again I will touch

on later.

OK, if I haven’t lost you by now, let me just say that that as far fetched as

this might sound to you (or not), what’s important here is what the humans

in this story believed, not whatever was or was not actually true. My

purpose is not so much to convince to to believe one story or another, but

to show you some through lines to decide what to think about this subject

based on your best “common sense proof”, because I think that soon we

are ALL going to have to make a decision on this subject.

If you read about what the Vril believed, and the Thule Society that

eventually spun off of them, it’s no different than what all kinds of people

who have been following UFOs and aliens for decades believe. The

location of the aliens regularly change - moving father out of our “solar

system neighborhood” into either other solar systems or dimensions as

the human races’ ability to send probes advanced.

But if you reduce everything to the lowest common denominator, they’re

all really the standard model of “human makes contact with extradimensional

being through seance/OuijaBoard/channeling, and said being

identifies themselves as “X”.

I will lay it on the table at this point that my belief is that these beings are

ALL demonic, or what I call “Demaliens”, and I will attempt to make a case

for that now.

Getting back to the Nazis, there was a “matter of public record” mission

that Admiral Byrd conducted to Antartica in 1947 called “Operation High

Jump” (see Link 4) that involved 4000 men and ships and planes. There are people

that claim that this mission was done to deal with Nazi submarine bass

there and that the US was defeated by ‘flying saucers” that came out of

the sea and destroyed a large portion of the force. The evidence for that is

the newspaper interview that Byrd gave on the return trip talking about it

and the alleged suicide of the man Forrestal soon afterwards from a

government psychiatric hospital.

Jumping forward just a little, we get to Operation Paperclip, where not a

few German scientists who may or may not have been ideological Nazis

were brought to work on the American (and Russian as well) Space

programs. And then not long after that in the early 50s, we have the

famous “Area 51” crash story, not to mention the “Battle of Los Angeles”

that was or wasn’t a lot of UFOs attacking LA during WWII in 1942 (link 5).

No matter what you believe on this stuff, I think we all have to agree that

for whatever reason, around WWII there started to be a steady increase in

both interest in UFOs and aliens, as well as what many saw as “evidence”

of their existence. Kick the Way Back to present tense, and we have

people like Corey Goode who claim to have worked “off world: for many

years where when they returned to Earth only a few minutes have passed,

and a promised “Disclosure” dump of UFO / alien information soon form

the US government.

So how do we know for sure who the aliens are, and what they want with

us? We live in an era of huge 3D projected holographs and video and

voice editing techniques that can literally make any person look to be

saying and doing anything that the editors want. Well, even with all of that,

I believe it to be really, really simple:

Wait until “they” show up, and then ask them who Jesus Christ was.

I’m pretty sure that you will get an answer that goes something like this:

“He was one of us that we sent to guide you to this point, but now you

need to leave that behind to fully evolve into what we intended you to

become” or something similar - very simply, they will say that Jesus isn’t

the Son of God and that they now have “something better” for us.

But here’s the greatest proof of all: the only people who have ever walked

away unmolested during an alien abduction did it by speaking the Name of

Jesus - see link 7 below, don’t take my word for it. Demons always have to

scatter when they hear the name of Jesus used in authority and in the

cases described there they immediately vanish. As far as I am concerned,

that’s about as absolute of proof as you’re going to get.

But what about all the proof of the crashed spacecraft and the government

cover-ups and teasing of the amazing technology that we got from them,

and all the people like the Corey Goode’s who seem to honestly believe

what they have seen and experienced? I believe it is all “something” that is

real, but we really don’t need to have answers for all of that, we just need

to know the Demalien’s INTENT, not what all the smokescreens and

mirrors really are.

But I’ve always been a person that went from the “Hardy Boys” books to

Sherlock Holmes and beyond, because I just have to “figure things out” for

myself. I don’t mind just keeping some things in what I call the “hhhmm

pile” until I decide if I believe it or don’t. I think that knowledge is power,

and if you are wanting to help other people to figure out the truth on this

stuff then the more actual truth that you have the better.

If you are like me as well, want to research things more on your own and

don’t mind looking a little into some rabbit holes; then I recommend the

“Dark Journalist” interview with John W. Warren IV, who was born into the

uber-powerful “Mellon” family of Mellon Institute / Carnegie Mellon

University fame, who has huge defense / military people in his family (see

Link 6).

Lastly, I will say that I know that people can get very uncomfortable with

the label “conspiracy theorist”, but we all need to remember that this term

fist started to become widely used to discourage people from questioning

the official US government explanation of the assassination of JFK. It’s

currently getting lots of traction being used in the 2020 election audits, so

what does that tell you?

As I always say, “I’m not interested in conspiracy THEORY. just conspiracy

REALITY - but you have to look through the theories to GET to the truth.”

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

June 2, 2021


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