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An Open Letter to Liberals, Social Justice Warriors, and Woke Culture

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Dear (insert applicable group name from above list here):

I just want to say one really huge thing to try to shock you all into something that I don’t think you would ever believe - are you ready?

You know all of those people that you HATE - I mean TRULY HATE? You know - the ones that voted for ORANGE MAN (DJT) and are trying to tell you that it might not actually be a good idea to let everyone “do what thy wilt” - you know - those you call “The R Word” (and maybe there’s multiple “R” words that you hate right now) - amongst other things….

You would be SHOCKED - and I am not being factious here - to know that we actually AGREE with you on a WHOLE LOT OF YOUR ANGER POINTS - no, I’m not trying to con you or do a bait and switch on you later, so calm down and take a deep breath before proceeding - breath into a brown paper bag if necessary…

OK: So let’s be specific here: I’m talking about stuff like at least certain factions within the US government - and of course outside of it as well - ACTUALLY BEING EVIL, and doing some utterly HORRIBLE things all over the planet, using American tax payer money to do it.

Antifa - I’m talking to YOU! Believe it or not, we are WAY more p***ed off than you are when you go to riot (sorry, demonstrate) and are told to burn businesses that have never done anything against your causes but it will somehow get you what you want. Yup, it’s not a big secret, we all know, and we at least totally understand feeling that level of frustration and wanting to DO something and FIX things.

Here’s where we differ - and I seriously think that this actually will “give you pause” here - we actually think that the people that you are REALLY ENRAGED at - and I am talking to the TEENS and the TWENTY- SOMETHINGS and the SEASONED HIPPIE CULTURE-ITE / ANTIFA DEMONSTRATION PARTICIPANT here - we actually think that these people are far FAR WORSE than you think that they are!

We actually want the people really causing what’s behind everything GONE in a lot more ways than you ever thought, and that’’s because we think that they actually did FAR WORSE CRIMES than you ever even imagined. And what are those crimes specifically? Well, a lot of things that you might be naming in your heads right now: How about starting wars in countries that were at peace? True story: my step-father was a secret agent in or around the early 1950s, he couldn’t say for what agency but there were many things that happened etc that verified this to me and others as true. The reason why he quit was exactly this reason: being sent into a country to literally start a war.

After he left their employ, “they” made it so he would mysteriously have jobs that that he was hired for suddenly an hour later all of the sudden be “taken back”, with no explanation but PLENTY of nervousness, in an effort to force him back to work for “them”. He had to borrow some money to start his own business to survive because there would be no other way that he could survive without going back to doing something that he felt was morally wrong.

Want more proof? My mother (of course, without my step-father’s knowledge) once called the hotel of a famous political fiction author who was staying in their town and left a message at the front desk for him; saying that he might like to interview her husband while he was in town and his name etc. (yes, luckily no one ever offered to sell my mother any bridges in London in her life). An hour later she got a call from what my European born step-father used to call “GOO-ver-na-ment”, saying words to the effect of “cease and desist”.

And then there’s the oil stealing from someone who our government says “has to go”, and a list that I couldn’t even make a dent in if I filled your computer’s hard drive and then some. The point isn’t IF atrocities were done by entities using the cover of the United States of America, or even exactly what those things are - and here’s where we have historically parted company - it’s defining who these CULPRITS actually are - and WAY MORE IMPORTANTLY - why they did it. Because that’s the smoke screen that all the varying stories thrown out like so many “mental duck lures” have been used through out the years to keep us all divided so that we will fight each other rather than “them”.

Because it’s all about what it’s ALWAYS been about with the evil people on the planet - the simple and ancient base human emotion of needing to control other people. This need to have a sense of power, and be a “master” over others is what drives them. And if you are looking at this from the perspective of individual political party names or even COUNTRY names, you are missing it completely - those are also just dividing tools that are used to make us war with each other rather than turning on them, who are FAR FEWER than US.

What we all need to come together against is some level of SLAVERY that we are always trying to be moved toward to some degree or another. And to this date I have never heard anyone on the left, right or middle call that a good thing that we need to aspire to - even though there are many concepts that look good but are meant to lead to economic or physical slavery, that media “sheep’s clothing” is constantly wrapped around.

When you wrap your heads around THIS ONE, you will tear up the checks etc.that they’re giving you to protest in Philadelphia and everywhere else and throw it in their faces. Then you would cross the manufactured emotional and mental divides they have herded us all into and instead join to burn these monsters out of their lofty perches into the traitorous ends that they all deserve.

Does the word “traitorous” sound too “national” to you to be comfortable? How about if you apply it to a group of people that are traitorous to HUMAN-KIND in general, instead of just the America that might not currently feel good to you?

You know what? I get that the entity known as “America” in terms of something that has perpetuated a number of very bad things on the planet - but it’s time to be honest with yourselves here: You can’t say that you don’t know why people from all over the world work very hard to try to come and live here. To date I haven’t heard of any of the people in the public eye saying how bad America is actually put their money, mortgage, and future happiness where their mouths are and PICK UP AND ACTUALLY MOVE. So that speaks volumes, and to me settles the argument - America needs FIXING, not forgetting.

But like every good magician, the “bait and switch” happens where we don’t see a slight of hand and they tell us (through the media, marketing and more) what we “saw”, hence many times giving us what we falsely believe are actually “beliefs”. The very people that you might say that you hate - which you might identify as the “capitalists” of America that are responsible for this evil are the ones that “those behind the curtain” are pointing the finger at while actually doing what they are accusing the “capitalists” of. People aren’t suddenly evil solely because they actually have money, they are evil because of what they DO with that money and power. And a lot of the people held up as the scapegoats that are supposed to be wrecking the planet are your parents, grandparents, friends and family and others that have used their money to provide for others beyond themselves - so as much as that might not feel good to look at, that’s the truth.

So I am going to call ALL regardless of side to a concept I call the Pitchforks and Torches” movement. This movement would be all about not looking to any of “the foxes” to fix our “henhouse”, but instead is all about coming up with new and better ways to start doing it for ourselves.

The entertainment business has a long history of tales of artistic people one day waking up and realizing that their managers have plundered them to the point of near bankruptcy, when the fortunes that they thought they had where in truth mostly gone. Well, we are now those artists, and if we are going to continue to create and produce, we are going to have to come up with a new way of running our collective worlds that are quite a bit different than we have settled into for so long.

How will we do that, you might of course ask? Well, that’s coming for another blog a little ways down the road. But how about starting by whenever you see something that is obviously a “broken system” in the world around you, you challenge yourselves to think about how it could be done differently and better? The phrase “but that’s how we’ve always done it” needs to be thrown out like the cool-kid fashions of your junior high days. They don’t fit your current world anymore than they might your current body ;-)

If any of this has made you think at all, I would encourage you to take maybe two things that might be making you go “hhmmm”, and do some searches on them on your own, purposely avoiding looking at any of the sources of information that you have ingested info from in the past.

Also, use a browser that doesn’t purposely control the order etc of what comes back - I know you might think that that concept is yet another “conspiracy theory”, but try the same search with DuckDuckGo and Google, what you get back will be night and day in differences.

The internet is full of some disinformation that has to be sifted through since our media has abdicated that role, but you will be amazed at the wave of new citizen journalists that are out there that have a huge wealth of great information - we are actually coming into brave new world where many will be a different kind of “woke” than the current term implies ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

June 9, 2021

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