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Anatomy of A Political Crime Family Dynasty: How the “ByeDone” Money Operation Works.

Updated: May 16, 2022

I think a lot of people haven't put this together yet. Let me lay out what I see as how the whole what I will call here, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone paying attention to internet censorship, “ByeDone” family scam is structured. And, believe me, it includes the WHOLE family set up, since they all live off THESE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES, regardless of how they treat the person who does the actual delivery of their “bacon.” The reason I say that soon this family name will be removed from the gene pool forever, more than that of the “McStain” family (AKA to the Q operation as “he who shall not be named”), is because the Biden family is one of the most heinous political crime families that has ever existed in America - and that’s saying something given a recent failed presidential candidate. I’m speaking about both of these political dynasty houses as being treasonous in the highest degree that any country has ever seen in human history, because both sold out more than one country to get their “filthy lucre”, which both entire families lived off of for so many decades.

Everything in the aforementioned family business - whose product, simply stated is the sale of US political power and influence to the highest bidder - has been engineered to have absolutely no paper trail, emails, phone records, etc. that can tie directly to “The Big Guy” (AKA: “Creepy Joe”) as he is referred to in any of their business related communication. The rest of the world may call him who I refer to as “Slow ByeDone”, but a fart by any other name will smell just as bad. In order to keep this person free of anything that could lead to prosecution, someone else had to be the one who visibly “ran the family business” to the buyers of their treasonous product. And, unfortunately for that person, this has been Hunter, or, to borrow from the old Jetson’s cartoon theme song: “his boy Elroy".

All the crimes point to Hunter leaving Joe free to keep the “power and influence machine” running so that product remains available for Hunter to sell worldwide, all the while additionally providing government level protection to keep both Hunter and anyone associated with the “ByeDoneInc brand name” protected behind a force field of blackmail, bribes and threats. That’s why the Hunter hard drives remained untouched when the FBI raided Rudy’s place where they sat ripe for the picking - they were “verboten” to touch or in any way risk receive public scrutiny. That could still happen since the FBI must at least maintain the appearance of working for the people of America.

When I said how unfortunate it is that Hunter had to be “the bag man” who did all the ByeDone family business “pizza deliveries” to their worldwide customers, it’s because I’m not certain that he ever had much choice in the whole thing from the very beginning.

From the time that “new mom” showed up in his life (immediately following the death of “real mom” and his sister), the basic “influence for cash” business model appears to have been in a rudimentary formulation process. I think that Mr. Slow was at least swift enough to see from the early days that for his plan for uninterrupted flow of money and power to succeed, a trusted stooge would be necessary - read: “indentured family member” - to do all of the dirty work. I’m guessing that as the lad grew, he was introduced to lots of “fun things” as rewards along the way; they fed the growing drugs / alcohol / sexual perversion monkey on his back, as he “learned the ropes” of “how things were” in the high-powered international corruption business world he was slowly being introduced and groomed into. And, of course, all the way along the road, “dad knew nothing” about the “new Hunter" that was being built and perfected.

I believe that what we are seeing now with this tabloid parade of sex and drug debauchery from young Elroy merely shows the implementation of the same kind of “pressure release valve” that many of us use to cope with pressures in our lives, the glaring difference being that young Elroy’s coping mechanisms also affected individuals outside of the family business, be they willing sex partners or child sex slaves, as well as entire countries. Leaving the “laptop from hell”, as it has come to be called, in that repair shop may not be the act of a crack-addled person barely aware of the consequences for any action in their lives; it appears more likely his subconscious mind desiring to sabotage a system it wanted desperately to be free of. And, since Hunter has been a personality very absent from the news cycle for many months - as are the Podesta brothers, that no one talks about or has heard from in ages - it is very possible that mind has already gotten its wish:

An exit visa from a hopelessly trapped life in exchange for testimony on “the Big Guy”, quite possibly other family members; and maybe even a number of COUNTRIES as well - which seems like a very good deal for everyone ;-)

I can hear lots of readers minds going “all well and good, but you’ve got no proof”, and to that I will reply as I have on this subject before:

When you have a complicit, bought off media, you must become your own media, where the best you can hope for is what I call “CSP”, which stands for Common Sense Proof. CSP is arrived at the same way as when you are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle; you connect the couple of pieces you know go together, then lay the piece that looks like it might go with each little section you have actually connected. After that, when you find a few other pieces that definitely connect and a lot more that seem to have a strong probability of going with them, you can sort them all and create a hypothesis of what has a high probability of connection and what that sums up to be.

Granted, I have only seen a few things from the hard drive from hell - like the videos of him having “foot sex” while smoking crack with the “Mulan” actress known to be connected to the CCP, and a few more things that I won’t detail. And, of course, there’s the Ukraine stuff that everyone and their grandma’s cat knows about; and then it’s not very hard to take the other pieces that are left lying around and sum what it all adds up to.

Speaking of “surmising what things add up to”: As I write this, President 45 has just spoken at CPAC, and subsequently YouTube, in their time-honored traitorous tradition, has just BANNED his speech from their platform. One of the reasons I would bet that happened concerns the rumor that “The Big Guy” might already be “no longer at liberty” by DJT’s reference to “The Slow One” being able (or not) to pass a cognitive test, when he said: “You might be surprised - there may be someone in there”.

Many people have supported saying that as CUE/17 said, we “are watching a movie”. The implication here being that at least some of what we are seeing playing out around us might be actually staged, either to fool the enemy, keep the SeeEyeAy-conditioned “useful idiot segment of society” from rioting or until everything is in place to either prevent this from happening, or to be of no real consequence if it does. And, since all movies have actors, it just might be that at least some of the major political players you are thinking you are seeing strutting around the world stage might NOT REALLY EVEN BE THEM, but just “human place holders” on the chess board to keep everyone distracted.

So, where does this leave us in terms of this “hopefully soon to be expired” dynasty of international, family super-criminals? Pretty much in the same place as we are now with everything else we are uncertain about but trying to figure out; wondering and waiting and trying our best to come up with the right answer so we can plan our futures accordingly. Common Sense Proof is all we have to help with that. But, it’s a heck of a lot more than what I call “the Normies” have who are close to 100% clueless of anything not worn, done or divorced by Kim Kardashian, who, in my opinion is the type who functions in our world as a continual “new shiny” distraction for the world - meaning: the American version of the Royal Family in the UK.

I really have a strong feeling that this summer will contain both a growing amount of volleys fired from both sides in the ongoing mass shooting onslaught, as well as the build-up to what I will call COVAX2.0, which may or may not include nice people from the government coming to your house to sell you their version of “medical Girl Scout cookies”.

Regarding that, if you’ve never heard of “Nuremberg 2.0", it's the new organization comprising 1,000 international lawyers and 10,000 medical professionals committed to launching the hugest tort lawsuit of all time. Their goal is to sue those responsible for the worldwide plot behind “the illness and the shot”, so you owe it to yourself to check it out - it could be gargantuan YUGE!

We are both blessed and cursed to live in the most tumultuous, dangerous and fascinating times since the introduction of Jesus Christ to the planet. We will all soon see a lot more things than just “cabbages and kings” during this time, although to be truthful, quite a few of the kings we think we know will soon be revealed to in reality be “cabbage heads”. One of my sayings that really applies here is “the only thing we can say that’s always true is ‘we’ll see’ - we WILL”. ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi,

Flyover Country

July 19, 2021

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Intelligent analysis mixed with well crafted word play. Thought provoking and fun to read.

I'll be back.

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