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“Battling the New ‘Boche’ ”, or “The Care & Feeding of the New Resistance Fighter”

It’s been over 80 years since WWII, and consequently less and less survivors are still alive to tell us about it. For people under the age of about 45 or so, less and less has been (I think purposely) taught to them in our schools about what really happened then, and I think that was at least in part so we would have nothing to draw from in our new struggle with the demons of totalitarianism that are raging over our world right now.

I think that there are MANY parallels between The Nazi occupation of France in WWII and the “Current Co-Presidency Situation” (CCPS) of 2021 America that we are fighting to endure. You might not know much about what’s known as the French Resistance in WWII Nazi occupied France that rose up to actively resist their Nazi invaders - and many times be tortured and die. Your awareness of them might just be the actors in old WWII TV shows and movies wearing black berets with sub-machine guns slung over their shoulders, spitting on the ground after speaking the name of the accursed “Boche” (their name for the German army that held over from WWI), but we hold a lot more in common with them than you might think.

In reflecting following the days since the 245th Independence Day we just had July 4, 2021, I'm sensing that the remnant of “Trumpianism” in America - not knowing how to gauge its own size due to the mainstream media blackout on it - seeming to be in state of emotional exhaustion is standing at a crossroads between taking some type of action and a resigned lethargic acceptance of its defeated fate.

Many “promised dates” of Trump’s triumphant return have come and gone since the fake inauguration of the SlowByeDone facade organization back in January, and lately the range of outlooks I am seeing in people go from a stoic “hold the line until relieved”, to “I’m just going to get off the grid in every way I can and hide until the End Times”, all the way over to the belief that citizen militias with whatever legally available weapons will somehow be able to take back the country from the Cabal barbarians that have overrun it on their own.

The closest parallel that I can find in modern history where a previously free country was suddenly occupied by an outside enemy is France in WWII, and so I wanted to look up some of the history of the French Resistance and see how they dealt with their situation - especially since it did ultimately work out well for them ;-)

It turns out that there are actually many similarities between how our current Cabal overrun status has played out with what happened in occupied WWII France:

The now famous leader of both resistance era and postwar France, Charles de Gaulle; was a relatively unknown general when the Nazis invaded France. At 6pm on 18 June 1940, de Gaulle made a now famous 6 minute radio speech to his country; where he was “adamant that the Fall of France was just one battle and not the whole war, which he predicted would become a world war. Broadcast at 10pm, the speech was not obviously political. Rather it was a call to arms, aimed at the French military. Few French people responded to de Gaulle’s plea, principally because it was difficult not to accept (French leader) Pétain’s logic that Nazi Germany had won. Indeed, most saw de Gaulle as irrelevant, preferring to embrace Pétain as the savior figure whose authoritarian anti-Semitic regime, based in the central spa town of Vichy, enjoyed mass support in autumn 1940."(see Ref.1)

So there was at first even a lack of agreement in France as to what their status even was to their enemy, and what power that enemy did or didn’t have over them. Obviously, tanks lumbering through their streets became a pretty good indicator of just what kind of control the Germans had over the French, but as is usual in defining conflicts in human history; there will always be a small percentage of a population that will rise up to protect the whole, while the rest merely cower or complain.

In answer to the call of de Gaulle, French “grassroots groups sprung up in late 1940 and 1941, independently of de Gaulle and of one another. Admittedly these groups were tiny in number and not all of them were necessarily military in character."(see Ref.1)

Just like Trump, de Gaulle had to battle resistance to gaining access to communication with the country, but he eventually prevailed. Think of Facebook and Twitter when you read this, and today’s brand new Trump attack on social media:

“In London, de Gaulle had to fight for access to the airwaves via the BBC’s noon news, eventually winning a daily five-minute slot from December 1940 onwards, which then became a crucial platform. During 1942, three million people tuned in to de Gaulle, which…explains why the Nazi and Vichy authorities did everything in their power to deter listening, ranging from jamming broadcasts through to the threat of imprisonment.”

Regarding those that have felt the need to emotionally distance themselves from the day to day up and down of what may or may not be the status of “the fight”: I completely understand being in that place. No army ever leaves its troops in the field indefinitely without R&R (rest and recreation), and it’s necessary to take a break from the fight as needed. I personally am the kind of person that can emotionally distance myself in conflicts to where I can stay in the game almost indefinitely, but I know that most are not and actually can be on the other side of the spectrum where they have to get out sometimes to even survive.

If you feel very much that you are fighting largely alone with few real “comrades” for support, you’re probably right based on what you’re about to read. But you can feel comforted that this is not a unique situation in the human experience, and has parallels in the French Resistance as well:

“After 1945, {it was} maintained that the majority of French people contributed to the Resistance. Such claims…were a gross distortion of the truth, motivated by the desire to win political ascendency in the postwar period. The ‘army of the shadows’ was always a minority phenomenon, amounting to something between 300,000 and 500,000 women and men out of a population in 1945 of 39.6 million.” And that was a very similar proportion of the population that actually did the fighting during the American Revolutionary War - as always in history, the few paid for the freedom of the many.

As such, it is estimated that only 2% of the French population engaged in any kind of active resistance. So what did this 2% actually do, and can we see any parallels with what we are experiencing in resisting the SlowByeDone Faux-ministration in America today? They “published underground newspapers, (engaged in) sabotage operations, intelligence gathering, recruiting, or participating in one of the networks designed to rescue Allied fliers.“ (see Ref. 2)

Let’s go through that list for our modern equivalents, as these are all things that we can do as the modern Resistance movement of 2021:

“Publish underground newspapers”: I would say that this is exactly what the citizen journalist YouTube, Rumble, BitChute, etc. channels of the world are doing right now, and what all of you social media foot soldiers have done from your computer keyboards and smart phones for years. I started debating the liberals I knew in entertainment who fancied themselves “open minded and willing to look at others opinions” (which they weren’t, they just wanted to argue and waste my energy) on my Facebook wall ever since BarryTheO first showed his simpering face on the world scene.

When he got reelected (which I’m convinced was one of many Dominion server type election steal events in our history), I realized that engaging these people at all was completely counterproductive, so I started my own secret private Facebook group for studying world events that I have maintained to present day, with it’s own Telegram equivalent started upon the advent of the ZuckButt persecution. I refuse to be forced off of Facebook, just because that’s exactly what the Cabal wants so that they can indoctrinate the unwashed masses there unfettered; so I encourage everyone to not give up that ground despite all the persecution that’s there.

Sabotage Operations: This would be any kind of public events that we can participate in: Trump rallies, parents speaking out against Critical Race Theory at school board meetings (which I think will be one of the main battle areas of this summer), and even the well intentioned but - at least for now - failed Jan 6 Capital event qualify as this sort of operation.

Intelligence Gathering: Again, this is happening using every kind of public technology communication method available to us. Lots of prophets disseminate their dreams from God via YouTube and TicTock, regardless of what its creators had intended them for. There are many amazing current world event intelligence gatherers on the internet currently, including people like my current favorite, the amazing researcher Mel K.

But we do need to remember that these people can only convey what they are told, and this being a real war whether it’s the “declared” variety or not, situations are constantly “fluid” to use the modern government intelligence term. So when the dates and goalposts seem to keep moving, keep in mind that this is no different than any other struggle between principalities in human history. It was only Mrs. Barry Obama that ever tried to say that “thus and so was going to happen on a certain date” in a war where it consistently came true, and I would say that’s because he was working in complete coordination with our enemies.

Recruiting: Which is what all of us do every time we try to “red pill” anyone with any small granule of truth. If you are frustrated by how little most people are able to deal with at a time when you are dying to open the “insider information spigot” full blast and tell them the complete results of the weeks, months, or years (or decades in my case) of your research, you need to keep in mind that the way you got to where you are now was NOT all at once.

As I look back, the things that I have come to currently believe about the nature of our situation in this physical world I would have thought were “crazy conspiracy theory” at one time - and such is true for what I am about to learn. So just like you wouldn’t give a steak to a newborn, be patient and only feed people what they are ready to digest at that moment. The time is coming soon where “all will be revealed”, and then it will be time to as compassionately as possible lead them into the whole awful truth.

Networks designed to rescue Allied fliers: This is probably the one that is not as easy to draw a modern version on, but I think that there totally is one. This would be the crowd funding, etc. for those that have run afoul of the Cabal system in the courts, etc. It includes everyone from the gym owners that had their doors chained shut so they just removed them, the bakers who were sued for not wanting to make a cake for a homosexual marriage, and political activists like Tommy Robinson who has been thrown in jail many times in the UK for resisting the total lunacy there.

These people need us to not just pay them lip series on social media as we walk on by relieved that it didn’t happen to us, but to tangibly give as we can to help them out of their situation. They are the POWs of this undeclared war, and we can’t leave them to rot in prison camps like our government did not only in Vietnam, but actually in the Korean war as well.

So you might feel like you don’t have an impact on what is going on in the world today, but you can see that you do and can to whatever ability you have and as God leads you. It’s important to act on faith and not feelings, feelings can easily discourage and not take into account the big picture that we many times don’t see. I will paraphrase the old Woody Allen line that I live by a lot: “98% of success in life is just showing up” - so let’s try to just keep showing up and not go up and down with what we aren’t sure is really happening anyway.

Closing thoughts:

Unfortunately after the defeat of Germany and the liberation of France, the leftist attacks never ended, which is another similarity for us to keep in mind as we fight our way through to a victory. I see Nazism as a spiritual more than a political thing, and I believe that the demons that drove it didn’t give up upon the supposed end of human fighting; they just changed human hosts. If you look at it this way, the Cabal that we are fighting now could be called the Fourth Reich, since the totalitarian spirits behind it are the same as in WWII, regardless of the clothes it wears and the slogans it shouts.

As such, even in de Gaulle’s day, he saw the danger of defeat being snatched from the jaws of victory by traitors lurking in the background: “although the Resistance was united behind de Gaulle in May 1943, there was always suspicion on the part of the Gaullists towards the Communist Party. They feared that communist resisters had a secret plan to turn the defeat of Nazi Occupation into revolutionary insurrection and, for this reason, de Gaulle carefully controlled the choreography of the liberation of Paris at the end of August 1944, ensuring that he alone became the symbol of re-found national unity.”

We can and will fight and win this undeclared war with the worldwide Cabal, but there is no published end date that we can look to on the calendar to say it will be over by. As I’ve said before, I vowed back in January to leave my Christmas decorations up until Trump was visibly back in office; in whatever physical location he finally decides to set up the government in. If it goes into the next Christmas season, so be it.

I just had this thought: the cheap little colored lights that are on my artificial tree have never been disconnected since I put it up on Halloween 2020 (again for the spiritual significance of the date) and have still not gone out after all of that time. I have to think that there is some kind of message in that :-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

July 7, 2021

One other fun weird fact from my editor: The name that the French gave the Germans way back in WWI that carried forward to WWI was the “Boche”. It comes from from a French slang phrase “tête de caboche,” which means “cabbage head”. That’s another fun name you can use for the Cabal as well, and sounds great as an insult- "Cabalist Cabbage Head!" ;-)

For more on the French Resistance, these are the articles I drew my “intelligence” from:



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