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The REAL Phobia I Have About The Homosexual Agenda

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

People that know me in social media “real life” (is that a contradiction of terms?) know that when I deem it necessary to make a point, I’m not shy about being controversial - OK, I’m not shy about that in my blogs either, but it’s an expected thing here and probably part of the reason I was brought into the position ;-)

I have had a number of homosexual friends of both sexes over the years, and their lifestyle never “scared me” or made me angry at them in any way. But even amongst social media conservative friends who I thought knew me pretty well from years of interactions, I have had people unfriend me not because they disagreed with anything that I said about my thoughts on homosexuality, but purely because it made them uncomfortable because they had gay family and friends, and didn’t want to have anyone hold a mirror up to that emotionally for them in any way.

But all that being said, let’s just say that I have done what I have described in the past as “smearing myself with raw meat and walking into the lion’s den” more than once over the years with sensitive topics on social media, and it usually resulted in numerous people gnashing their teeth (to wax in Biblical terms here) at me.

So be it, I don’t like to cause controversy or arguments for their own sake, and in the distant past even went out of my way to avoid confrontation; but both a history of unsatisfactory results from that attitude - and of course therapy - have taught me that sometimes it’s worth the grief.

The new “We Will Convert Your Children” Gay Men's Chorus Song Video:

So when I saw this video making the rounds on Telegram from a Charlie Kirk post called “San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir Sings About “Converting Your Children” (see Ref.#1 below), I had a lot of reactions to it. The first might surprise you, but it was appreciation of how well it was done both musically and in it’s video production.

The song is very well written both musically and lyrically, and really would be at home in any Broadway level musical, with excellent vocal performances by the two main singers and all the “Zoom Singers”; as I am going to call them, because there is so much of this kind of “remote collaboration performance” going on now.

(Before I go any further into any serious world impact thoughts I have, I really have to reference this video by who I consider one of the few “Modern Mozart Status Geniuses” alive today, Jacob Collier. I have a link to his what I believe to be “greatest vocal arrangement of all time” of “Moon River”. You might think that’s a great song or a dumb song, but when you see and hear it you will not get what you’re expecting, and will know why I thought of it upon hearing the “Converting Your Children” video - see Ref.#2 below.)

OK, on to the the non-artistic aspects of this song/video, which is of course where I may well get hate mail..or should I say male.. :

I think that people with same sex attraction created the term “homophobia” originally largely out of frustration from trying to come up with an explanation for why they have felt treated badly by the heterosexual world. Over the decades, much of that feeling was well founded, in that this terrible treatment could regularly include all kinds of social shaming as well as physical violence up to and including murder.

But in the last 40 or more years, there has been a shift where homosexuality has at present almost risen to the point of the “sacred cows” in India: they are allowed to do and go almost whatever and where ever they want in society both physically as well as politically, and they are left for the most part untouched no matter what.

In terms of their interrelationships amongst themselves, I am actually all for that - if God decided that free will was His number one priority with the people He made to inhabit the planet, far be it from me to try to circumvent that free will. But that free will doesn’t cover anything that their “agenda” (meaning: whatever plan homosexuals as a political people group might be trying to advance for themselves as well as the

effect such plan will have on others), nor does it prevent me from having an opinion on the consequences of their free will choices to be what I see as leading to a future which should be described as anything but “gay”.

But as Christians know from what the Bible says about homosexuality, it is what is classified as “sin”. I know that the term “sin” for many people in our culture would be defined as “fun things that someone says the 'old man with the long grey beard in the sky' says we better not do, but I really WANT to as much as I can”. Seriously, if we are honest, at least at one time that was exactly how most all of us defined the word SIN - I certainly did when I was a hippie and someone checking out Transcendental Meditation, Scientology, and of course lots of drugs as much as I could.

But in adulthood (or whatever I have attained that at least resembles that vague ideal), I found out that it was a lot more like the old “don’t put your fingers in the fire” rule from our childhoods: we might want to do it and actually try it, but immediately find out that there was a good reason those that loved us made that rule.

So I’m going to throw out there what I believe to be the following about homosexuality, with the awareness that this is the “meat smearing upon myself in the lion’s den” segment of my show here:

  1. It leads to many failed and unfulfilling relationships.

  2. It is not a biological condition, even though past family participation in it could be passed on biologically, possibly through DNA.

  3. Like all sin, God has provided a method of deliverance and healing from its practices, and most importantly causes, which is not in the form of just a miserable “white knuckling” resistance to its urges for a lifetime.

Hey, that and a Maga hat should be enough to get me beat up at a “mostly peaceful protest”in Portland, huh?

OK, if you are still with me, on to part two:

Causes and Treatments of Sexual Orientation Disorders:

I was very happy to see a couple of years ago that some mental health professionals had isolated the period of time that human beings of either sex develop their sexual identities, and that they had found that if there is any sexually oriented trauma to the individual during this couple of years window of time in their development, they can end up identifying with their same sex.

I was even happier to hear that they had not only identified what caused it, but had learned how to heal it. To me this was the very kind of “way out” that I would expect from God that for every temptation into a sinful behavior there is an escape hatch - and I am NOT talking the “white knuckle” method of just not acting on your urges, but actually having those urges completely removed.

So I went to look for this video, and when I searched “Homosexuality Christian cure” on DuckDuckGo (of course not Google), I found nothing but page after page of gay sites and articles claiming that Christians were using “aversion” therapy to “torture” gays into both leaving homosexuality and into becoming Christians - as if any Christian would think that even if this method was used that it would be either pleasing to God or even qualify as an actual heart change that is necessary for salvation. And when I say “page after page”, I’m talking I went about 12 pages deep of results with the only thing to break up the gay agenda articles was the occasional advertising for a professional therapy website.

So, I am very sorry to say that I have not as yet been able to find this video I saw within the last few years, even after searching through all the folders I save this sort of thing in on my personal computer, as well as the archives of my secret private Facebook group; I almost was going to delay posting this blog until I found it. But with the “We’re Going To Convert Your Children” song out NOW I decided to put this out anyway, although in my mind it’s incomplete with out that. So maybe anyone that can find that video can send it to me at , or put it in the comments here - and of course if you think some of the claims I am making are way off, you are more than welcome to say that since this is still something at least in theory called a Free Republic.

“Opposite” Named Laws, The Gay Agenda, and Children:

As a Christian, I have seen a number of men that I could tell had been gay, and had gotten to the point that they had married women and had children, but I could always still see the remnants of it in them. With others I knew, they had never gotten that far and were just Christians that chose to not act on their sexual urges, but these feelings had never ended for them. They were essentially in a sort of “no-persons land of bottled up sexuality" that always frustrated me to see, but obviously not nearly to the point that must have been their everyday existence. I hated seeing that, and knew there had to be something better for them.

I knew that eventually God would make a way for these “anything but gay” people, and then when I saw the recent laws making the attempt of conversion of a homosexual to heterosexuality actually become a federal law, I knew that the old “methinks thou dost protest too much” proof that existing therapeutic cures’ power was just proven by the gay agenda.

When I lived in LA, I protested the passing of gay marriage not because I didn’t want homosexuals to live in happy monogamous relationships - actually, I believe that is the happiest natural state for all human beings, it’s just how God designed us - but because that wasn’t what this “Gay Marriage” law was actually about. As usual with the left, it covers its motives by naming everything that it does by exactly the opposite of what it’s actually intended to do.

I found out from a website in Massachusetts - the state that was the first to pass same sex marriage - that legislation had been proposed many times to expand the rights of “civil unions” to include all the same rights that a marriage included. Up until that point, civil unions had pretty much everything marriage had but the automatic passing of assets upon death to the partner and the allowance of civil union partners to have next of kin status for things like hospital visits, etc. But the gay agenda rejected that and demanded that it be called marriage, citing discrimination because of the differing language. Why was that, you might be wondering?

Well, while to the general population on the street, one person saying “poTATo” and another saying “poTAHto” might have a shared meaning, but in our legal system words have very specific definitions which carry VERY specific rights. And in the case of the the word “marriage” with regards to homosexuality, those rights and definitions had a MONUMENTAL effect on our public school systems, and what public school children were taught about homosexuality, and these laws go back to the early 2000s.

If you go to the MassResistance web site below (Ref.#3), you can find out all the gory details. I’m purposely not going to put direct links to these examples (and I’m sure there are far worse ones than when I first checked into this), but these should give you an idea - all of my examples here were automatically allowed under their new new law because the use of the word marriage elevated the “rights” of the Gay Agenda to demand that homosexuality and gay marriage be given equal time in what is taught to children in tax payer funded schools:

  1. A picture book for around the 2nd grade level called “King & King” where two little “princes” meet, fall in love, and kiss at the end. The might sound like next to nothing to some, but keep in mind that at the second grade level, kissing is just about the highest expression of love they see between two people, so this does a lot to legitimize sexual love between same sexes.

  2. A segment on “The Little Black Book Of Being Queer”, that congratulates people who are wondering if they are really gay or not for having been “born in the best time in history” to be gay, etc. The book includes, amongst lots more, a photograph with an erect male sex organ illustrating the proper way to apply a condom.

It may well be that these two examples have gone by the wayside since the time I first looked at this site, but I would say that “Drag Queen Story Hour” and more have told us that if so, they have been replaced with even more meant to indoctrinate and recruit young and newly gay people.

And speaking of the concept of recruitment, I also saw a website showing the two original “leaders” of the Gay Agenda openly admitted that their primary motivation was to replenish their ranks from the ravaging effects of AIDs etc. But beyond that, let’s look at Globalism in the “Georgia Guide Stones”. (You need to know about these if you don’t already, especially given Willy Gates, etc.'s call for a reduced population in lots of talks on his vaccine work in the past - and don’t get me started as to why people listen to a computer manufacturer on medicine.) (Ref.#4)

When you look over the declarations “set in stone” there, consider this: What better way to depopulate the world to no more than 500 million than just make it so no one living on it actually wants to do the one thing that results in new humans any more?

OK, I hear all of you “cool kids” sitting in the back, yelling out “what about test tube babies?” Sure, maybe, but how many of THOSE do you think there would be to just maintain the whole Earth at no more than 500 million, as the Guide Stones mandate?

I’m not trying to claim that the end of humanity is just around the corner with things like this Gay Men’s Chorus song showing up, but you can certainly see how that and everything else I have laid out here could WELL get us far down the path to that, right? I think we’ve all been seeing the whole emerging “AI Sex Robot” industry thing as well, and just last night I saw a video that said that a REALLY HIGH percentage (I think it was over 70%!!) of Japanese in their biggest cities have not been out of their apartments in a really long period of time. Put all of these emerging phenomenon together, and they spell anything BUT “Mother”.

So what can we do about all of this?

Well, as in all important and unbelievably complicated things: first we pray, because NOTHING is complicated to the One who made the whole Universe.

What do we pray for?

Here’s I think a good list to start from that covers a lot more than just homosexuality, although I do consider the world's growing sexual deviance to be a pretty significant problem at this point in time:

  1. Pray for God to release all people involved in any aspect of the LGBTXZ (and any coming additional letters) movement to be healed from its root causes in their lives, and to awaken to the truth about how it’s been destroying those lives.

  2. Pray for the exposing of the REAL agendas of not just the Gay Agenda; but also Globalism, the worldwide Cabal, and any other political group or politician for what they really are. Also pray for the eyes to be opened of all those that have been fooled into following them.

  3. Pray for what I believe is a worldwide Alliance of people and organizations that have been fighting these people "under the media radar"; pray for their protection, battle coordination and victory.

  4. Lastly, pray for what God would have you actually do in your role in all of this. It might be just as an individual “prayer warrior”, or part of some kind of group of any kind fighting for “white hat victory”; or even running for political office - yes, that must not be a waste of time because of how much time Trump and his family devote to talking about it and supporting others who are doing it. so expect future elections to be "De-Dominion-ized".

And speaking of that, I just saw that the great Los Angeles conservative talk show host Larry Elder is running for Governor of California! When I lived in LA, I was a part of an entertainment group called “Friends of Abe” where I got to meet and talk socially to him numerous times. This is exactly the kind of person the new America needs - brilliant, with flame thrower logic and & 100% committed to his principles - so this is one of the most amazing new pieces of news I have heard in a while.

So as I said a few blogs ago, this will be the “Summer of Gun and Run”, and as such we will really need to step up to battle all that will be thrown at us. I know everyone is feeling emotionally exhausted, but to quote what was one of my father’s few really great jokes: “As the monkey said when he got his tail stuck in the lawnmower: ‘It won’t be long now’” - and it won’t.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country.

July 14, 2021





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