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The Path From Pangaea - How One Single Race Populated A Planet

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

I wanted to turn everyone on to this great 24 part video series on the origins of the various people groups on the planet, which is based on how genetically there is proof that all “races” came from one set of parents - meaning, there is no such thing as “races”, we are all from the same Human Race and the visual differences are all attributed to the genetics of developed pigmentation preferences through marriage and environment.

Their YouTube channel is called “Answers In Genesis”, and this “The New History Of The Human Race” series is one of many that they offer, see Ref. #1 below. Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, the PhD’ed guy teaching the series, has put out a book on the subject under the published title of “Replacing Darwin - the New Origin of the Species(see Ref. #2 below). I want to get that as well after I finish reading the book “1491” that he quotes from all the time in these videos, which is about America before Columbus arrived. Spoiler alert: he shows how the people occupying America when Chris and the boys showed up in their three boats were not who we have been taught that they were, and shows how they probably got there using genetic mathematical probabilities, not a bunch of unfounded theories.

Evan many Christians don’t believe the Biblical creation story, and at least in part ascribe to the “old earth evolution” theory. The more I study this, the more I see that the earth is far younger than the Darwin based claims. Dr. Jeanson talks a lot about the true length of time from the Flood to the appearance of Jesus on the planet, but more specifically that there was only about 100 years from the Flood until the migration of the peoples that started after the Tower of Babel. This flies right in the face of most all evolutionist thinking, and he hits lot more things that will really make you re-examine any beliefs you have on the subject.

I believe in what’s called a “young Earth” perspective, which is to say that I believe that the planet and the human race have only been here for the “thousands of years timeline” laid out in the Bible, not the millions of years that those that believe in Evolution ascribe to. And speaking of that, I just saw a video on “odd things from history that still can’t be explained” or whatever it was called, and they showed a Champion spark plug from the 50s/60s that had become encrusted in amber etc. They said that this showed a carbon dating of millions of years that they knew wasn’t that old, but they couldn’t explain it.

Uh, how about explaining it by saying that carbon dating is about as reliable as Slow ByeDone reading his teleprompter contact lens accurately? It’s either that, or being really mad that your ancestors didn’t buy Champion stock before the stock market even existed ;-)

Here’s an article about the subject of the break up of Pangaea into land masses eventually occupying the locations that they do today. This article states something that I know as a kid I noticed while looking at a world map daydreaming in geography class, saying to myself: “wow, look how it looks like all of that stuff could have gone together at one time?” If I had only been born a little earlier and an adult that had some important looking letters after my last name, I too could have been a footnote in history like our buddy Alfred here (see Ref. #3) :

“The name Pangea comes from an ancient Greek word meaning 'all lands'. This term was first used in the early 20th century when Alfred Wegener noticed that the Earth's continents seemed to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. He later developed the theory of continental drift to explain the shapes and positions of continents and coined the title Pangea at a symposium in 1927 on the topic. This theory evolved over time into the modern study of plate tectonics."

Granted, I don’t agree with the time frame laid out here at all, but I do agree with Noah’s Flood being the overall concept of the break up of the continent happening. Of course, they don’t say that in the article (nobody’s perfect), but that being the cause makes total sense since all of the water in the flood did not come from the heavens above, but at least a significant part from inside the earth itself. Especially this simple “fossil” proof that might be too easy and simple for a lot of science types to embrace:

“Not everyone is convinced that Pangea ever existed, but there is plenty of evidence that experts use to prove that it did. The strongest support has to do with how the continents fit together. Other evidence for Pangea includes fossil distribution, distinctive patterns in rock strata spread out all around the world, and the global placement of coal.”

So, besides the premise that originally there was one huge continent on planet Earth (or the “firmament”, as it was called in my Bible’s translation of Genesis), and just one race since all peoples spring from one heterosexual couple we might call “Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Eve Humanity”, there’s one big “elephant in the room” question: How logistically their post-Tower of Babel offspring got around the planet to populate it? I mean, everything hadn’t died yet to make the gas to run the cars they hadn’t yet invented, and assuming that there actually WERE dinosaurs on the Ark, these things were difficult to ride and impossible to get to haul anything without breaking it worse than any human moving company ever would. So how did everyone travel all over the planet?

The concept that all the recently broken up continents in post-Babel times were just a lot closer to each other is not recent, and there have been many theories over the years that the early Americans traveled here over an existing land bridges like the Bering Straits, etc. (See Ref. #4) That in itself is interesting, but the really amazing thing that the “The New History Of The Human Race” series brings up is the similarity of the “creation” stories of Native American tribes to the one in the Hebrew Bible - including the similarities of many words used in the stories for God, etc. (These are really well illustrated in the series, so really try to watch it.)

But the really “big boom” here is Jeanson’s premise that at least some of the early Native American “tribes” could have been Israelites and Phoenicians that were escaping the Babylonian captivity described in the Bible. This is not just the stuff of late night conspiracy theorist ramblings, there is documented proof of Egyptian hieroglyphics on walls in the Grand Canyon showing where treasure, writings, and even giant skeletons and more were found. Egypt being a very dominant power at the time, this way of marking the location of the treasure, etc. would make a lot of sense. And if you don’t know already, the Smithsonian Museum has a long history of burying anything within its bowels that bears evidence supporting proof of a Biblical explanation of our history, so that’s of course where all of this stuff is hidden away. But there’s lots of pictures, etc. to convince you that it all at least happened, see Ref. #5 below.

How This All Affects Critical Race Theory (yes, this does relate to NOW):

Dr. Jeanson’s explanations of the origin of what we have come to call the different “races” of human beings has a really huge significant impact on the world of 2021 in one major way: It takes a mega-YUGE needle to the infected boil of fake racism (or as I call it, “Fakism”) and lances it to drain the inner pus infection of the Communism that caused it to be weaponized. That might seem to be not only an overly gross but simplistic way of putting it, but consider this: Given the fact that the Communist Manifesto says that it will use American’s fear of being labeled racist against it to take it over without firing a shot, we need to take that seriously given the events of the “Obamination” up until now.

Jeanson’s premise is that dominant genetic traits like skin color and other physical human characteristics that we have attributed to separate “races”, could easily be propagated in a few generations rather than millions of years. This explains the differences we see between us that might be a lot less significant than we’d been taught to believe, and dispels at least a few of the things that have been the basis that some have used to try to divide us.

A lot of the “Change That We Can Believe In” that Comrade Barry brought us was to believe that we were all victims that need the Demoncrat/Leftist/Socialists etc to save us from the evil Trumpian-types that he wanted us to all believe were the source of all of our problems. But in reality, these groups have been the true “man behind the curtain” in our world.

So all of this is to encourage you all to examine your belief systems about how we look at both the place we call home, planet Earth and the beings that we share it with. Regardless of all the promised but not delivered Alien/UFO, etc. information (or as I call them in another blog here, “Demaliens”) and expected unreceived signals from other galaxies, we appear to be here alone with each other.

The more we understand about who we really are and how we have gotten to the state we are currently in, the better equipped we are to figure out what to do to make it better. It is said that “knowledge is power” and “the truth shall set you free”, so let’s all make it our business to go truth digging as much as we can.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

July 25, 2021

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"we appear to be here alone with each other. "


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