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Breaking Open The Matrix, or “Who Stands to Gain?”

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

As I have said before, the month of August is going to be action packed, and while I’m not making detailed predictions, I will at the very least say that I think it’s far from over. What and who gets out of the Cabal Clown Car during this worldwide three ring circus will surprise and I believe strike fear into the hearts of most anyone that wasn’t involved in the planning of it, which I think is really a lot of the intent. Who has planned it? The answer is “yes”.

OK, that’s a snarky way to put it, but what I’m saying is that I believe the videos and articles that many have seen which describe watching two chess masters, both of whom know that checkmate is inevitable in X amount of moves given no errors, are absolutely correct in explaining what we are the unwitting witnesses of. Unfortunately but predictably, a “scorched earth / delay at all costs” policy is being followed by the evil side. Who are the players involved? There are some names that are pretty certain on both sides, but the exact list of “who” isn’t nearly as important for our futures as what happens and interpreting it correctly.

Let’s start with what we see around us that we can actually be sure of, but let’s be VERY WARY of deciding what we see as proven truths versus what we may have filled in blanks on with assumptions. Here’s what I see happening that I think is sure:

Regardless of the true motivation, no politician that wanted to stay in office would have handled the Afghanistan event the way it’s been handled. I doubt I am going to get a lot of arguments on that, but what can we conclude from it? There are a few possibilities: 1) the CCP owners of the Biden asset figure that he is at “end of usefulness”, and so they are going for broke and using the turmoil there to quickly swoop in and take the huge mineral wealth that country has, 2) it’s just another Deep State / Shadow government way of perpetuating war thus keeping their arms money flowing, or 3) just maybe it’s a part of a big “white hat” scare tactic to awaken the world to the truth of international Cabal/SeeEyeA black operations around the world. There are those that say that Afghanistan as well as other locations around the world have been huge centers of the human trafficking and drug trade, and this and the flooding and fires everywhere on the planet all all tied to an operation to take them out.

But what about the terrible images of the terrified people clinging to the outer walls of the American evacuation plane and falling to their deaths as a result? Did you see the plane actually take off, or just taxi down the runway? Did only a few fall off? Is it possible for any person to hold on to next to nothing and not almost immediately fall off the side of a plane traveling at whatever speeds that plane would travel at? But we just saw video of the plane after it was high in the air with 3-4 grey specs fall from it. If it all really went down like we have been told, it’s of course a hideous tragedy, but are we sure of what we saw?

I just had a friend send me a newspaper article that said that Afghan mothers were throwing their babies over barbed wire to escape the Taliban, but when I watched the video, what I saw was a woman holding up a baby in front of a barbed wire fence - the baby was not thrown, and there was no one on the other side to catch the baby had she thrown it. At this point, I have seen enough videos of supposed beheadings where the person being beheaded is silent and close to motionless through the whole thing, where the set with camera crew is also shown, and videos with staged dead people who get up and move around after the video shot is over; to not accept anything the way I am being told by the media without really scrutinizing it.

So we are witnessing a major worldwide event playing out, and we have to be our own detectives. And what do all good detectives ask themselves? “Who stands to gain?” - Hold that thought….and my beer….

Here’s something else I am seeing: All of the sudden, numerous liberals I have known (hey, we all have them) on Facebook are actually coming out and expressing what I will call “extreme displeasure” with “His Non-Trumpness” Slow Byedone, and even publicly expressing regret at voting for him. And imagine them doing anything like that even a month ago, when they would instantly have been canceled as racist, etc. - and no one was commenting with even the slightest warning to them. That’s what is coming from this, the fuse of popular opinion has been lit, and Slow Joe doesn’t seem to either be able or even want to do anything about it. What else? CNN has actually attacked him, and Fox News is using the term “resignation” in association with his name. And so I ask again - Who stands to gain?

Well, it is possible that the owners of Biden Inc. had always planned to swap him out for a newer model a few months in when they stuffed Kamala into the trunk for safekeeping, and they definitely made sure that she didn’t do anything to get her hands very dirty on the trip. But really, given the fear that has been generated by the Afghan incident, is anyone in America actually telling their friends “Don’t worry everyone, Kammie will save us, she’ll know what to do”? To quote someone that I think soon will be nothing more than a doggie doo-doo stain on the carpet of human history, “Come on, man”.

Here’s another story of the many psyche changes that we are experiencing this month, but this time they are playing out on a local level:

I got a call last night from a friend in Kansas City who had just come from a government meeting held by Mayor Lucas - he of the numerous recall attempts - and some city council members, etc. It completely flabbergasted me to hear that he and his lackeys had actually tried to quietly ram through not a mandate but a law (can a mayor pass a law?) as follows: it would be illegal for people to go anywhere indoors or out without a mask, they could be subjected to a $500 fine or up to 60 days in jail for doing so, AND any unspecified “property” can be entered to go after them. Apparently Lucas also tried to hide the meeting by constantly changing the times and dates, and by switching it to a committee that he chairs rather than any health related committee that it should have been under.

Here’s the good part: instead of there being the normal pathetic handful of humans in attendance to oversee this, there were HUNDREDS. And they were shouting things like “communist”, “traitor”, “tyranny”, “coward”, “fascist” and more. Not only that, they all spoke; and that included people of all races, elementary school kids, and even a veteran of the Afghanistan wars.

People were even calling out Fauci as a fake and accused the committee of the new rapidly popularizing derogatory name of being a Biden lover! Amazingly, after all this was said and shouted, the committee still voted to pass this law or mandate or whatever it is on to the next level, but there were also rumors circulating that maybe Mayor Lucas had decided to drop out of his planned run for Senate….so, yes; slowly or maybe faster than we think, the people are starting to feel their power and the mighty are falling everywhere.

As I said before, I am not going to predict what is going to happen the rest of the summer, just that it is far from over. And as far as answering the “who stands to gain” question, I am just going to let that stew in your heads for a while. Like a great spaghetti sauce, some things are better the longer the ingredients have to combine - Bon Appetit!

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

August 19, 2021

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