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CSB: “Conflict: So be it - Bring it.”

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

I don’t know about you, but in the “family of origin” that I grew up in, CONFLICT was something to be fearfully avoided at all cost. I think it was because of my father’s anger issues that were a large part of the cocktail of calamities that killed him at the very young age of 54, but my siblings especially avoid it like the dentist and that’s the reason that they literally will not allow any serious of discussion of any kind; which of course includes any current event discussion with me, the family’s only conservative. Everyone was afraid of his anger, and I think that overall it was because it meant to us all that the family could ultimately be broken up from it by the divorce that was always a hovering black storm front in our lives, and to kids that probably translated into thinking that we would all be out on the street at best or dead at worst.

Looking back on my own divorce, I can see that in some ways, it actually might have been avoided had I been better at dealing with conflict, and had fought for my marriage more and not so much just accepted it as “the way it was going to be” and agreed to it. Now, I can sort of see my life as separated into a pre and post divorce period, where I come out of it into a time where God has been growing me up to not fear conflict; but to recognize that it is something that is part of the struggle between good and evil that exemplifies life as a human being on planet Earth. It’s the old “that that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” thing, and I’m going to go into that here in regards to CoVid and more, so hang on with me, I think you will see all of this as possibly applying to your lives as well.

This is the point that I think we are all at in the struggle that we find ourselves in now: like it or not and regardless of how it feels. It sucks, but will ultimately be a good thing for us all in our growth as human beings. Do we LIKE it? We HATE it, and may fear it as well. All that being said, I think that it’s completely necessary, and conflict avoidance may well be EXACTLY what has gotten us into the mess we find ourselves in in the first place.

What has conflict avoidance looked like in our lives as a country? Just as an overview, how about leaving the running of the whole thing to people that we have watched steal from us and abuse their power to the point of enriching themselves through insider information and graft, and even locking those of us up that had enough GUMPTION (a word from yesterday that needs a resurgence, it basically means “balls, backbone and bravery”) to go to our Capitol to stand up to them - but still we don’t revolt and stand up to them. Well, I can see that finally that is changing.

ProjectVeritas is releasing a series of Covid / Vaccine hospital whistleblower expose videos, hospital workers are video documenting their confrontations with the officials that are telling them they don’t work there anymore because they are not vaccinated, but refuse to use the term “fired” so there is no record with financial repercussions on the hospital, and the whole of the school bus drivers of entire cities have left because they are required to be vaccinated and won’t comply. This is BIG, and it’s just starting to unstoppably snowball down the mountain into the Friday September 24 brick wall that is the Arizona Election Audio results going public.

(By the way, I came up with this t-shirt idea on Facebook today: “Trust the (Compl)ience!” - if you make one, send me a picture of you wearing it and I will put it up here)

So in saying all of this, I can’t be at all surprised that things would start to hit the fan in my own personal life as well, and without a ton of detail, I will tell you that they have for a couple of years now and are continuing to ramp up - what a shock - not.

To begin with, a while ago a post that was supposed to go into my private Facebook group that studies world events, which was worded for that group and that talked about how I had been seeing a certain people group seem to have been both victimized and weaponized against itself and others; accidentally went on my personal FB page. A number of proudly self admitted Communists in my industry (not merely Socialists, but fully declared Communists) saw it, and they arranged a dog pile on the post with all of the minions they could gather with all the expected race card accusations, and then they posted it all over their FB pages rallying as many as would listen to blackball me from work. It mattered not that a person of the same people group said that I was 100% correct, they all declared that they would contact everyone that I worked for and with, and that is exactly what happened.

It was too late to delete or reverse things when I found out, but I had a very strong sense that this actually was something that God was going to eventually use for His purposes with these people, and I had a peace about it and decided to let it sit and wait to see what should happen, as I have enough remote work etc so that it didn’t hurt me that much economically.

Being a confrontation avoider from way back, I have always tended to keep my opinions to myself when I was pretty sure that the people I was dealing with have very differing ones, partly to avoid the emotional side of that, but also because I’ve found that you can rarely change peoples opinions with arguing. I used to do that in Obama’s first term and then after the liberal gloating on my FB page when he “won” the second time (and I’m positive that we will soon see that this was stolen as well), I could see that these people had no interest in anything other than baiting and belittling, so I completely stopped that on social media.

Then I worked as talent at a live event and the promoter decided to not pay me, to which I finally have had to take to small claims court - amazingly enough, this is the first time I’ve had to do this in my life. This person is from the same aforementioned people group, so I knew that trying to exposed this person on social media given the situation I just described, so that at least for now seemed something that could hurt me worse than it would them.

And most recently, after rehearsing for another event that I am to be involved in, another conservative that is involved sent me a picture from the venue stating that all people entering it must show proof of vaccination with a certificate. I texted the person putting it on that I am not vaccinated and will not become so, to which after finding out that they will not accept a recent test or exemption letter, it is left that either the date or location will be changed or I will be replaced, which is still to be determined. But yet again, at least a few people have probably already identified me as a “crazy conservative conspiracy theorist” etc., and their is every possibility that many people will come out of this blaming me on yet another subject that they have been conditioned to react negatively on.

So what does all of this add up to? Well, if we aren’t identified as someone that thinks differently from the rest of the blue pilled sheeple, how would they know to seek us out for answers once the sky literally falls on their heads after the “truth bomb” that I keep referring to goes off? So if that requires a period of discomfort, as I said in my part of my title here: “So be it - BRING IT”. You can’t pray to be used by God with others and then say that you don’t like the suit - you gotta wear the prophet suit and and do what and go where you’re told, or you can expect to find yourself using “whale transportation” like that guy in the Bible somewhere….I know, I hate these Ninevites too! ;-)

If we don’t exercise our immunity systems they become weak, and by avoiding interpersonal conflict, our mental and spiritual immunity systems atrophy and cease to function. So as usual, I will end by a little short term prediction for the next month or so: I’m expecting to see a couple of more sizable “kabooms” from the Cabal Clown Car, with a few pretty big wins for the good guys in terms of the election audits, which are just BARELY starting. I have joined a audit canvassing group where I live which looks to be going into action in the next week or two, and I am hoping to get plugging into a bunch of good people soon through that.

Most probably, our lives are going to get still more uncomfortable for a while, but to me I keep thinking about the huge job we have ahead of us to help guide those that get very shakily awakened by what is coming very soon. They are going to need strong guides that can be patient with them and have the knowledge to impart to them to answer their cries of “what happened?” If we want to be one of those people, we need to continue to work out with the weights of information and keep training with heading ourselves into the storm winds of anger that are coming at us as they desperately resist anything that goes against the programming that has overridden their logic centers.

When the truth rips away that programming, those logic centers will be raw sores, so let’s all resist the impulse to rub their faces with it and use truth like a club. If we are going to make it as a race, compassion is the only thing that will reunite us after the emotional and intellectual onslaught of evil all of us have endured for so long.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

September 22, 2021

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