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“Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” or “WTF?”:

I’ve been silent here for a few weeks just because I was waiting for one big topic to raise it’s head that really needed some Uncle Ben Snark aimed at it. I had already picked as the blog title this song from the band Chicago’s early catalog, and chose an image to use - but what I didn’t know was what topic to apply it to….

…and then came the lightbulb moment where I realized that it was meant to be applied to the whole swirling and furling mass of false flag fakery that is mushrooming everywhere all over the world. So here goes, I will touch on a number of subjects but try to keep my wind “shorter than usual”:

The Coming Summer of Trans-Riots:

Remember a couple of summers ago when the scariest thing anyone could think of was being called a Racist? And everything and anyone was burned or shot because some enraged and paid - (remember the big skids piled with bricks that were always delivered to the scenes before all the destruction? Nothing was left to chance) mob of Social Justice Warriors deemed it righteous to do so?

Well, I predict that the summer of 2022 will be the “Summer Of Trans-Riots”. I have already been in social media skirmishes with amongst others a woman describing herself as a pastor of one of the biggest trans-friendly Baptist congregations in America, sparked by a conservative friends’ brilliant snarky post “a 4 year old trans-child is like a vegan cat - the decision didn’t come from them.”

The question I put to the thread was “why all of the sudden in the last couple of years have we seen the huge increase of transgender people?” She and another rainbow-filtered photo woman argued that people have always been gay etc and the only reason for the huge numbers of transgenders now is that they are finally unafraid to come forward.

My premise was that people are not born gay etc because since God told Adam and Eve in Genesis to “be fruitful and multiply” and fill the earth with humans, a loving God wouldn’t create people that didn’t have the ability to follow that command - and as such LGBTX etc people are formed by circumstances after birth.

Of course, this didn’t endear me to them and all the common hater accusations got thrown, but what I said was mostly for the benefit of the other people reading the thread (I must have gotten 50 or more “likes”), because I knew that both of these people were too far gone to have an impact on. But in terms of how to deal with what’s coming, I think we are going to have to pick our battles and stand up to be counted to try to minimize the coming Trans-wars - which brings me to:

Dealing Decisively with Disney:

Some have been asking the very rational question “why are so many big companies doing so many things that seem to go completely against their core business models?”

One of the most obvious examples is that of Disney, whose core audience is children, but it’s recent position on transgender content would ultimately lead to fewer heterosexual marriage produced children. If you haven’t seen the video of Disney corporate president Karey Burke saying, "as the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child," she supports having "many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories" and wants a minimum of 50 percent of characters to be LGBTQIA and racial minoritiesSee Link #1 below:

And then there’s all the teachers in the public schools in love with cramming as much sexuality into every little mind they can. What to do about that? How about this?:

Publicly Burn All Disney stuff:

It’s not enough to boycott Disney, as is the current hashtag, parents at every school around the country need to organize to go out somewhere publicly (with permits) with signs and burn all the Disney stuff that they have.

It needs to be public so all the little liberals are shocked into the reminder that everyone doesn’t think like them, the children they teach are not “theirs”, and it’s NOT their right or jobs to tell about kids what they did with their gay lovers on the weekend - which is yet another thing that has hit the news lately.

And WHY is all of this seemingly unrelated stuff happening lately:

The All Encompassing Motive of Depopulation:

As I alluded to earlier, we have been seeing a steady procession of large organizations committing “business suicide” things that go completely against their core business (who can forget what happened to the Boy Scouts?), and the reason is because something took them over like a parasite to use for it’s own purposes.

Besides Disney, I have to also ask these questions:

Why would hospitals fire employees under knowingly illegal terms that they would undoubtedly be sued for?

More and more evidence is piling up that the huge pharmaceutical companies have at the very least been complicit in getting life threatening additives into the “shot thingeys” (they don’t qualify as vaccines regardless of how that definition has been manipulated) that they have told the public would save them - why would they set themselves up to be sued out of existence, and for that matter, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY : why would China, black ops intelligence entities (can you say “BlackRock”, anyone?) the Gates & Fauchi squad, or anyone else set themselves up as targets by creating the illness in the first place?

Very simple: the motivation of the parasite entity is to kill off a large portion of the humans on the planet, not for the host organization to make money.

How many cases of cancer have you seen lately? I was driving last week and heard the announcer on a Christian radio station say that his friends’ early 30s daughter had just been diagnosed with having over 100 cancerous tumors in her body, and was given just days to live. Yes, cancer has always come at any age, but have you ever heard of it attacking in that quantity like that in your life?

What about all the celebrities dying of “unknown causes” recently? Are they unknown, or are they unspoken or unreported?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that if all the cancer and “unknown causes” deaths dating back to 2018-19 were investigated, most if not all had been given the shot - and probably a lot of boosters.

I’m not going to try to prove that position here because these people do it better: , but I am just saying that while we will continue to see these kinds of deaths, we WILL ALSO see awareness of the links between the illness / shots, and with that awakening to this worldwide.

Wars and Rumors of Wars:

I saw this regarding Ukraine and the Grammy Awards from my best friend from high school’s social media, who’s a very nice and intelligent person, but obviously just another emotionally controlled garden variety Koolaid Konsumer. Like all the propaganda patsy’s of the past, he has all the right sentiments directed to all the wrong places.

The Oscars wouldn't do it. The Grammys did it. Zelensky spoke to the Grammy audience and humbled those viewing. John Legend sang with Ukrainian musicians. The show put up the #StandWithUkraine web page and went to commercial. The right thing to do.

See Link #2 below if you don’t already know about what Zelensky said on the Grammy awards, but as is common with all speeches aimed at creatives, the language is flowery but feckless. It sounds good but is completely meaningless. He talks about the musicians at the Grammys being “free…on the Grammy stage”, but there’s not one of them that doesn’t know that if they came out against the accepted Ukraine narrative they would lose their 3/4s of fans in one Tweet - how’s that for “free”?

Have my semi-educated guesses on what is really going on behind Ukraine and everything else, but I am not going to argue about it on social media. The one thing we can be really sure about is that we don’t have anywhere CLOSE to enough verifiable truth on topics like this to really commit to a solid explanation. Better to wait and see and not let it divide us even more than we already are, because I AM certain of is that division by our real Cabal enemies is a big part of what this is all about.

Lockdowns, Starvation and Suicides in China?

I have to at least mention this because it’s such a bombshell and so few that know anything about this:

Seth Holehouse of the “Man In America” Rumble Channel shows what is supposed to be a recent video live from China of a grocery store with virtually NOTHING on it’s shelves and people fist fighting over the few vegetables in it’s produce section. More than that is a video with people supposedly jumping to their deaths off high buildings rather than dying from starvation from being sealed in their neighborhoods.

I hate to be suspicious, but we do know that a lot of what we saw in the first Chinese lockdown was staged to be used as fear porn to cause the whole world to be scared into doing our own lockdowns, and many mat have have heard that media have been predicting a Climate related emergency coming soon. So let’s educate and decide for ourselves rather than waiting for the spun media, see Link #3 below.

No, I’m not setting a date on the End Times, but:

Seth believes that there is a worldwide starvation epidemic coming within a few years at most - I disagree just on my own intuitive sense that the next thing coming will be a temporary victory over the Satanic Cabal with the return of Trump in some capacity, the military tribunal take down of the current evildoers, and both prosperity under a new economic system on the planet as well as a huge ingathering of people becoming Christians.

That’s fine if people disagree with that, but I will say that it’s clear that the technology to run the One World government requires at least 5G and artificial intelligence planet-wide, and we just don’t have that at this time. I also don’t think that the overall mindset of the population is such that it will embrace the things that Yuval Noah Harari says (see Link #4 below) - someone who I think possesses a lot of the characteristics that the coming but not here as yet AntiChrist will display. But after this period of prosperity, some mega-calamity will happen that will create enough fear to make everyone accept anyone that can “fix things” - and it will be the kind of “fix” that we used to see in all the mafia mob movies, but there will be unfortunately nowhere to escape it.

And Lastly (Hello, I must be going):

I’m sure that you’re not surprised that I’m a big fan of “weaponized sarcasm”, and the Babylon Bee have just released a masterpiece of that and it’s timed perfectly: a lot of innocuous things their enemies would agree with to let their guard down, and then at the last line inserts the knife and TWISTS IT ;-) See link #5

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

April 4, 2022

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