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Ending Enslavement By Undoing The Lies It’s Built On

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I was just watching the great MelK and Rob Really talk about the implementation of the planned destruction of New York City that’s in progress, and all the programs they were discussing that are driving it made me think about the path that has brought us to this precipice. It you told future generations about this, they would think that it should be from a mega-blockbuster Sci-Fi doomsday movie, but is astoundingly actually really happing to us.

And as I looked back through the decades since I had understood enough about world events to realize that there really were plans being quietly worked out to take control of our world and ultimately us, and logically as such that I needed to pay attention to them; I have to say that I couldn’t imagine a more brilliant diabolical plan than what is now in play, and marvel at how completely we followed all the carrots that were presented to lead us into the trap that we now find ourselves.

OK, but what do we do now? As I tell all my music students, “the most important part of fixing a problem is recognizing that it exists. As soon as you do that, you will find a way to fix it.” So let’s list the parade of lies that they have based all the traps on that we walked into over the years, and let the speaking of the truth about these concepts take all the power that they have been empowered with to enslave us. I’ve seen many times in life that just a mental concept or belief system can be the most powerful thing in the world, but when they are changed - and that can be in an instant by the application of another concept - they are reduced to the strength of wet toilet paper, with the value of wet USED toilet paper ;-)

Let’s look at one of the biggest lies that all the evil worldwide legislation is based on now: Climate Change: “Climate Change” is such a flimsy thing to try to use to control us that they had to change it’s name numerous times over the years when facts threatened to completely blow it full of holes.

It was started by creating an overall guilt in the population from being told that we were selfish for using any energy whatsoever and thus creating any waste, and then pairing that guilt with the fear of the whole planet eventually becoming unlivable as a result. I think it started out as “Protecting the Environment” with awareness things like "Earth Day", then became “Global Warming”; but then the temperature got cooler, so that changed to “Climate Change”. “CC” was perfect because now virtually any change in planetary heat or cold is automatically our fault, and as such we must pay to deal with it in the form of taxes etc that are given to the Cabal in the form of governments to fuel the trip to a Globalist worldwide 1984 type world.

What needs to be done is to refuse to carry the Globalist water by either repeating the Climate Change message or allowing anyone else to do it unchallenged - and that starts by refusing to even use the term "Climate Change". I was once at a party and doing pretty well at getting the phone number of a woman I had been talking to all night until we got to the subject of CC. I told her that the Earth naturally goes through temperature cycles and our technology has done close to zero to effect it at all over the centuries, and that this is proven by the fact that “The Vikings weren’t making a joke to future generations when they named Greenland - there really are petrified trees and vegetation under the ice there, so it did used to actually BE “green”.” So, then she freaked out and got up and left the party crying. Why? Because her belief system was so firmly rooted in CC being true that she would rather trash a possible relationship than challenge it by even entertaining a thought that it might not be true:

FACT: If CC becomes an untrue concept, then all laws created to enslave us based on needing “greener energy controls” become both unnecessary and ILLEGAL.

NEXT: OK, I run the risk of getting a lot of people angry at me here, but this needs to be said, and I’m going to say it in a way that doesn’t single any particular group out: We have to end the protecting of any people group under any kind of special victim status. What I mean by that is this: when someone is doing something that is damaging to either them or others, it needs to be able to be talked about publicly without punitive action by society or governments.

What would that look like? Here’s a partial list:

I might as well start with the most sensitive one and get it over with: sexual orientation. I know that everyone has a friend or relative these days that is something other than heterosexual - and look at the fact that this was the easiest way to even describe all the "gender options" that now supposedly exist - but I’m going to disagree with a person’s sexuality being completely their own choice that effects no one but themselves. Here’s something for everyone to think about: China is in the process of ending their “One Child to a Family” policy and has recently banned effeminate looking men from their broadcasts and entertainment.

The Western countries, on the other hand, have gone the opposite way: regardless of if you think this is a good or bad thing, we all need to be honest and admit that there has been a steady increase in western countries over especially the last couple of years of open homosexuals in on camera entertainment, voice over announcing, and especially movie and television story content. OK, calm down and count to ten and at least hear me out on where I am going with this before you get mad and go:

If you take that and put it with the recent trends of articles encouraging us to eat non-meat proteins and people on social media saying that it’s “selfish” to want to be a parent and have children, you start to see that maybe someone doesn’t want to see the Western countries to be able to replenish themselves. And just for anyone that hasn’t been paying attention for the last decade or so, but at least one of the entities that is probably driving this trend is pretty obvious ; our old enemy we are constantly told is a friend, “Chyna”.

The name “Chyna” is used on social media a lot because of the thought police patrol bots giving consequences for using the real country name. But when we name the real enemy, we should use it’s real name: the Chinese Communist Party, or the CCP. The CCP is a small part of China, but like a tapeworm in a starving man, it eats most of the whole county’s lunch. Because they are the driving monetary force behind what is REALLY controlling our country (“Let’s Go Brandon!”), I have to conclude that they have been a big part of promoting LGBTX, as well as pushing porn to children in our schools in an effort to make more new non-heterosexuals at earlier and earlier ages. And the more that happens, the more that the Western countries are a weaker and weaker threat to China’s VERY REAL plan to literally take over the whole planet. So that’s why I say that the is a LOT bigger than what consenting - and many times non-consenting based on newly proposed legislation - adults/non-adults do in their bedrooms.

Besides that, we can no longer allow anyone do illegal acts and be protected by their ethnicity. What we need to do to change this is very simply start by just not allowing it verbally. Speak up and call it what it is and take away the power of the propaganda labels by our lack of fear of being given the brand of “racist”, “hater” “conspiracy theorist”, or “anti-vaxer”…which brings me to the other elephant in the room that we simply HAVE to start talking about:

CoVid / Vaccination hypocrisy is rampant and all around us, and if we just shut up and take it, it will only get worse. Recently, I played some concerts at a venue that I found out after I took the gig had a “no entry without proof of vaccination” type sign in the window. Because I didn’t want the gig to get canceled on my account, I told the leader that I wasn’t vaccinated and was not going to be. After going around and around on solutions which included possibly replacing me with a non-local musician after it was admitted that there was no one locally with the skill sets required to perform the music, it was finally agreed on with the venue that I would be able to play if I got tested. I agreed to the simple “q-tip not stuck up to your brain” test and had to drive 20 miles to get it when I found out that they have to be booked days in advance and I was out of time.

The end result: I was literally not only the only person in the band required to show any proof if ANYTHING to the venue, but I was told that no one was asked to show any certificates when they came in to see the shows. While I am aware that very likely that the venue, and maybe industries like airlines including Southwest etc, could be in stuck the middle with pressure from the government etc; that still doesn’t change the fact that in this case there wasn’t even an attempt at appearances of having any kind of actual honest conviction in the application of their mandate.

We have to just start saying NO when they tell us what we have to do to “be safe” for both them and ourselves; and this has to be done on a person by person basic - but forget about waking anyone up on Facebook, that has already shown itself to be enemy territory and it’s not worth it to get kicked off of it since it’s too controlled already.

Talk to your family and friends and at least tell them why you believe what you do and let them just deal with the cognitive dissonance. Let God deal with the watering after you’ve planted the seeds - yes, you might be unpopular for a while, but we have a long way back from the planetary prison camp that we’ve been living on, and unless God shows up with a “Red Sea Rescue Event” (RSRE) - which I have to say that I am expecting with all the “10 days of darkness” prophecies lately - then we are going to have to try to do this ourselves little by little. Personally, I think it’s too big of a job to do that little bit little so I am very much expecting God to do something big that will probably include DJT at it’s heart (so maybe I should have said YUGE rather than big), but no matter what; we are doing everyone a favor by preparing them mentally for whatever is coming by talking to them honestly NOW.

So I will end as always:

WWG1….Oh, you KNOW the THING! I say “Let’s go” - you say “BRANDON” - if you don’t get it, look it up, it’s the secret handshake and rallying cry of this period in the war we are in. I wear my Let's Go Brandon" / FJB t-shirt everywhere, and people always laugh, say the phrase or give me thumbs us and even stop and talk to me about the whole thing - try it yourself, you'll see, they are ALL OVER Amazon: Her's a link:

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

October 17, 2021

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