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Facebook Bans : Badge of Honor or just Sloppy Soldiering?

So I am just now coming off a 6 day Facebook ban, which was supposed to just be 3 days, but I think they doubled it either because I just had a 3 day ban, or because I tried to be sneaky and create another account to use and their tech figured it out and an automatic penalty was imposed.

Here’s what I want to say about getting banned on social media etc: I see my relationship to Facebook etc. as that of a resistance fighter working clandestinely behind the lines in enemy territory - so I am the suave French Resistance fighter in a black beret, turtleneck and leather jacket, and “Marky the Z” is the Gestapo colonel with the long scar on his face and his victims screaming in cells down the hall yelling at me to “sign ze papers!”

Ban #1, 3 days:

Just so you’ll have a sense of what I did to have that happen, the first time it was because I dared to post a link to the trailer for the upcoming Dinesh D’Sousa film “2000 Mules”. I have heard that Facebook’s huge “donation” to the Biden/Harris campaign is discussed in this and another film on the subject of ELECTION THEFT. I didn’t know it was deemed verboten, but I still got an automatic 3 day time out.

If you haven’t seen the “2000 Mules”trailer, you have to- it seems that Trump even played it at a rally - I have a ticket for the May 2nd performance and I’m predicting that this will be a GAME CHANGER along with the May Durham trials coming up. And to support that statement, let me say that all I did was put “2000” in DuckDuckGo and “2000 Mules Trailer” was the first thing that came up. This will be the thing that even all your relatives that refuse to look at anything that you send them because it will be EVERYWHERE and even their “less and less liberal as the year unfolds” friends will be talking to them about it, so no matter what, everyone is going to know about the election steal.

Ban #2, 6 days:

The next 6 day ban was as a result of me describing a possible fitting punishment for someone I now will call “Gil Bates” (AKA: the rich computer guy who thinks he’s an authority on vaccines) that would be enough to scare those who might aspire to also become a world super-criminal, so as to avoid tripping the algorithm alerts in the future. It was pretty graphic and I shouldn’t have said it (it invoked the “inciting to violence” trip wire), and as I’ve said before, I don’t get any pleasure out of seeing even the people who are traitors to the whole human race getting pain inflicted upon them, but fear seems to be the only thing that keeps some people from trying their hand at enslaving the world.

So the first one was something that I didn’t know would be “a problem”, but the next one was a sort of “crime of passion” that I should have realized would have an immediate penalty. But never mind the reasons here, I’m just going to tell you what will and will not work should this happen to you and you want to get back into the battle sooner rather than later:

What Does and Doesn’t Work:

Don’t bother trying to create another Facebook account on another email address from your personal computer or smart phone. The FAANG companies (Facebook/Amazon/Apple/Netflix/Google - for more see my blog from last week) devices all talk to each other for a reason, and it’s not JUST to advertise to you on things you just said you wanted on one of them.

If you do this from your computer it doesn’t matter what email address you used, Herr Zuckerbutt can look into it’s depths to see your other accounts and email addresses. I tried doing a account for Ben Ghazi on that email address and it let me make the profile but it had the exact same restrictions that my primary account.

If you want to do this, go to the library etc and use the computer there, but use an email address that has never been on your personal computer. I have a business account with Verizon that gives me additional phone numbers that I could redirect to ring to my iPhone to use to do the confirmation codes required to activate a new Facebook account, but that would mean either getting a separate phone or running to some public computer to go onto Facebook. Maybe that’s worth it for a 30+ day ban, but certainly not 6 days.

What Good Is Social Media Anyway?

But let’s keep things in perspective in terms of the actual value of social media in the first place. I am NOT one of those people that likes to argue for the sake of arguing, or worse still, needing to be right all the time…at least not ALL the time ;-) I created my private secret group for studying world events after Ohblowme appeared to have been re-elected because from the taunting and gloating of my liberal “friends” that I had tried to educate for years, it was clear that that method of re-education was not going to work.

So in keeping with the “French Resistance” analogy here, in my mind getting banned from social media might make you look like a hero to some, but when it can be avoided to me it is sloppy soldiering, and so I stand guilty of that in the second banning.

Besides the value of information exchange - and believe me, when it’s used right, social media has a TON of value for that, especially when you have cultivated a really smart group of researchers from around the world like I have in my secret group - there is the huge emotional value of battling the isolation that comes from possibly being the only red pilled person in your family, work place, or wherever else you would normally go to for interaction with other humans.

Yes, social media can have the danger of addiction, but it is still a preferred alternative to isolation. And in the modern world of the veiled totalitarian grip of the mainstream media passing out “truth substitute” to the masses on virtually any subject, like minded people to connect with are a vitally important provision to secure for us to survive the Cabal siege that we are living through, whether we see it or not.

So for that reason, I will talk in code and not get banned again if I can help it. I will do that by using terms like “unalived” to substitute for “die” or “killed”, CoVax as a combined subject of CoVid19 and the vaccines, and anything else that I know is the current “hot potato” subject - which I am going to predict will very much be the 2020 stolen election and the January 6 fake “Insurrection”, which will be the subject of their own UBG blog soon.

So to use the famous WWI saying: “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”. Much of the remainder of 2022 will be dark and violent, but I very much believe in the prophesied time of prosperity and death of the Cabal that will be to follow that. See below for the “bio” description of myself that I added on the UBG Facebook profile that won’t go live until the end of my ban - I like that and am going to keep it ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi - Sultan of Snark & Trader in Truth.

Flyover Country

April 25, 2022

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