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Future Uncle Ben Sends A Message To Uncle Ben ’22 About What Happened After “We Won”

OK - I don’t know how he did it - or as I should probably say, I did it - but believe it or not, I actually just got an email from my future self today, and it’s a “Doosy”, to use a term from the “way back machine”.

Maybe it was a tear in time like in “Stranger Things”, or that book “The Montauk Project: Experiment in Time” I just got that the series is based on, but however he/I did it; I really did get an email from the future, and it tells a lot of the story of what happened after the Alliance beat the Cabal worldwide.

But UBee (that’s what I came to call him to separate the two of us in my mind, and he just calls me ’22 here) did say though, that some things like the exact ways that the battles were won still have to be kept secret so as to not tip off the present day enemy. Which makes total sense, because we all saw what happens when you have a Commander In Chief that broadcasts his future moves to his (so called) enemies, right?

UBee’s stories are not about HOW things came to have happened, but WHAT happened as soon as the battles were won and they started the process of righting all the myriad wrongs inflicted on us all by what were the worst human monsters that ever walked the planet - and yes, I said WERE.…he’ll get into “THAT” as well.

I think that UBee knew that people in 2022 are emotionally exhausted now by the relentless desperate attacks that happened just before the victory, so he found a way to try to get us this info - who knows, maybe email in the future has the ability to also decide the delivery date forward or backward in time? OK, enough from me in ‘22 - take it away UBee in the future:


UBEE: First of all, I want to reiterate that the win that the Alliance of Worldwide White Hat Forces (AWWHF) experienced was not like the piddly “wins” that all of you people in ’22 were told that you had to be happy with that was dripped out with an eye dropper on Fox News etc.

No, those wins were like old dried chicken bones compared to the 20lb Six Inch Thick Steak Smothered in Sautéed Onions and Mushrooms Win that actually happened: I can’t tell you how it actually went down to make sure that nothing gets back to the Cabal that is still at large in ’22, but trust me that it was more than you can even conceive of at the point in time that you are in now.

You were told that the battle fronts numbered a thousand - it was actually closer to the tens of thousands. I remember ’22, that you did a blog way back talking about the end of the movie “The Time Machine”, where after blowing up one of the Morlock underground bases, all of them started exploding and collapsing - that image at least approaches what it was actually like, but it was ALL OVER THE EARTH.

Getting A “Brain Flush” by “Fact Reconstruction”:

You were right when you said that one of the first jobs was going to have to be the rehabilitation of all the people who were so filled with the MKUltra Koolaid that came from the schools and the media that it inundated every pore of their beings. And like you pointed out, none of them asked for what was done to them, and so the best thing to do was to do a worldwide sort of “Brain Flush” as became the popular slang term for the “Fact Reconstruction” programs that were enacted everywhere.

Like a truly benevolent version of the Communist highjacked term “Re-Education”; teams of the best, brightest, and wittiest communicators were put together to travel around to teach REAL HISTORY to replace the propaganda that had been force-fed to so many.

Everyone from people like Uber-logic debaters Candice Owens and Charlie Kirk to snaky comedians like Ricky Gervais were recruited to make the whole process as entertaining and enlightening as possible. So suffice it to say that this program has been widely successful and is still ongoing - it’s a pretty big job, but it will be done.

The “Truth Purification Program”:

And because we will never again let any single entity control the definition of what “Truth” actually is, the “Truth Purification Program” (TPP) was created with a multi-level “fact filtering system”, with the utmost care given to selecting true versions of the fake Facebook term “fact checkers”, people who double and triple checked each other on everything before it was approved for the public.

The program was headed by the person known in 2022 as Mel K, since she was found to have already possessed the largest cache of “purified truth” on earth; who has since become one of the most beloved celebrities of the post-Cabal world.

Healing The “Cabal Casualties”:

But one of the really amazing things you should know about is how it was decided to deal with all the physical destruction of peoples bodies from the Cabals insane Globalist schemes. From veterans who lost limbs in their fake money-factory wars, to the chronically vaccine damaged to the duped “transgenders” who had their sexual organs hideously changed out like a perverted version of Mr. Potato Head; we had hundreds of thousands of who had quickly become to be called “Cabal Casualties”.

But what could be done to help them? Enter a largely unknown but only whispered supposed conspiracy theory tale called “MedBeds”. These were rumored to be some kind of miracle “elite / rich man only” medical technology bed that a person could lie down on and its operator could use to do healing and reconstruction on a persons body. It’s pretty much straight out of the “Spock’s Brain” episode of Star Trek after Dr. McCoy used “the teacher” machine to reattach it. Well - it wasn’t a rumor, they exist, and they were no longer designated to the Cabal, now they were going to be used to heal it’s victims.

So ’22: Remember when you posted that video with the psychologists that showed that they’d found the exact window in a persons sexual development where they would become gay or straight? The one that you can’t find anymore because it’s been taken down or buried so deep in the search you’d never get to it? Well, these peoples research was REAL and they absolutely can restore a persons natural born sexuality, and that’s exactly the treatment that was offered to all the Transgender at this time. (Although the video he is referencing here cannot be located for now, at the bottom of this blog there are three videos that will at least attest to the validity of what we are talking about at. - UBG '22)

You might expect not, but after all the voices being paid to confuse them had finally been silenced; they really didn’t need to be talked into at least trying it after all the misery that attempting to be what they were not created to be. The MedBeds restored all these people to being physically what they were from birth, with a true chance to begin again.

Not only were veterans going from quadriplegics to running marathons, but all new vaccine cancers etc were gone, and the surviving children that had been rescued from the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) were both mentally as well as physically healed from the unspeakable experiments and other tortures.

Punishments That Fit The Crimes:

(Note: some of this is the very embodiment of “disturbing”, so if you don’t want to know, skip down to the section called The Amazing New Post Cabal World)

It was decided that above all, we had to make sure that no one would ever decide on a career as a Cabal-style super-criminal again. As inhumane it might have seemed to some, any romanticizing of the wealth etc that these people at one time possessed needed to be neutralized by the fear created when everyone saw what happened to them after their defeat.

It was considered the most merciful ends were given to the lowest level conspirators: the hundreds of thousands worldwide all singing the “but I didn’t know, I was just following orders” song that was so popular with the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials. These people were quickly processed through to firing squads and hangings that were shown daily, and many would watch the video guides for when their most hated politicians etc would have their turn, which was always preceded by playing their pre-recorded confession videos.

But for the people on top that planned the whole thing, a bullet doesn’t really make up for the misery of millions. I’m not going to get too detailed here, but I am going to tell you a few that will make you confident that nobody “got away with anything” in the long run.

Probably the story that most people want to know about is the Clintons.

What happened to them is that they were put into an isolation cell with no contact with any other human being other than themselves. They were chained to opposite sides of the cell where they didn’t quite have enough length to physically attack the other, and all they had other than bread and water was the sound of the other’s voice accusing them of being the one who’s fault it was that they got caught.

In some ways this punishment was the worst for Bill: Hillary was always known for her powerfully aromatic lack of hygiene, but in this situation it got so bad that many times he would be sobbing and choking just from her smell - and then of course, there was her never ceasing voice as well.

This punishment seemed to be an especially great deterrent for men, but women had all wondered how they ever thought Bill was sexy and literally ALL families worldwide with the name of Clinton changed them, effectively ending the Clinton lineage forever.

I almost forgot - a very similar solution was arrived at for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who had his definition of “six ways from Sunday of getting back atcha” a bit altered….which brings me to:

The Obamanations:

Obviously everyone wants to know about them….before I go any further, I want to reiterate what ’22 has said so many times in the past: that the only constructive purpose of any punishment is to try to correct the behavior of who is being punished OR deter others from doing what they have done. Anything that goes into the realm of enjoying revenge or watching torture is the kind of thing that demons do, and they have already had enough entertainment of this type since they arrived on Earth.

That being said, I still have decided to leave this story out, because it’s almost too bad for language, and I don’t think people would believe me if I COULD express it…yes, it’s far worse than:

Joe and Jill Biden had a modification of the old Roman death sentence for murderers. They were chained together and just walked around with already fallen completely into dementia Joe telling the air how he was president. When he finally died, his body was tied to Jill’s back, with the rot coming from it eventually transferring to her, killing her just as the Roman murderers died.

“Turnabout is fair play” for the rest:

As to the huge mass of politicians that had stolen so much from so many, a classic version of “turnabout is fair play” was used: In every country, they were just put in open air concentration camps in hundreds or thousands with a small amount of food and water thrown into the middle of them. As they all fought each other for the scanty provisions, some starved and some were killed until finally no one was left.

On the merciful side, many of these newly imprisoned saw the justice of what was happening to them and prayed to Jesus for repentance for their sins, choosing to leave any food that they might take for others to extend their lives so they could evangelize to them for as long as they could. This was a huge witness to the whole earth and convicted many of their own sins, and contributed greatly to the billion soul harvest of new Christians that started early into this period.

If you want a perspective to remember back on all of these peoples crimes that already existed in 2022 You should see the videos we have NOW, but I can’t reveal those for the reasons stated before, go HERE:

OK, now on to the nicer news ;-)

“The Amazing New Post Cabal World”:

“Everyone gets a pony” is the snarky phrase we’ve both always used for expecting things to turn out “just a little TOO perfectly” - well, that’s still way too weak for what I’m about to describe to you:

The New Money: Many of us have heard about an economic reset, both from the black hat plan and the white hat version. Well, the white version that really happened was better than anyone even hoped.

All the planned inflation over the decades was reset to the money values at around the start of America, but we all retained the exact figures of what we actually had in 2022. To try to illustrate this in a way that you can comprehend, I will use a 2022 tool, a currency convertor by year - even though it only goes back to 1913:

If you do a 1913 conversion on $1,000 into 2022 dollars, they would have the current buying power of $29,202.93 due to a “cumulative rate of inflation” (and let this sink in) of 2820.3% - that’s right, the power elite bankers inflated our money to close to 3,000% to increase THEIR wealth and steal yours, and that money is going to be returned to you in the Post-Cabal world.

Let’s say that you have a 2022 retirement account of $100,000 - in 1913 dollars, that would be just a little shy of $3M ($2,920,292.93 to be exact) in current buying power!

But keep this in mind: the currency value is going to be reset to FAR BEFORE 1913 values, so whatever economic worries you currently have will get flushed down the “toilet of time” by the new economy very soon to come.

The New Energy: And remember that video with the "pink haired prophet lady" Kat Kerr talking about God telling her about an up until now unheard of energy source that He said would be “captured from space” and would be a universally implemented ultra-cheap fuel after the Cabal was taken out? Yup, it’s all real.

Remember when you first started driving and gas was less than a quarter a gallon, and you went out with your friends on the weekend and everyone just gave you some of their spare pocket change for the gas you used in the evening?

That will be expensive compared to what is coming, which will power everything from your car (yes, we still have personal vehicles in the future, that whole fake green thing decomposed) to your home, to your heat, to whatever you want to eat - sorry, you know my fondness of rhyming to drive home a point :-)

So check it out, you inhabitants of 2022: the space energy talking points start at about 9 minutes in, but details hit specifically at about 9:50. The whole video is full of things you’ll love:

This might seem far fetched to you in 2022, but if you see HERE, the US government is already thinking in these directions - remember the left laughing at Trump when he created “Space Force”? It will turn out to be one of the biggest things that he has come to be remembered for:

Lastly, regarding your current Jan6 events:

While as I said that I can’t reveal any of the actual methods that the Cabal are defeated, I’ll leave you with this video from June of ’22 that you might have missed - and not just ANY day in June, but June 6th, the 78th Anniversary of D-Day.

In this Hannity Interview, Kash Patel and Chris Miller - who, if you’ve been following the Patel Patriot “Devolution” series, you will remember were amongst the small “continuity of government” team under Donald Trump - say a lot of things like about “a foreign threat” and more here that I’m not going into in detail, you need to just listen. But of particular note is how Chris both smiles knowingly when his job status is described as “former”, and he pretty much "sorta definitely" implies that some people are “Nazis” without actually saying it ;—)

So that’s all I’m going to say other than the phrase that both UBG’22 and me in the future: “this isn’t nothing”…so I will leave you with this:

Deuteronomy 31:6:

“Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”

OK, this is Future Uncle Ben Ghazi signing off...


So that’s what I got from UBee sometime in the I think near future. He didn’t say when, but all this in itself is encouragement enough for me for now anyway - thanks to “Future Me” from ’22 ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi / Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

June 13, 2022


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