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Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty & Nice- An Orangeman Christmas

Many who read my stuff know that I vowed last year to leave my Christmas (artificial of course) tree up until Trump is visibly the President. Yes, t’s still up, but I finally had to take down some of the lights that burnt out which will be replaced today, and then I will add my new “Let’s Go Brandon / FJB” gold Christmas ornament when it arrives next week - see link #1 below if you want to get one.

Through this whole Cabal-run undeclared war on the world that has lead to the period we could call the “Disappearing Donald Debacle”, I have bought Christmas ornaments to document this time. I have amongst other things a Q/WWG1WGA ornament, as well as a locally made wood-burned hanging ornament that was supposed to be Epstein saying “This ornament didn’t hang itself”, but actually says “This ornament didn’t hang” which is for me a happy typo, since I agree with MelK that he’s still alive.

Speaking of that, there’s a brand new video you should watch on the Maxwell (&Epstein) trial from Amazing Polly that’s fantastic which re-posts her research from 2019 on the other Maxwell sisters and their ultra-traitorous actions. By the quote motions she makes with her fingers talking about his “death”, she obviously agrees but says that we shouldn’t expect to see him show up at a trial etc - we shall see, but I put this below as link #2 for people below.

But the purpose of this blog is to let people know all the current “stocking stuffer reasons” why I believe our favorite Orangeman DJT is going to make good on his months old promise of the country having a “Very Good Christmas” and why he's been saying that we will be “very happy”.

Here are just some of the many reasons I’ve been observing that is evidence for that you might now be aware of - or just need reminders of, in no special order:

  • The Resignations: Almost daily we are seeing major “I want to spend more time with my family” resignations from the high powered people in society. For details see my last week's blog, but there seem to be new ones almost daily. I have a researcher friend who told me yesterday that she checked and there have been more high level resignations in this month of December than all of the last two years. There is one current resignation that I think will show itself to be a very GOOD thing: Rep, Devin Nunes is leaving to become the CEO of the new Trump social media company. That Trump would position someone of that quality in this role say to me that he thinks that Nunes will be way more effective in social media than government, which is very exciting in imagining what they have planned for this company - keeping ti flow of truthful information is key to the coming Cabal free world. If you want to keep up on the resignations, just do a search using the term “CEO resignation” and you might be surprised. Also, you might want to watch - the site where the anons have listed them all since 12/26/17 (thanks to my editor Ellen for this and other things in this blog.)

  • The Trial That Could Convict Thousands: I’m not going to re-hash all the things that I said last week on this subject, but to summarize, this all will lead way below the iceberg tip of underage sex trafficking down to the depths of Hell with Satanic torture and sacrifice of children with the harvesting of their Adrenachrome and lots more. The types and amount of people that would go down if the muzzling that has been placed by the judge on what topics they can cover would probably leave many countries without their rulers and drain both Hollywood and DC of their pedophiles. Just to show that I am not exaggerating, here’s info linking the Maxwell clan etc to CERN - the “science” organization whose logo is a disguise of the numbers 666 who are currently creating antimatter etc that seems to e opening doorways to the spiritual realm for the purposes of allowing some very evil entities access into our world - see link #3 below, if you want to follow a live blogger named Adam Klasfeld on site at the trial, go to link #4:

  • The Return of the OrangeMan: There’s lots of progress on the Election Theft that you may not have heard about. In link #5 below, Former Wisconsin Justice Michael Gableman accuses my very close personal friend to hate “Sir Mark Zuckerbutt” of using both Facebook money and control of information on Facebook to defeat DJT , and in effect stage a coup for Slow ByeDone. This is of course treason when it’s proven, and as a result, I believe that Facebook will become the government regulated utility that Trump hinted back about a year ago, besides getting to find out how Zuckbutt looks in orange - man, that’s bad ;-)

  • The Coming Era of the “Cabal Lawsuit Millionaires”: Along those lines, link #6 shows us that Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is suing House select committee investigating January 6 and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the staged “insurrection” Nancy & the Demonrats (sounds like a cartoon band name, huh?) did that still have innocent Americans stuck in horrendous prison conditions under Obama’s hideous law that allows citizens to be held without charges under certain purposely left vague conditions. All this stuff adds up to in my mind, the return of DJT.

To go into detail on what I’m thinking will happen with “the Cabal Lawsuit Millionaires”: There are many people who the results of this CoVax/Cabal era are going to end up ultimately benefiting. When the litigation begins that will bankrupt and end both Big Pharma as an industry as well as their Deep State government accomplices which will include but not be limited to the Demise of the Democratic Party. Besides the Jan6 prisoners getting at the minimum a million dollars for every month - or better still, week - of their incarcerations, every single school child from at least K-12 should get a million, and any family that lost a child from anything CoVax related - which includes suicide - should get at least $10M.

Where does the money come from? Well, besides the parties that I have already mentioned that literally have possibly trillions, Trump has executive orders in place that allow the United States to seize the assets or any foreign entity that has been proven to have taken actions to manipulate our elections, and there is a mile-high pile of evident on that agains the CCP / China. I think that it’s very possible that Trump is just waiting for the countries like India that he has already worked with to start taking over to replace China as the manufacturer all all the things that we get from China to have replaced enough to the point that we wouldn’t be cutting off our noses to spite our faces in seizing all of their assets here.

So if I am right, besides getting our real President back, we get to open the coming gifts of the transfer of assets from the drug companies and other black ops entities back to the people they harmed to get them in the first place, that would be an amazing Christmas. If you add to that the end of the CCP as the biggest villain country on the the world stage, you will see the greatest Christmas gift to the world since Jesus Christ, who is the original “greatest gift of all”.

So it’s all coming right up, folks, so get yourself an ornament or t-shirt of something else to remember this time to tell your children and grandchildren about. And speaking of gifts and t-shirts, I met a new “red pilled friend” for lunch yesterday and I was wearing the “Let’s Go Brandon / FJB” t-shirt that I got 6-8 weeks ago on Amazon see link #7 below. Besides him positioning me so that I was sitting in line of sight with a flaming liberal he knew in the restaurant, here’s what happened after I left the lunch: I had to go to get a money order to pay for serving a summons on a small claims thing on someone that didn’t pay me for a gig (yet another gift from 2021 to me), when I walked to the car someone asked me where I got the shirt, and then when I went into the courthouse the three police officers stationed at the metal detectors etc started laughing their butts off yelling “you’re welcome here any time sir!” I talked to them for a second and then as I was at the clerk of courts window, there were numerous people that came up to and made up a reason why they were there, but finally the clerk said “they just want to see your t-shirt” and gave me a big smile.

So that’s my little parting gift here to you all “err I drove out of sight” - think about these stories and how every time I go out wearing this in the gym or grocery stores people laugh and take its picture - they say that ByeDone has a 44-35% approval rating? Try 20% TOPS - because no one has EVER said anything angry to me when I wear this.

So happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night from:

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

Dec. 9, 2021


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