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Happy UnCrappy New Year - Why 2022 Will Stop Sucking

I think every life has overall “bad years” in them, but I would guess that I am not unique in saying that 2021 was the crappiest year of my entire life. Yes, getting divorced was bad and a few other events over the span of my lifetime sucked as well, but those things were not nearly as all encompassing as how consistently 2021 SUCKED, like ALL THE TIME.

In music, there are joke memes of guitar effect pedals with a knob that controls the level of “Suck”, with the implication that if that gets turned up, the music will get REALLY BAD. So if 2021 was that pedal, the SUCK knob had been turned up to “11” the whole time, as popularized by the the Spinal Tap guitarist character “Nigel Tufnel” quote - if you've never seen it, see link # 1.


1) Why “Ghislaine is Guilty” is just starting: I know that lots of people have been underwhelmed at the fruit so far from the Maxwell trial, and on the surface it might seem that once again, it will all come to nothing, but I disagree. Besides the fact that once God starts a great work, He doesn’t allow it to not come to fruition; there’s evidence everywhere that the huge Cabal network of Satanist pedophiles that were really who should have been on trial - and I believe STILL WILL BE - are being relentlessly taken out everywhere if you know where to look.

The one big one that’s out in the open to see is all the people at CNN that are leaving there for openly being accused of pedophilia. See Link #2 if you're unaware, but there are a number of these people that are getting caught.

If you don’t know the person calling themselves “Richard Citizen Journalist”, he is a guy who lives in the Washington DC area and has gone around that area showing us how activity and people have been drained from there since ByeDone supposedly took power. I just saw brand new video he shot on Dec 30 2021 where he shows the long rumored tunnel system under Washington DC being literally dug up and destroyed - you see all kinds of old stone tunnel entrances arranged in a circle where the network of tunnels they led to were all crushed rock now, with an excavation that looks to be 50-100 feet down into the ground - and across the street there are lots of what look to be manhole covered access points that I would assume lead to the same tunnels and maybe more.

(UPDATE: My editor/researcher EKO has just found me the original video that I have available as a download to any that would like it - just send me a message titled "DC Tunnels" or whatever to )

These has to be the trafficking highway network for the DC pedophiles that we’ve heard so much about, and there’s no way this could be happening and Trump not be in charge. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to find a direct link to the original video from him, but I have posted a Facebook link below as Link# 3.

I’m not going to go any further without including part two of an interview with MelK with Sean of the SGT Report, see Link # 4 below. I know I reference her all the time, but these may be the two best and ongoing researchers on the subject of pedophilia (BTW: try misspelling that word and see that spell check says “no suggestions found”, and guess why that might be), and overall this video is the best assessment of where we are and will probably be going in the undeclared war agains the Cabal.

Speaking of that, there is a video within THAT video of an eyewitness to the underground torture rooms in Comet Pizza being interviewed - remember that supposed “nothing-burger” that fake conservative “journalist” Megan Kelly sold us all out on in her interview with Comet Pizza owner James Alifantis? Megan exposed herself as nothing other than the type of opportunist for hire that “Vapor President Harris” on this one, and immediately after that, all of your Normie friends told you that “Pizzagate is nothing but another Right Wing conspiracy theory”, right? Wrong! This guy being interviewed is going on record as to having seen the rooms and knowing the story on how Alifantis went from employee to owner, as well as knowing someone who actually walked in on him anally raping an 11 year old boy (who has since committed suicide) in a kitchen, so if you want to go straight to that video, see link # 5.

And I just found this one - see link # 6 below - a judge is unsealing some Epstein papers BEFORE Prince Andrew’s directly EpsteinGate related trial, so THAT "isn't nothing" - and now THIS from the woman that is accusing Andrew from the Epstein days - see link # 7 - how do you like THAT for proof that these people are LOSING big time? All of these things add up to the dam on exposing pedophilia is not only cracking, but falling apart in BIG CHUNKS.

2) The Building Battle Against Brandon:

We all know about the story of “Let’s Go Brandon”, but did you know that there’s actually a “Let’s Go Brandon” STORE now- and actually, more than ONE? Apparently business is BOOMING even more than the Biden crime family business in the Ukraine did, see link # 8 to get yourself some post Christmas small business support gifts - you’ve been good, right? Listen to what they say about it in link # 9. “Owner Keith Lambert told FOX Business he plans to expand his business into Salisbury and Cape Cod MA, increasing his locations from eight to 10 to keep up with the demand during the Biden presidency.”

I guess that some people made and sold anti-Trump and Obama merchandise in the past, but have you ever heard of anyone devoting a CHAIN of stores to nothing other than hatred of a supposed President? So my point is here that this PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt that huge amounts of the population can’t stand Slow Joe and company, and history has shown us what happens to leaders whose approval number are down in the sub-basement for very long.

And have you seen that live streaming video with Joe and Jill ByeDone where the caller says “Let’s Go Brandon” at the end and the supposed First Couple doesn’t even react at all? No one is that good of an actor - I think that whoever and whatever is running the puppet show staring these two doesn’t allow them access to media whatsoever. Check it out below in Link# 10 and you’ll see what I mean.

The father caller, Jared Schmeck, said that he’s gotten a bit of negative blow back from the act, but largely he’s gotten a lot of support from people for having the courage to get this said into public record, see link # 11 below: Schmeck said that he does not feel like a hero for saying "Let's go Brandon" to Biden: "I do believe that we have to stand up, and given that opportunity, I ran with it.”

So my conclusion is that the ByeDone days are just about DONE. We all know about his recent curse pronouncement that the unvaccinated will have a "dark winter" where many of them will die. Well, my Sunday Zoom group all prayed that curse would bounce back to those that created it and I'm sure we weren't the only ones doing that - so if you see anything bad happen to certain people - I'm just SAYIN'...

3) The CoVax Cabal Catastrophe Is Closing Soon:

Why do I say that where you can see all kinds of media everywhere telling you otherwise? Well, take a look at this recent presser with a woman lawyer who is representing a group of pilots (I’ve seen her many times but I’m forgetting her name) where she artfully uses precise language to accuse the airlines of knowing that CoVax causes possible side effects including death, thus endangering the lives of everyone, see link # 12. It’s called “lawfare”: Whenever you see a lawyer going for a corporate wallet, expect results very soon.

And then there’s the MAGA elephant in the room - and of course I’m talking about Donald Trump talking to Bill O’Reilly and others about how good the vaccines are and how he has had them etc. I’ll let PrayingMedic who knows a heck of a lot more than I do on subjects like Trump, Q and a lot more go into what he thinks is going on with this so I’m not going to rehash what he already says so well, but you owe it to yourself to get educated on this subject, go to link # 13 below.

But here’s something of my own that I can contribute to what PrayingMedic said: Lately we are really seeing DJT on the move with all his new media and technology companies etc. (see my past blog on that), and what looks to be a big push at re-branding himself with marketing directed at the Normies, which is what PM is saying in his video interview as well: what Trump is saying on CoVax isn’t for us, he knows that we have already made up our minds on the subject and doesn’t need to worry about us.

Of course my family has used the Trump interview to try to prove to me that I need to get the shot, to which I said that no, I wasn’t going to do it, and I would gladly explain why to anyone that wanted to know, which was promptly followed by the standard “Cricket Symphony” that I always get when I try to call their bluff. There are some people that just don’t want to know and won’t until the truth bomb finally goes off, but I can see that Trump is really trying to prepare people that have retained some ability to think for themselves for what he has coming soon for everyone.

Here’s a final thought on what might be coming from Trump - he promised us a Christmas that we’d be very happy about, and while it might not have seemed to have happened as of yet, consider this: I’ve been told that on the old “Julian calendar” the world used to follow, Christmas 2021 would fall on January 7, 2022 - see link # 14 below. Wait a minute - doesn’t Trump have a live broadcast set for January 6th? And isn’t congress voting on the mandates on January 7th? Hmmmm…as my mom used to say, “Don’t ask questions at Christmas, you’ll just have to watch and wait.”

One Last Thing:

Just as a favor to me, please try to never use the phrase “Be Safe” ever again in your lives. Not only is it the most over used phrase of 2021, but it’s as meaningless as the constant social media posts saying that they are “sending positive thoughts” to someone that is hurting. It sounds good and makes people feel like they are doing something that will keep them safe from the “Boogyman of Chance and Circumstance”, but in reality; Prayer is the only effective way to effect the flow of good things in our lives.

So let’s try to live our lives in such a way as to be a lot more cognizant of that in the new “UnCrappy” New Year - and yes, I’m talking to me as much as anyone else with that statement :-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

Jan 1, 2022

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