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High on HOPEium or Strung Out on DESPAIR-oin?

The human host that me, the entity known on Earth as Uncle Ben Ghazi - has just hit another of the solar periods known to you as birthdays on this 24 hour time period. He says he’s not fond of these “birthday things” at this point in his deployment on this plane of existence, but did say a couple of times today that he prefers to be as he puts it “on top of the grass than under it”, so regardless of his complaints to the contrary, he seems to be overall OK with it.

But I - UBG, as I am referred to on my home world - am going to take the opportunity to talk to you directly rather than through my “host creature” with some observations I have made on the people of this world. I will be much briefer than the human usually is, who seems to always have the ulterior motive of showing his ability to manipulate language for his own sarcastic (what he calls) “sense of humor”, rather than simply communicating ideas:

Even though the cost to each of you is the same initially for either option, many of you seem to feel almost obligated to take a pessimistic view of a possible outcome of events, rather than the optimistic one. From what I can see, it might be due to a fear of being seen as a weak minded person by being deceived into hope - what I believe in what was known as your American Gangster period of the 1930-40s as a “chump”, or a gullible person used somehow by another.

It seems that people that choose to remain skeptical of a hopeful outcome think that it’s somehow best to wait to sign on to showing any allegiance to the hope of a preferred outcome than to endorse it early on, or to keep that optimistic belief after a large portion of what I believe you call your “friends and families” - or whatever other humans that you seem to believe have power over you by their opinions of your beliefs. I have to tell you that in all the Galaxy, this is a unique mindset that I have never seen on any other world that I have been assigned to; as it doesn’t seem to serve any benefit to any of you, and in fact seems to weigh you down in your spirits like what my human might refer to as “an emotional boat anchor”.

I understand that your world has been involved in an undeclared war for many years that have left many of you emotionally and even physically exhausted, but my point here is that it’s actually much less draining to remain hopeful, since hope by it’s nature is a renewing force in the universe.

Besides that, the human has shown me many confirmed and apparent hopeful developments, not the least of which being all the demonstrations massive amounts of humans are doing in countries all over your world, even though your media is lying about the crowd size by a reduction of as much as 100 to one. This kind of deception by it’s very nature shows that the end has to be in sight, because this is a sign of desperation in your enemy, and the next demonstrations will only grow until the media breaks and the truth all comes out - or as he calls it, when the Truth Bomb Explodes.

So the human is very impressed with himself for coming up with this slogan that he thinks is clever: “High On HOPEium or Strung Out on DESPAIR-oin?”, being a play on the names of two drugs which is supposed to show that one “high” is better and ultimately costs it’s user far less in the long run.

He also tells me of people he says are called “prophetic” who are all predicting things like big breakthroughs in February, someone called Knute Gingrich saying that arrests will begin right after your congress is won in what you call elections, and more; but I told him that I might not mention that as those as many would just look at that as one more opportunity to take another shot of “DESPAIR-oin”.

That’s it - there’s none of the link reference points that the human likes to include, so you can just choose your drug as you will - but I know that he will tell me to “make MINE “HOPEium” ;-)


(Or in your language) Uncle Ben Ghazi

(Currently serving in a human located in) Flyover Country

Jan 25, 2022

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