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How To Be Unpopular & Alienate People - n’other fun stuff…

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Some things are just the inevitable waste product of being alive for me, the not always that welcome result of having a mind that won’t stop “trying to figure things out”, stuck in some perpetual ScoobyDoo cartoon that has a lot more at stake than uncovering a bad guy masquerading as a ghost in a van that goes to jail after a half hour and some commercials.

If you keep everything you’ve figured out to yourself, you are isolated in that way; and if you spill your guts, all the people that haven’t been brought along step by step so they can see why you think what you do throw you in the “conspiracy theory crazy” circular file on the floor. What do I do? Pretty much a mixture of both, depending on the person and the situation.

Here’s some of the latest things that I see going on - you decide how it might apply talking about these things to your situations and people, and best of luck in your results. I think I have had three people leave my FaceBook group this week (two were in person friends) over my positions on world events. But as the old saying goes, “dig we must”, which I guess is the 50s/60s version of “ya gotta do what ya gotta do”…

Why not start with what as I have said was the “elephant in the room” that everyone is an expert on - hey, so why not Uncle Ben, right? That’s right, I am talking about the ever popular “WhatTheHeckIsGoingOnInTheUkraine?” phenomenon that has (and I don’t think that I am exaggerating at all by saying) grabbed the entire planet and shaken it to its core.

What the HECK IS going on with that, and why does everyone see anyone that doesn’t agree with them as the enemy? There seems to be three positions on this subject from what I’ve seen, and I will look at the three main ones with a brief on what seems to be the reasoning on each:

The Most Popular Position (the one almost no one will challenge you on if you adopt it and are looking to make and keep friends):

Russia has invaded the Ukraine for no reason other than Putin is an evil madman, everyone in Ukraine is a victim / underdog, and the president of the country is a hero to be admired.

THE REASON WHY I DON’T HOLD THIS POSITION is because there are so many things that don’t support it. Another is the old detective question: who stands to gain? Well, other than some purely emotional Bond Movie madman reason, Russia gains NOTHING, in fact, they LOSE BIG TIME.

I saw something a few days ago that the billionaires connected to Russia had so far lost $126B, and of course the Russian Ruble is WAY DOWN, all of which wrecks life for lots of Russians. So unless Putin is literally a maniac that wants to fly off in a spaceship for another Earth-like planet yelling “so long SUCKERS”, this position for me is highly suspect.

One of the other main reasons I don’t buy this position are the “news” stories from supposedly credible sources where the headlines include things that are not backed up by the elements of the story. The things that are supposed to be in the video aren’t there, it’s just some person giving their opinion on what is SUPPOSED to be there instead; and also there are outright faked pictures and video.

I will submit as exhibit A this reporter Kim Iverson from “The HiIl” actually admitting that both they and CNN and many others have been - knowingly or not - perpetuating fake video etc. My two personal favorites being 1) the Russian tank that ran over the Ukrainian in a car - which turned out to be a Ukrainian tank that was out of control, which is REALLY easy to mistake because the same arms manufacturers make tanks etc - tanks a lot for that, ouch - for both sides, the only way you can tell a Russian tank is a white “Z” painted on it’s side, and 2) the video of the fabled “Ghost of Kyiv” jet pilot that supposedly shot down 5-6 Russians; and a video of a Ukrainian solder saying goodbye to family before going to war - that are from existing movies and video games - OOPPPS! See link # 1 below:

And speaking of what I will call “the emotion driven position”:

How did the world suddenly become experts, and WHERE DID CoVid SUDDENLY GO??

I get why people believe this position, in the same way in that many people hold instant strong opinions on almost anything that they knew nothing about a couple days prior to hitting the public consciousness. I think that many pundits have remarked lately “where did CoVid go” with good reason - it has in a matter of a few days gone from being all anyone could talk about to COMPLETELY REPLACED by the Ukraine situation.

In an effort to see if I could subtly trick people into thinking for themselves, I posted this on my Facebook account:

“I am offering a $.75 on the dollar buy back of all your CoVid expert certificates; OR do a direct “one to one exchange” for the new Ukraine expert certificates. Just supply your receipts and no questions will be asked”.

I guess I aimed about 25 miles too high over people’s heads because only a few smiled and seemed to understand what I was referring to: that there WERE no “expert certificates” that they bought that instantly turned them into someone that has anything other than an emotional reaction to subjects that they have NEVER examined at all.

And in their defense, why should they examine it? All it does - based on my personal experience - is get the Greek Chorus of opinion makers identify you as a threat to be eliminated, which is often the case.

OK, I said that there were 3 positions, so I will describe #3 below (the one that I hold); but have to FIRST list #2 as well, which I will just call “I don’t know why nothing on Ukraine adds up but don’t care, but why is GAS SO MUCH??” This person lives a hand to mouth - or should I say "wallet"? - existence, and that has been a position time-honored throughout the whole existence of Humanity - so if that’s you, go your way, and we will just hopefully agree to co-exist.

SO (drum roll please) : My position on Ukraine (and more) is - at least hear me out here…

I know this is sort of what people who have read my stuff for a while will expect, but maybe with a bit more. Just to be really brief, I DO think I see the hand of some kind of plan to take out The Cabal / Globalists / CIA / Blackrock assets or whatever you want to call it / them.

If I'm right, then Russia is playing a part to take out the installations that they have in that country, be they bioweapon labs or DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases). But I would hope that many people would challenge that and ask: “but what about all the civilian targets and people being killed there? How is that an operation to take out the Cabal only?”

Well, I have heard from many lately that the Cabal has been dressing up their military in both Russian AND Ukrainian uniforms, much like Hitler did to give himself a reason to declare war on Poland at the start of WWII, see link #4 below. If so, this is would a great way to muddy the waters on the message and spread disinformation and totally in accordance with what we have seen from this group that have been described as pure evil who will do anything for one more moment of power and life.

Speaking of being popular or not, and being someone that has to steer to our inner true compass - let’s look in on my favorite internet pastor. I’ll do this like Clay Clark:

“That’s right, I’m talking about that Asian faced, Australian based, Italian named Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that knows more about America than probably any 1000 Americans: Steeeeeeeve Cioccolanti and Discover Ministries!!” (see link #3 below)

Being In AU, Steve has no 501c3 government agreement to muzzle him from naming names on our government, and you should check out some of his videos on this subject. But in the video I have linked below, he talks about how God in the Bible has judged countries by letting them get invaded - wow, talk about a great way to get most everyone to hate you, because in saying that, he is both pointing the prophetic finger at not only Ukraine - who if you haven’t researched it, has knowingly or not allowed itself to be the worldwide Cabalist proxy “International House Of Money Laundering, Drug, Human and Organ Trade” for decades.

Cioccolanti talks about the prophets crying out against Israel just before the time of the Babylonian Captivity after they ignored warnings for years about their child sacrifice sex offering worship of Ba’al and other demonic gods - see any similarities here?. And how some of these Jews who didn’t want to hear it literally SAWED in half - long wise, even, I can’t imaging a worse death -the prophet God sent to shut up him over it. Talk about the hard road that speaking God’s truth can take you down…

But OF COURSE, we also can’t ignore the fact that at least to some extent, AMERICA is on that list of countries that God has judged by allowing to be invaded. BuyDone is an owned puppet of China, and we have economically been invaded by them through his “residency” whether we recognize it or not.

KaChingKaChing goes the gas pump of our judgement…

So, to get back to Ukraine (sorry for the tangents, but they are all related), remember the famous Slow ByeDone “Sonovabitch, they fired the guy” brag speech video regarding his VP deals with Ukraine and US loan money, and all the Hunter fake board member jobs he had there which were just fronts for the big payouts of money from them to hand over to Hunter and “the big guy” - before Hunter started that amazing late in life “Grandma Moses” art career, I mean.

That’s the "helpless victim innocent Ukraine" I’m talking about here, as much as I don’t blame and feel terrible for the huddled masses running for their lives with little knowledge of how they have been used. They are the victims of their overlords like we all all.

AND IF THAT’S NOT BAD ENOUGH and you REALLY want people to hate you, HOW ABOUT THIS?

I just was sent this set of possibly true things from the Stew Peters Show about Pfizer, all about side effects and beasties that might now be growing inside of some from the vax and the shot. (see link #2 below):

At this point, even I am starting to feel like the kind of crazy “conspiracy theorist” that all of the liberals have accused me and others of being over the years, but the solution of 2+2 just keeps glaring at me with an unblinking accusatory “4” that I’m unable to ignore.

If that isn’t enough. just this morning somebody sent me a PDF of what was supposed to be a document stating that Pfizer was going to be taken off the New York Stock Exchange. (ADDENDUM 3/10/22: My researcher/editor EKO just sent me this from the NeonRevolt Twitter feed regarding the Stock Exchange Info: "This is only 0.25% bonds due 2022. - Not the whole stock. - It's literally a nothingburger." So take this for what it's worth, but for me if you add all of the coming lawsuit potential for Pfizer, it's - to use one of my favorite phrases in evaluating the news - "not nothing".) As to what this could mean, read one more thing first:

Yesterday I saw ANOTHER news article saying that men that got the vaccine were going to be susceptible to erectile disfunction and low sperm count. Assuming all these things are actually true, then people need to look at something that I don’t think they are used to thinking about.

I will say that I don’t think there’s any amount of money that Pfizer could be making either in the immediate past, present or future that could possibly offset the lawsuits that are coming if all this is true. What this does say if true is that the pharmaceutical companies must have been taken over by the globalists that have said that they want a future with no more than 500 million humans on the planet, because quite frankly, they won’t survive - but of course, who cares about THEM, what about US?

So, here comes the final thing that might make you quit reading: To put in very simple terms: the goal was ALWAYS to kill almost all of us to prepare for the Transhumanist / Globalist world they are trying to build.

The average person can’t really wrap their head about the true nature of evil where it literally is insane and wants what it wants just because it wants it. I’m afraid what we’re going to find out in the next few months of what the real side effects are from both CoVid and the supposed vaccines. I really hope that there are some actual true scientists that have some antidotes etc. up their sleeves.

And THAT is why my Christmas card list seems to shrink by the day now as new crisis’ keep coming out. So if you have people mad at you, etc, know that you are not alone, small comfort that that this….

Oh, and gas prices….no not yet, that’s for another time…

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

March 9, 2022


#4: Hitler’s False Flag Invasion of Poland that Started WWII:

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