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It’s Clobberin’ Time - And What That Could Look Like In Days Soon To Come…

"Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” - Mark Twain and me since January 26. I didn’t give up or anything like that the last month or so, I got Covid, and specifically; the Omicron version. What it looked like was a cold at first which so many have experienced, but evolved quickly into a lot more. I was just about to start a job as the guitarist in a musical and as the illness started to ramp up the gig began. I was making stupid mistakes which looking back were related to extreme dehydration and an infection of my inner ear and sinuses; which culminated with the night before the last day of performances me getting lost on my way home three times even with GPS, as well as deciding that the reason I had to cancel the last gigs was because my music gear no longer could “go into those configurations”. And for those confused by that statement- you should be, it makes no sense. Besides being this mentally confused, I also had a hard time keeping upright while standing up from the inner ear issues. Almost a whole box of “Liquid IV” fixed up my electrolytes and mental acuity eventually returned, with steroids and antibiotics helming the rest.

But I got off easy - I had two friends in my Facebook group that died of Covid in the last 6-8 weeks. One was one of my best friends in the LA music community, an extremely successful studio guitarist and composer/producer who as well started with only cold symptoms. He let them go untreated too long and eventually couldn’t breathe and wound up in the hospital where unfortunately they used at least for a while the Fauci death-combo of Remdesivir, ventilators and other things to shut down the kidneys, and after holding on about 6 weeks he was gone.

Another friend had Covid and thought that he had recovered, and then a few weeks later woke up coughing out blood and then just after the paramedics arrived his heart stopped. At least one other person from that group died of Covid as well about 6 months ago; and I am told that a lot of others I know from LA did as well, but are keeping it under wraps due to being part of some large class action lawsuits - supporting my position that I have stated recently that the medical and pharmaceutical industries are currently in the process of being replaced by a new healing industry comprised of the people that they rejected for not getting vaccinated etc. Our surprising allies after all the jokes at their expense are going to prove to actually be the lawyers, showing once again that God has a sense of humor.

So I have sort of been sitting on the concepts of this blog this whole time but not possessing the energy or clarity to actually write it (OK, some might say that clarity isn’t needed for what I write - let’s have some quiet in the Peanut gallery). But since some of this touches upon the recent Ukraine topic that is literally on everyone’s social media the last few days, I wanted to wait for the right timing until I wasn’t the only one writing what I am about to say:

My original purpose of the title “It’s Clobberin’ Time” - for those that don’t know, the battle cry of the cartoon character known as “The Thing” from The Fantastic Four - was to show that the trucker convoys are actually part of a period of warfare against the worldwide Cabal to soon take down a lot of near-totalitarian governments. It’s amazing that this is coming from Canada, a place that barely has any right to protest or stand up to it’s government in any legal way, but I predict that somehow God is going to intervene and not only take down “Fidel Jr.” Trudeau but also create an opportunity for Canadians to revise their governing laws to make it WAY easier to remove bad politicians and government.

I believe that all the opposition and things like the woman in the walker being trampled are going to be used to both unify everyone and make them aware of the truth of what’s been being done to them so that they no longer are neither ambivalent or antagonistic towards what these really brave and independent patriots have banded together to illustrate. I predict that both the United States and Australia will reap the same rewards as they follow the Canadians lead (there’s a sentence I never thought I would write - having lived there for a short time, I never saw Canadians as trailblazers, but they sure are now) as we all will be shortly taking a red pencil to our Constitutions.

Getting back to the elephant in the room: I know that many people are very afraid of Russia starting WWIII and the End Times / One World Government kicking into full swing from this, but any real understanding of what will be needed to run an operation like that should tell you that at the very least it would need an all pervasive Artificial Intelligence with a world wide 5G or greater network, which currently does NOT exist. Is it coming? Of course. When? I don’t know, but definitely not now.

So what really IS going on with the supposed aggression from Russia against Ukraine? Well, let’s start with stripping things down to what we can really be SURE we know to be true, which is not much other than this: It’s absolutely true that Slow ByDone is 100% controlled by it’s CCP owners, and as such we can be sure that whatever the ByeDone/OhBlowMe organization says or does comes down the line from them. So when it says that Russia is trying to take over that country, you know that is at best disinformation right from the CCP though it’s owned mouthpiece to the world.

What I have been seeing for the last for days at the very least is evidence that what is being sold to us as a war of aggression by Russian to take over Ukraine is in truth an Alliance operation to take out probably US black-ops / Cabal (can you say Blackrock?) owned bioweapon labs all over Ukraine. I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to prove it here because that’s not my main purpose (that is soon to discussed, trust me), but I will include this unusually great episode of X22 Report (see link #1 below) that includes a great history of what has happened in this region - which has been progressively been made into the money laundering and every other kind of nefarious Globalist scheme that you could think of “bad guy for hire” center of the world.

What is being done now - and I can see evidence that Putin and Trump are not only involved in the planning and time of this, but even actors reading their lines at exact moments in the script, is the beginning of the taking out of the Cabal centers all over the world.

Part of what you should see here is the similarity of the maps of the biolabs and the exact stake locations of Russia’s missiles etc. (See Link 2 below) But also of great interest to me is what I saw last night when I watched a live feed from the Keiv Ukraine city square. I tuned in at about 5am their time and I saw a well lit undamaged traffic center with 1-3 cars occasionally driving by, with no evidence of either checkpoints or military vehicles at all. I think over the 10 minutes I watched I heard what sounded like one explosion off in the distance. I came back about an hour later and about the only difference was that the lights automatically turned off around 6am their time - overall, it seemed like I was seeming an average work day, not a population hiding in fear of an occupying force.

Other video headlines of interest that I saw was of a Russian medical vehicle stopping to ask the locals for directions - not something I would expect to have happen if the driver expected a hostile population - and my favorite, a quote from a Ukrainian saying that “there is chaos everywhere - no one knows what is going on”. Now, when have you every heard war news of that nature? Isn’t it usually all about people killed and maimed, and rubble everywhere from the destruction left by the advancing army?

OK, you can make of that what you will, as I said, convincing anyone of this is not my main purpose, which is to talk about what WE as average non-combatants sifting through all of this information can do to HELP in this worldwide battle of good and evil - meaning, how can we add to this global “Clobberin’ Time”?

I think our job is to be of use as much as possible to wake people up with whatever level of truth that we can PROVE to put in front of of their faces to make them think logically about as possible. This is a confusing emotional upheaval time, and that’s the time when the mental programing that’s been done to “the Normies” is at it’s most fragile. So here’s what I will put out there for you to do what you will with, it involves something that happened that you probably knew about, but the constantly shifting “nano-second news cycle” has probably put it out of your minds. And most importantly, it involves something that is near and dear to everyone’s hearts and wallets especially when it is bad, and it is REALLY BAD: I’m talking about “THE ECONOMY”:

Copy and paste this wherever you will, as it is specifically worded to not trigger people too soon:

“Do you remember when a number of years ago someone in the government did a deal with the oil companies when the economy was very good and it was costing them a huge amount to store their excess inventory, and that deal was for a vast amount of oil that was bought at far under cost of the then current value of the oil that was bought? This oil was paid for by tax payer money, and as such already a possession of the American people, in that it cannot legally be resold to them as we already own it, correct?

So if the leadership of America wanted to virtually end inflation, all it would have to do is to literally just deliver to our gas pumps (ok, plus taxes and whatever it takes to make sure that the gas stations get what they need to survive) what we already own, correct? Can you think of why that isn’t happening? Could it be that there are people that want there to be inflation worldwide?

Before you start putting your fingers in your ears and yelling “Conspiracy Theory Tin Foil Hat Crazy, la-la-la, pet the bunny to feel better” (See Link 3 below) and think about this and what it might mean about some of the voting choices you might have made in the recent past. Maybe what you really hate is not orange men, but people that insert vacuum cleaners into your wallets….”

So what this means is that it’s up to us to try to use this moment when everyone is wondering what is really goIng on to SHOW them (at whatever capacity that they have) what it is in a simple dollars and cents way that anyone can understand. Their friend Sleepy Joe from Petticoat Junction isn’t “moving kinda slow” just because he’s old and his soft machine is barely functional, but because he’s just a distraction to keep us from joining in the fight with the Alliance against the Cabal that many are only now waking up to see. It’s time now for them to choose between a leader that said something bad once about a woman in a locker room, and one that is trying to bankrupt us all into the coming one world government before it’s time.

Clobberin’ Time” is just now getting off the ground with with the trucker demonstrations, lawsuits against the people that created the bioweapons we’ve endured for years now, and the taking out of military installations around the world that few of us were even aware of until now. So it’s time NOW to choose a side, and staying asleep isn’t goIng to be an option soon. It’s up to us all to try to figure out how we can best be part of the emerging solution and no longer be passively complicit in the problem, and that includes at the very least the waking of others as well.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

February 25, 2022

Link 2: Ukraine Biolabs / Strike locations map:

Link 3 The Oil That the American People Own Free and Clear:

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