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It’s Not The Heat, It’s the STUPIDITY

Just like heat is pretty much everywhere these days, the STUPIDITY of the Drooling Demoncrap Dolts gushes everywhere on Social Media like an opened New York fire hydrant on its scorching summer streets. The cackling of their triumphant calls to arms to their brothers in brokenness concerning their Jan6 supposed trial battle victories make it really easy to see who you want to unfollow, but also makes it very hard to try to keep those constantly returning urges for revenge on these mental zombies at bay until the soon coming day of their doom arrives.

I will state right here and now that I 100% believe the prophecies that Johnny Enlow and others have predicted that the 2020 election has already been ruled as overturned and that all that remains is for the timing to be completed before it is announced. But all that being said, I am - like I’m sure most of you are - SICK TO DEATH of their constant confident caterwauling that THEY are all not only POLITICAL GENIUSES, but also are secure in the belief that they are in the majority, and as such can freely spew uninformed venom in all directions. So, allow me to vent on all of our parts, I’m sure you have your own equivalents in this kind of story:

Yesterday I saw a musician acquaintance trumpet “Bannon is guilty!”, to which another that I was actually in an ongoing band with said “It’s a good start”, and then a number of other “musical colleagues” dog piled on pressing like buttons and generally sniffing each others butts in delight.

What I was seeing was the explanation for why I spend most of my time with my dog. I have pretty much lost the ability to “make nice” and just talk about the weather and food with people like this, and so it’s better for now to not talk to them at all.

When I look at the people that I actually know from grade school on to my current adult (debatable) state, I don’t think that there are anymore that 5% of them that I could safely admit being conservative to based on what they say on social media. Ever since Obama showed up with his “Change We Can Deceive With”, the list of people who used to be my friends that no longer speak to me has grown longer and longer each year, to the point that really the only ones that are left from the dozens that came to parties at my old LA house can now be counted on one hand. And the question of “why are you still single” is easily answered when you have to add Conservatism and Christianity to the “must have” list in this Bizarro Planet world, where lots of people are just fine with Drag Queen shows for kindergarteners etc.

This is going to be my shortest blog ever since I believe we are like a 24 month pregnant woman and the truth is going to pop out crying like a banshee any moment, and no one will need a gender reveal party to know exactly what happened and the who and why of everything. I’m just saying this because this period has been the most emotionally exhausting ordeal since WWII for the whole world. I’d like to have this read to the people I was quoting before after the truth comes out, just to add another nail to the coffins of their collective consciousness that we knew what was going to happen ALL ALONG - this is a quote from Steve Bannon right after the 2 counts of contempt he was given yesterday:

"We have to have a real January 6 committee, including to get to the staffers now and see about the lies and misrepresentations they put on the national television to defame people," Bannon said.

"I would tell the Jan. 6 staff right now: preserve your documents because there's going to be a real committee, and this is going to be backed by Republican grassroots voters to say we want to get to the bottom of this for the good of the nation."

The Trump ally said that Republicans need to take offensive action if they take back the House in the midterm elections.

"We have to really govern, and I mean govern on offense. Every committee in the House needs to be an oversight committee. We have to go after the Biden administration, which is illegitimate," Bannon said.

This morning God showed me the single chapter “Book of Jude” written by one of the half brothers of Jesus, which is all about traitors in your midst as preparation to writing this, but also there was this - Dave at the X22Report knocks one out of the park here explaining the swirling fogs of war we are currently experiencing, and I think everyone will be really encouraged to watch this:

And that’s all I have to say about THAT - wow, and under 1,000 words! I must be sick or just HOT…or maybe it IS just the STUPIDITY….

Uncle Ben Ghazi - Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

July 23, 2022

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