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New “Things to Make You Go Hmmm” - 9/11 then & ongoing

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

As the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approached, I started watching a number of newer research videos on the event. I actually had to go to New York City on a business trip a couple of weeks after the attacks, which included me having meetings at CBS resulting in pictures of myself on their news set as well as with fire fighters at their stations. My main memory was of seeing messages written by fingertip in the pulverized concrete dust on all the glass windows still intact in the area. These were either messages to people that were missing or from people giving news of themselves or others, and of course some poems and other emotionally fueled words.

I don’t think that there has ever been as emotional of a reaction to a negative world event by Americans since Pearl Harbor, and so it’s not at all surprising that one of the videos I watched is called “The New Pearl Harbor” (see link 1 below). At just under 5 hours in length, it took me a number of days to get through it, but I was certainly never bored, and it resulted in my finalizing my thoughts on many of the questions it raises.

I am well aware that this subject is one that polarizes people a LOT, so if you are someone to whom the idea of even entertaining a non-government approved explanation of this - actually, there IS no government approved explanation, but more on that later - triggers an instant aversion to the possibility of getting sucked into “conspiracy theory” in the manner that the 50’s era “Blob” sci-fi star absorbed people, you should probably just stop reading this right now.

My purpose here is just to lay out a few of the most important things that I found from watching this film and let people do whatever they want with them. It’s been a very long road for me to finally have come to the decisions that I have on this really ONGOING subject, since I think that it has elements that have through lines intersecting lots of current events. I don’t want to argue with anyone unless they can honestly say that they looked at everything this presents and have other explanations that satisfy the facts, and there ARE some very solid facts that are proven here.

The first couple of hours of the film are devoted to the airplanes themselves, the terrorists said to have piloted them, and the passengers on board and the calls they were said to have been made. The first big kaboom here was the FACT that all of these planes were traveling at speeds that should have ripped them apart long before their impact with any of the buildings, with most of their airspeeds at impact being hundreds of miles per hour beyond their design limits. So I’m just going to say that given that, I now believe that whatever these flying weapons appeared to be, there is no way that they really were the commercial jet aircraft that we are asked to believe. There is lots of documentation that shows the technology for aircraft to “change identities” in flight by the switching of their call letters, and I believe that this is what did happen. I’m aware that they APPEARED to be commercial aircraft, but if they were, they were custom built to function as “flying bombs”; which means that some entity with enormous financial and technological resources was behind this, regardless of if there were terrorists involved in some capacity or not.

Which brings us to the terrorists who were supposed to have piloted the planes, and there are so many aviation experts that have testified about their pitiful abilities to fly even a single engine Cessna, I’m not going to waste anyone’s time or insult intelligence trying to prove that. I will only say that many very seasoned jet pilots have said that not even the best pilots would have had the flying ability to precision-strike the towers at the 500+ mph speeds they were going - the human body just isn’t made to be able to do that. So I’m just going to come out and say it: I don’t think that there was one single pilot, terrorist, passenger or crew in those planes, I think they were all piloted remotely.

As to the passengers, yes, they took off in a commercial plane, but after that everything changed. The main thing here is that it is proven that at least in 2001, both cell and airplane calls from 30,000 feet were impossible. Besides this, all the exact times that the calls came in do not sync with the timeline of events. In the film they play the voice message that was supposed to be from one of the flight attendants to her husband and at the very end of what sounds like a headset being taken off of her, she quickly and quietly ends with “It’s a frame”. I’ve also seen the ex-flight attendant who has written a book on the subject of the behavior of the crew and people on the flight, talking about evidence of these planes being landed at unused military bases, and various sort of “code words” which might have been in the flight attendants' messages. I think that the explanation of the flights landing at a base like this and some of the people being forced into making some calls as evidence that the terrorists were taking over the aircraft makes a lot of sense. As to where those people are now, I don’t know any real theories on that, but anything I can think of doesn’t involve changed identities in other countries and Polynesian cocktails on a beach.

Another huge “thing that made me go hmm” here were all the people that seemed to be being paid to debunk any conspiracy theories. There were two groups: the first were all 20-30s males in other countries who sounded like high school debate club contestants, who made me think were recruited to do this as their full time jobs; because why else would people that age devote all their time to it year in and year out? The second were domestic: the first being a bunch of people from the magazine “Popular Mechanics”, who could have been doing it out of some professional journalistic motivation of an honest belief, but they were caught in lies so often that some kind of under the counter black ops funding makes a lot more sense.

The other domestic debunker is a group called NIST that were openly paid by the US government. They are probably the most pathetic because their software models of their explanations don’t even produce what they claim they do; and they literally have nothing to say when asked to explain that. And yes - there is no explanation from the United States government that isn’t just things collected by third party entities. One would think that when an government was being accused of attacking its own people that it would be very interested in clearing itself of even the suspicion of that, but instead we have heard the continuous cricket choir for decades.

The biggest thing here is I think the complete destruction that was accomplished on the towers, and the implications of the answer as to why that was so important. This film shows the eyewitness accounts of firefighters, survivors from the towers, and people on the street that all claim to have heard multiple explosions at various times and locations; and there is lots of video that shows the puffs of smoke of the controlled explosions in what looks like every other professional building demolition video we’ve seen over the years….

But is it like the other demolitions we’ve seen? No, it’s actually unique in the history of the whole world as far as I know, because of two things: the complete pulverization of 99% of everything in the towers, and the fire temperatures that only the Sun exceeds that burned for 3 months afterwards; many times eventually melting the boots of the firefighters working at the site. As is always asked by detectives around the world when trying to figure things out, who would stand to gain by an attack and deception of the scope that would use technology to burn and destroy virtually EVERYTHING in these structures?

Which brings us to the Pentagon, which was just about to make public that many trillions of its budget was completely unaccounted for; and unless I’m really wrong, was working on figuring the who and where on that in precisely the section of the building that got attacked. The evidence of what hit them not being even an airplane is pretty massive, and the tiny bit of video that has been released showing whatever hit them has been tampered with to remove or alter it to make it unrecognizable.

But why the Twin Towers then? Well, there’s lots of possible reasons: The glaring one in this film is the fact that there was so much asbestos in them that dealing with it could have eventually cost 1 BILLION dollars, and this guy Larry Silverstein that had just swooped in and signed a 99 year lease on them before 9/11 -took out a big insurance policy at the same time. Also, I know that many countries stored their gold underneath the Towers and I have a friend who was a truck driver that used to deliver under there all the time, who also happened to be the person that the government used to take them in under the towers to get some lighting in to even see what was there afterwards. I’ve heard from him and many others that there were lots of businesses in the Towers that had sensitive connections to the military and government, as well as high worldwide finance.

And let’s not leave out Building 7, which was obviously another controlled demolition that was set up in advance - you have to wonder how they could have been so dumb as to not have a plane to hit that as well? Well. maybe they did and something went wrong - remember the supposed plane that slammed into an empty field in Shanksville PA? What if that was somehow taken out by white hats in the military, but was intended for Building 7? Who knows what was in there that also had to be destroyed, but was valuable enough for them to throw caution to the wind - and there was a LOT in the wind that day - and just "pull the building" anyways while the public was too in shock to know what was happening, and just worry about the excuses later?

Is Larry Silverstein powerful - or evil - enough to cook something like this up just to save his financial butt? I would say no, but I will go so far as saying that most probably the same people that gave us Covid19, the Las Vegas shootings, and much more are PLENTY powerful and evil enough to have come up with this. I would think that they hatched the plan and then leaned on Larry to comply with a “too good to refuse” type offer - meaning that “you get a lot if you do, and you and yours get dead a lot if you don’t”. Let that stew in your head for a while, and also think about that most all of the first responders that have been dying off over the years by what went into their bodies as they worked afterwards to clean up the mess that was made to get the money and hide the secrets that lived in the house that Jack built - no, I’m not referring to anyone whose name is Jack, I'm paraphrasing from an old child’s poem…

We are seeing a major event playing out in Afghanistan right now, and I will leave you with the concept that a number of people have finally gotten around to saying lately: That it may well be that most of what we are shown as terrorism is really just “a rich man’s trick” (look for that film as well) to have a ongoing boogyman to blame for perpetual wars and arm sales forever - sort of like perpetual booster vaccine shots…funny how that works out…

The evil that attacked us in 9/11 and is still trying to enslave us is more than capable to have plotted all of these things, and is way bigger than we will ever defeat with the election and legal processes that we as citizens of the world can safely use. I believe that what is coming is a military solution to take these people out worldwide, with the Alliance silently at the helm. Pretty much everything that we are seeing right now is all about preparing the world to accept the truth that they are about to be shown; and the stage we are in right now is devoted to vilifying the ByeDone entity preparing for the next phase when the white hats can step forward from behind the curtains to openly be in control.

I know that lots of people are sick of hearing about that, but I also know that a new courthouse was just built at Gitmo. To quote another of my little sayings in my secret Facebook group: “The Truth Is Everywhere, Hidden In a Sea of Lies”. We have but to look and use our common sense, and we will see what is really going on here.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

Sept. 10, 2021

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