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“Pitchforks & Torches” - or “Remodeling the Henhouse", Part One:

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A few weeks ago, I spoke of a movement called “Pitchforks & Torches”. I am calling people into implementing change to some of the major flaws and what I will call “ease of theft features” - to borrow from “software-speak” referring to things that have been purposely built into a product to the users advantage - things that have been what we have accepted to be the way that our government has to be run. The new “users” to be served by our “government product” need to be our civilian population as the occupants of the Henhouse of America, and that means reducing our elected Foxes to OUR SERVANTS, as they they have always slyly misrepresented themselves to be.

Any “but this is how it’s always been done” reactive reasoning and excuses for the existing methods are exactly what needs to be ripped out and burned by the side of the road. We will soon live in a world of the return of the Alliance forces that will soon defeat - at least for now - the Cabal forces that have held the world hostage for so long. We will only have one shot at this, because historically people only make changes while the pain that is demanded of them is fresh in their emotions. So if we wait for six months to a year later they probably will never happen, and soon things will go back to how they were.

Here’s the start of my shopping list of changes that I believe we as the residents and owners of the United Henhouse of America need to put in place once we get the undeclared battle with the Cabal won to the point that it’s safe to take the time to make them.

I want to state the disclaimer NOW that I am sure there are better and more practical ways to implement some of these things, my purpose is to paint in broad strokes to get people thinking. These and other things should be part of our demands to the elected foxes under the Pitchforks and Torches Movement, they are NOT requests as our role is to TELL them what to do, not to say “pretty please”.

The following are just the really obvious mega-uber-ultra-YUGE items that in my opinion need to be done first, with my reasons why:

1) No Selling Off Of Our Country To Our Enemies:

It’s hard for me to believe that this hasn’t been illegal for hundreds of years. Maybe this is part of what President John Adams meant when he said regarding our Constitution that it “was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

It’s like a parent that hasn’t yet told their child not to jump off the roof, thinking that anyone would just know not to do that. Well, it’s time to start making laws that the founding fathers would have thought obvious and unnecessary, since our population obviously HAS gotten immoral enough to require them.

When the population - through whatever online web based transparent portal that we as the Henhouse users create to manage this (don’t even THINK of letting the foxes do it ) - have determined that a country or agent thereof is an enemy of the country by say, maybe a 65% margin; it's time to not ask but TELL our flubberment that we will no longer allow the selling of our land or any property built upon it to them.

Any existing sales are declared illegal and void, and it’s up to those responsible to make any reparations to whoever bought them, and go back to the previous legal owners.

Obviously, we would have to have a way to determine and votes on who those enemies are, but if we just said that it was any country that has threatened us with bombs, cyber attacks, and the like I think we wouldn’t need a lot of debate about it - but again, the henhouse is the deciding body, NOT the foxes.

2) No more free lunches for traitors:

This is the question I have asked myself for many years : if it is proven that an individual politician or party knew full well that something they were doing was illegal and or treasonous when they were doing it, why shouldn't they have to pay the taxpayer money they spent to do it all back? And I mean from THEIR pockets, not tax payer money.

This is from a relatively new message from Trump: ”Now that I have been totally exonerated on the Mueller Witch Hunt with a charge of No Collusion, I have often wondered, if a fake investigation is illegally started based on information provided and paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, shouldn’t they be held accountable?

And the answer to Donald J. “Orange Man GOOD” Trump should of course be: they ABSOLUTELY should. If an act was done with the intent to damage the welfare of the country and its people in any way, shouldn’t the same politicians - or really anyone that participated in that attempt - have to pay the price prescribed for treason as well? When did America decide that that prescribed punishment was too antiquated to execute traitors by anymore?

You might ask: well, who decides who is or isn’t a traitor? Let me just say this: from watching recent history go by, it certainly should not be the elected foxes who have the final say in this. They were elected to do OUR will, not theirs, and as such should not be able to override a decision of the people on something as serious and affecting everyone of us as much as treason.

Once someone or some group has been brought up on treason charges - and those charges need to not be limited to being placed by the foxes, we as residents of the henhouse need to have the right and ability to make them as well - there needs to absolutely be a vote by the people as to their guilt that can’t be overturned and has to be carried out.

Once decided when a person has been tried and convicted of treason, do they get to live out their days in prison on the tax payers' dime? I don’t think that we have actually executed someone for treason since the 1800s. No, we have to go back to the “last meal, cigarette and a blindfold” of days of yore.

All that being said, given sinful human nature it’s also a given that eventually evil people would try to convict the righteous of these crimes to get rid of them, and of course the End Times come to mind where this could be a means of persecution.

But it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out some checks and balances to that happening. It’s certainly a huge improvement to being held hostage by people we (supposedly) elected like has been going on now.

3) Disbanding the Department of Education”:

This is really, really absolutely necessary for our basic survival as a country, which is proven by what we have seen for the last 12 of more years with the parade of Social Justice Warriors, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Woke Culture “activists” that our school system has given us.

Almost every totalitarian regime has used youth going through their normal idealist Utopian phase (admit it, we all had one, and the older Antifa older hippies etc never left theirs). The Communist Manifesto outlines the importance of the take over of the minds of youth and how they will do it, and they did it exactly like they said.

The extremely SIMPLE way to fix this problem is to apply free market Capitalism to the problem: Give all school age children vouchers that can only be spent on education at privately run education “companies”.

I don’t even see any reason to “license” them since that’s just allowing government control again. As I said before, the free market would easily get rid of any bad education products. Here’s how it would go:

Parents to “woke” school: “You don’t teach math and science but require everyone to learn to make baskets using authentic Aboriginal techniques instead? OK, I’m going down the street with Johnny and Suzy and sign them up at ‘Uncle Sammy’s Readin’ Writing, ‘Rithmatic and Real History School’ - ‘Bye, enjoy the soy lunch you have laid out there. ”

The way to get rid of the Communists trying to take over over the minds of the future of America is to simply STARVE them out - case closed.

4) No cost elections:

SlowByeDone has just been exposed as to have taken campaign contributions from Russia, and Oblowme had contributions to his first campaign coming in from Palestinian refugee camps (don’t believe me? Look it up). One of the things that has to change about our elections is that we can no longer have a situation where the only person that can afford to run is either a billionaire, or someone taking money to pay for their election from all kinds of people that will forever own them afterwards.

We need to face the fact that we are NEVER going to take care of the corruption and blackmail that has controlled both our elections and then those that become elected afterwards, so instead of trying to figure out how to fix an unfixable situation, let’s just change the rules: let’s make running for office “free”.

Yes, I actually SAID IT - Ka-freaking-boom!!!

Think about what a game changer this would be:

Here’s what that could look like: Every candidate would be given a voucher from tax money commensurate with the office they were running for for various types of media that they could spend however they decide. This would include individual television spots and of course televised debates.

And media - you don’t like it and it is too expensive? Don’t insult our intelligence on what you “the cost” of air time with you, that’s just an arbitrary number you made up to suck money out of the existing system. The new deal is that you have to give this time as part of even getting a license to broadcast. And of course there would be a tax payer funded budget for non-media expenses like travel etc.

Enemy nations and special interest groups initially gain control of our country through politicians’ need for campaign funding - so we just remove that need. If we require media to provide a certain amount of air time, print ads, etc to citizens running for office as part of their license obligation, and cannot supply more or less regardless of where the money is coming in from.

Again, my purpose is to not come up with anything more than the broad strokes here since I’m certainly not qualified, I’m just being the “big picture” guy here. I’m laying out why this kind of solution is probably the only thing that will really take care of the root of the cause of our problem: HUMAN GREED.

And a huge part of this is finally making a way to FINALLY set up a CITIZEN RUN means of monitoring the income and assets of all elected officials. Yup - another KABOOM:

If we require income “transparency” of all political candidates - a word I have come to HATE since almost every time it’s used it’s meaning is mocked - from the moment they declare their candidacy everything has to be accounted for, then you remove any point of trying to bribe them.

And let’s not forget while we are at it enacting mandatory DISCLOSURE OF ALL FAMILY ETC that are possible CONFLICT OF INTERESTS as well when someone declares candidacy - that lasts all the way through their time of service? Have you ever seen who a lot of the swamp are currently married to and what jobs their spouses hold? I saw a swamp dwellers “family tree” and it made me want to vomit. If we don’t fix this we literally cannot survive as long as we allow this kind of stuff to go on!!

Blackmail might still be a bit of an issue to influence how they vote after elected, but I would guess that over all controlling the money issues would do a lot to help with this even with if the weapon of blackmail is still effective. But whatever the changes in how we run our country end up being, we can’t look to the foxes to run it - WE have to run our own henhouse.

Possibly some remember the 70s cartoon “Super Chicken” - OK, I picked that because to the “fowl” reference (sorry, yes, that’s bad) and I’m not talking as goofy as that, but we need to realize that we have super powers that are quite frankly ours for the taking available to us if we stand up and demand them.

These powers are there for the taking for us, it’s OUR HENHOUSE, and we need to start ACTING like owners, not slaves.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

June 23, 2021

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