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"Prepping for the Summer of Gun & Run”, or “Plots, Plans, Schemes & Programs”.

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

This is sort of a “crystal ball” piece that includes things I have been keeping track of for over a year now to back up my premises. I’m going to state from the get-go that this will include some things that may “trigger” some people here - yes, even conservatives can be conditioned to be triggered without their knowing it, and that’s not because a person is “weak-minded”. It’s that the programmers have studied how to do it for so long that they just have hacked the “universal admin codes” into the human consciousness, and so it takes a lot of discipline to recognize and deprogram when necessary.

The big picture topic here is the Mass Shootings that we have seen going on and ever escalating for at least a year, really kicking in around the George Floyd rioting. I’m going to show you what I think is behind it and why, and some things we can all do about it. Along the way, you might get your “inner dander up”, but try to just be patient and keep going if that happens; I can explain.

For the record, I believe that Donald Trump will come back and be the apparent and visible president of the United States again very soon, but we don’t know the exact date. In the meantime, these mass shootings seem to be intended to create terror and of course prepare us to willingly give up our right to bear arms, thus prepping us for the One World Government that will eventually come - but I believe will, for now, fail due to the white hat efforts.

In naming the summer of 2021 “The Summer of Gun & Run” I’m, of course, making a snarky play on “The Summer of Love”; of which this will be anything but. I derive this from the headlines I have continually seen (I get headlines to my computer from about 7 newspapers from around the world) where A) someone shows up with a gun, B) shoots people for which they seem to have no motive to do so, and C) then run away into the crowd via an accomplice on a motor bike.

If you aren’t aware, this modus operandi has been followed many times this summer already, and I hold that this tactic has been planned out by dark generals in the shadows to very specific ends. Like any good detective, we should be asking ourselves as to where to place the blame: “who stands to benefit and why?”

I’m just going to cut to the chase here - I think that besides the Deep State / Cabal / Globalists that want chaos and destruction to disarm the population, there is black magic involved - no, not the fake Halloween type costume witches, but the real ones that are all over the country just under its outer skin like termites that no one wants to look at.

Last summer I read a column where witnesses claimed to have seen a group of witches all dressed in black in a major city’s downtown area formed a circle chanting “Black Lives Matter”. Ever since then, I have watched the body count escalate, especially with the death of children, who I'm speculating are the sacrifices required to fulfill the spells. I can’t find that exact post, but here’s one from last year that unapologetically attests to this phenomenon - and shows that it was was done many places, saying “witches have thrown their support behind those protesting the death of George Floyd with protection spells for protesters – and hexing spells for police. Organizing under the hashtag #WitchesForBLM, the growing subculture of witches, warlocks, and others shared hexing tips with one another, including how to cast a proper spell and draw a sigil.“ Here’s the link:

Usually the children are 5-12 years old, which Satanists consider the perfect age to sacrifice a child - yes I know that no witch or Satanist pulled the trigger, but I believe from what I am seeing that the same demons are influencing the shootings as if they had held the guns themselves.

Getting back to the “motive” for these and more crimes, let’s consider a number of other things, starting with something from a pro-communist book called “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century”, published in 1913 by Israel Cohen of the Fabian Society - think about this when you think about the events of the last year or two in our streets:

"We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes.”

Put that in your "white privilege pipe" and smoke it! So if the goal is to pit the black and white races against each other, I would submit that what is really going on here is to 1) get the black community to kill each other and blame it on “white” police, and 2) also get them to kill white people so whites retaliate against blacks, who they have been led to believe are “their enemy” - not being aware of the unseen hand controlling both groups. The end goal is rioting which would automatically invoke a clause in a recent United Nations law that says that the UN can send in troops to keep order should the need arise in any country, which would include the United States - talk about building a Trojan horse backdoor into taking over a country.

And consider this: what better way to create a perfect interference defense blocking for the protection of all of these plans than the creation of the whole “woke / cancel culture”? Think back on the fear that we have all felt whenever the subject of race has come up over the last few years and we considered saying that something seemed wrong and we instead decided to say nothing because “it wasn’t worth it”. Don’t feel bad, this was carefully orchestrated to make you feel like that so all of these programs could run under the surface of society unimpeded.

Here’s some more evidence on why I am saying that the black community has been targeted specifically - you could chalk this stuff up to gangs or coincidence, but I think I will show you why that isn't it. While I’m only going to post a few incidents, trust me that I see at least a half dozen killings like this weekly, and I think that it's gotten to the point that the general public, if still sensitive enough to them anymore, sees them as merely the “mass shooting du jour” and not worth more than whatever the modern version of “tisk, tisk” now is:

Here’s a 10 year old black boy shot for no reason - this being similar to another who got shot when his father took him out and stupidly let him fire a paintball gun at a neighbor from his open van door, who shot back thinking it was a real gun”. SEE LINK:

This time, it’s an 11 month old black girl who was shot - yes, it might be gang related on the surface, but I think the frequency of the murder of children since the witches BLM chant make that highly suspect to be coincidence - SEE LINK:

Here’s one with a number of people including children all shot dead in NYC on the same day - it doesn’t show pictures so we don’t know the ethnicity, but the Bronx is obviously a spiritually targeted area in violent crime now overall. Maybe it is just normal gang activity, but with so many being children I see it as probably more a sacrifice to the dark demons over the area: SEE LINK:

NOTE: I have left out another very predominant and important class of shooter that I will refer to as the “MKUltra Alter Shooter”. I’m well aware of this type of shooter and have developed a sort of “spider sense” when this happens where I hear the word “asset” in my spirit when I hear the story break. This is such a huge subject that I am saving it for a separate blog.

Here’s the last of my evidence exhibits: My gut says that a Soros type Globalist entity is who has been funding these mass shootings, but I think we are going to have to wait for evidence until Trump comes forward at the Tribunals and answers all questions. In the meantime, take a look at this case: there Is ZERO reason why a gang would want to shoot these people other than a “per head bounty” paid hit - SEE LINK:

Do I think that everything that has happened in the country or may soon is because of some witches that have sided with BLM? Absolutely not, anymore than I think that more mass shootings are all we have to look forward to in the coming Summer of Gun & Run: What we can also for sure expect is: 1) a new attempt to lock down the world with the next level of CoVid, etc. to further exploit the fear that they have already generated with that, and 2) it’s pretty much a given that they will fight the election audits with all and anything that they can find, since this may well be job one for the Cabal.

But, I promised some hope and to let people know what they can do to try to change all of this, so here it is: The main thing - and this may not seem like the big decisive thing you were hoping for - is PRAYER.

The Bible says that “the fervent prayer of a righteous (wo)man avails much”, and I always amaze myself at how often I have to re-teach myself that. Recently many things that looked like big, ongoing problems for me evaporated into invisible dust after some prayer by me and some others (always look for partners in prayer, remembering that “whatever is asked by two or three” will be granted to you-total paraphrase here). We seem to not really understand the huge power that prayer has based on how little we tend to do it, but let me give you some ideas on what to pray for:

  1. Pray that all the evil plans and schemes will be exposed for what they are, and that the spiritual veil of deception that seems to be on the whole planet will be lifted.

  2. Pray for protection and victory for the worldwide Alliance that have partnered with Trump and his team (and of course God) to take out the forces aligned with Satan - be they called the Cabal, The Deep State, the Illuminati, or whoever.

  3. Pray for a revival that awakens and convicts every one who has knowingly or not aligned with Satan and his demons in the form of Satanism, Islam, Communism, pedophilia, child trafficking etc. to repent and turn to Jesus as their Savior. YouTube is FILLED with the testimonies of people who have done just that, do some searches and you will be AMAZED.

  4. Pray for all the major principalities around the world in the form of big tech and intelligence agencies to fall apart powerless like wet toilet paper - that’s my favorite visual for this kind of thing, don’t worry, you won’t “gross out God” if you use it too ;-)

Besides that, share truth with everyone you can think of that seems willing to listen. The best way to avoid any kind of the rioting results that I have described here is to show people why that is the worst thing that we could do right now - this battle is ultimately in the spiritual realm, and we don’t want to find ourselves in cells next to those who got conned into the “Battle of Jan. 6”.

So, it’s time to batten down the hatches for the Summer of Gun & Run, but the best action is to pray now and defeat it spiritually before it really gets into high gear.

I’d love to hear from anyone with thoughts or that want’ “more evidence”, as I have it. My email is below, or just leave comments here.

Uncle Ben Ghazi,

Flyover Country

June 30, 2021

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