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“Red-Pill” Conversations with a Normie - Tales From A “What If” World

I think almost all human beings, in an attempt to try to figure out the most successful way to present their points of concern on sensitive topics to them, construct what I call “what if conversations” in their heads with the people to be involved. Sometimes these are really helpful to prepare for the real conversations to come, but on the negative side they can sometimes just build resentment based on things that were never actually said, only anticipated - something to really be careful about.

I have rehearsed the following conversation in my head many times with a number of people that I know, Since I know that many others have done this sort of thing as well, I thought it might be helpful to many to get to laugh and cry through this one as to how it might - or might not - apply to the “Normies” in your own life”.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “Normie” is defined in the UBG (Uncle Ben Ghazi) Unabridged Dictionary as “Un-Red-Pilled (referencing “The Matrix”, accepted as the most politically insightful film of all time) people who have no idea of the real reasons behind the things that happen in their world, and as a result do nothing but react to stimulus they are given, very similar to a single celled organism reacting to light”.

Here is a sample that kind of a “what if conversation”, with “Me” calling “Them” on the phone.

Note:, since I (purposely) never actually go into the CoVid question that they had, I include some research info for people on that in LINK # 1 below:

Me: “Hi, it’s me”

Them: “Hi Me, I haven’t heard from you for a while, how’s it going?”

Me: “Overall fine, I’ve just been meaning to have a conversation with you on some things, so I thought I’d give you a call..”

Them: “Wow, that sounds either scary or at the very least mysterious, did I do something wrong? Or is this another one of your weird Republican things? (nervous laughing)”

Me: Well, in my mind it’s neither Republican or Democrat, but it does involve world events…

Them: OK, now I’m REALLY scared (more nervous laughing) - is this about why so many are still refusing to get vaccinated even after Trump told everyone it was fine?

Me: Well, that’s part of it but just a little, but I’d really like to avoid getting into the weeds by defining things as being either Republican or Democrat, and want to go up 10,000 feet above those terms, because they have really been used to divide people…

Them: Boy, is that ever right - I really thought when Biden became president that we’d have lots of unity, but it seems like everyone is aways fighting over the vaccines now. I don’t understand why people are being so selfish by thinking that their own - sorry, CRAZY, at least to me anyways - stuff that they are excusing as personal freedom is more important than the collective good of us all. When will they ever understand that we will never stop this horrible disease until everyone everywhere gets vaccinated!

Me: Well, OK, I wasn’t going to start there, but we can if you want to….

Them: I don’t want to talk about that, you’re the one that is always following every Conspiracy Theory that comes down the pike…

Me: OK, then, let’s talk about that term…

Them: What term?

Me: Conspiracy theory - what was happening in your mind when it first popped into your head right now?

Them: I don’t know, I guess all the crazy stuff that always turns out to be a conspiracy theory…

Me: Let me ask you - do you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald planned and shot JFK on his own?

Them: No, I don’t know who did it, but I think most people would say it wasn’t him.

Me: Do you know when the term “Conspiracy Theory” first came into widespread use? It was pushed by the CIA to try to squash the rumor that said that the government story of a lone gunman firing a single bullet that changed trajectory multiple times to enter multiple bodies in multiple places wasn’t true. It’s even known as the “Magic Bullet” story because it makes so little sense that the only way it could have happened was if by “magic”.

Them: Well, what does that have to do with CoVid?

Me: Before I get to that, let me ask you this: did you think that JFK was a great president?

Them: Yes, I loved him - but you know he was a Democrat, right?

ME: Of course I know that - did you know that one of the things that he was most noted for is that he was one of the first people that ever identified what he called the “military industrial complex” who he said were people that were keeping America in continuous wars?

Them: Right, he meant the Republicans, right?

Me: Actually, he was alluding to the fact that the people he was talking about were above and outside any political parties, and said that they were even a part of “secret societies”, who he called out publicly along with secrecy in general as being “repugnant to the American people”….

Them: Now you’re getting into Conspiracy Theory…

Me: Actually, it was JFK that said this over 60 years ago, so by definition, it’s not ME “getting into conspiracy theory”, it was JFK. Can I ask you at what moment you thought of the term “conspiracy theory” as I was talking and any feelings that happened when you did?

Them: Well, sorry, but everyone I know knows that conspiracy theories are all a bunch of right wing propaganda, and it always makes me angry to hear someone even bring up any of these things…

ME: So you’re saying that JFK was spouting “right wing conspiracy theories” here? I thought you said that he was a great Democratic president? When did you learn that JFK talking about secret societies and the military industrial complex were conspiracy theories?

Them: Well, I don’t know, but it sure feels wrong - as you sure he was who said that?

Me: Yes, there are many documents you can read and videos where you can watch that speech. ( see link #2 ) But you can watch those later, but let me ask you one more thing, this question might make you a little uncomfortable as well, but will you try to answer it thoughtfully and truthfully and really look at how it makes you feel as well?

Them: Well, OK, but I have to tell you that I’m really not enjoying this conversation at all,I really hope that there’s a “good part” coming in all of this…

Me: OK, here goes - and again, don’t answer quickly, think for a moment before you do: How many hours let’s say a day or week or even month would you estimate that you look for an answer to something that’s considered controversial, using information sources on the internet that you don’t usually get news from?

Them: Well, I do watch Fox as well as CNN because I want to be “fair and balanced”, even though that they do make me mad sometimes, is that what you mean?

Me: No, I’m talking about going on a browser and typing a question and reading results from internet news sites that you’ve never heard of with differing opinions, and then seeing what you think seems true, rather than accepting what you are being told from one place as being what your opinion should be? How can you be sure that you really have an actual opinion if you haven’t heard multiple sides of a story, right? I mean, that’s what any high school level debate team would teach their members, right?

Them: Well….I don’t know….maybe a couple of…I don’t know how long, but I’m really busy, and that seems like that would take FOREVER

ME: And how does that make you feel to even think about the idea of doing that?

THEM: Really bad and upsetting, it just feels wrong and like someone is trying to make me do something bad…

ME: What’s bad about making sure that your opinion is really YOUR opinion? How do you know if what you think is really what you “think” unless you look at differing opinions so you can be sure that you arrived at your OWN opinion?

Them: (starting to really raise their voice) So now you’re saying that I’ve been controlled by propaganda?! I’ve always been a free thinker and I have never followed the crowd! I was a hippie in high school as you well know!

Me: So obviously, being a free thinker is a very important part of your identity - so is it important enough for you to test to make sure that your opinions really ARE your own? Would you be willing to do an easy test to be sure?

Them: Well, assuming it doesn’t cost any money and it’s not illegal, sure I’ll do it to just shut you up on this subject once and for all!! How do I do it?

Me: It’s free and all you need is a computer with internet access. What you do is make a list of three or four topics that you feel really strongly about your opinions on, be they things about society as a whole or something political or a world event. Then, using an independent web browser (read: “not Google) like DuckDuckGo or Brave Browser (see link #3 below), come up with a few simple key words to search for varying viewpoints on those topics.

But here’s the important rule: you have to not just read the news sources you always go to but also include some independent sites that you’ve never heard of, AND you need actually read them and not just skim them.

The idea is to really see what each side is saying and compare how all of the points both are either similar or different. Most probably, if all the news sources agree on something like say the hair color of a mass shooter, then it MIGHT be that this point is true, but it could ALSO be that this point was concocted by the same original source that all the sources you read were assuming was true, but actually WASN’T.

Them: That sounds like it will take forever, I don’t have that kind of time!

Me: Well, do you want to be correct in what you base your opinions on, or fast and possibly wrong?

What the point of this exercise is to get you to the point that you’re sure that your opinions are not formed instantly by a media outlet telling you your opinions, rather than telling you just the basic facts and letting you make up your own mind from them. As the old TV police detective character “Joe Friday” used to say to people when they were telling him what happened in a crime they witnessed and they were inserting their opinions as well: “Just the FACTs, ma’am. Just give me the facts”.

The more you do this, the more that you will become sensitive in what to look for and start to notice when a “news story” tells you what to believe, rolled up as a package with whatever they are telling you are the facts of the situation.

Them: So you seem to really think everything is conspiracy, is that really what you believe?

Me: No, I don’t think that everything is a conspiracy theory, and in fact I am also looking to guard against going down THAT particular rabbit hole as well, it’s just as bad in it’s own way as believing everything at face value.

I’m not really interested in conspiracy theory, I’m interested in conspiracy FACT, but you have to go through the theories and test them by comparing against other things that you have already tested as being true to get to the point that you can separate the two.

Them: Well, what if I don’t want to know? What if I just want to keep on living and enjoying my life like it is now? Why do I have to spend time figuring all of this stuff that I don’t even believe out, when it doesn’t even effect me? What do you get out of trying to figure out all of this stuff other than everyone just thinking you’re crazy - why would I want THAT?

ME: Well, as long as there are other people trying to do all the work to keep the wolves out of the village, then you’re right, you don’t absolutely need to join the fight to see them out, you CAN just keep doing what you’re doing now.

BUT - what if there wasn’t really enough fighters to keep them out, and the village that we all live in really DID get over-run because there really ARE bad people that only want power and lots more bad things that you don’t know about now? If that’s true, then whether you knew all about everything I’m alluding to here or not, it would still happen to you and everyone else anyways.

But at that point, you would no longer have the option to try to do anything about it or not, you’d be stuck with the decision that was already made for you and everyone else by some very bad people.

Them: Well, I have to say that I’m not all that happy that I answered your call tonight, but also that I really hope that you’re wrong all of this stuff. It’s going to be hard for me to sleep tonight, and maybe even for longer than that. You didn’t tell me anything specific including anything about CoVid, you just cast suspicions and made me nervous.

Me: Well, if it makes you nervous enough to do the test I laid out here and gets you to test your world views, that’s all I am asking you to do. You’re right that I never told you what to think on anything here, and that was on purpose - there are enough people everywhere you go trying to do what should be a free choice independent act for you. You might find that I am wrong, which I have to say that I’d be happier than you if that was true.

But if you find out otherwise, which will mean that you will start to become amongst the people that can’t easily be swayed for the purposes of furthering other’s agendas. It’s up to you, but again I think you can see that you have too much of your self image wrapped up in being a free thinker to just walk away from this and do nothing - as they say, “once you’ve seen something, you can’t unsee it, and once you’re heard it, you can’t un-hear it.”

Them: Wow, thank you Mr. Sunshine - I think I need a drink…

Me: Good idea - I’m buying, where do you want to meet?

The End

Postscript Note:

I’m not saying that I’ve ever had this conversation as yet with anyone, but I’ve been rehearsing ones very like it in my head many times. If you’ll notice, I used NO TRIGGER WORDS like Trump, Democrat, Republican, Climate Change etc here - those have been wired into people’s heads to automatically “trigger” an emotional response that shorts out their logic circuits. It’s important to keep things out of emotional territories as possible if you try to do a conversation like this, because the people that have mass programed our unknowing population pretty much own them emotionally. Good luck and let me know of any real conversations of this type you might have had, how they went, and what you could have done better to be more successful, assuming that you actually weren’t entirely successful ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

January 21, 2022

Link #1 for CoVid researchers, lots of evidence that CoVid was always meant to be a bioweapon:

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