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Red-Pilling HALLOWEEN - Knowing What You’re Afraid To Even Ask

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

When I was a kid, I probably loved Halloween almost more than Christmas. I (of course) loved the candy, the excitement of the weather that told you that a change was coming to your world, and I loved the costumes and decorations. But really, those things were peripheral to the main event - I just liked scary stuff, and I think that’s still true for many people today.

But WHY does that fascinate us so much as a race? It’s almost like looking into a fire that you know can burn you, but still wanting to see how close you can get your hand before you have to pull away - we have a perverse fascination with evil even while we want to protect ourselves from it. What I want to do here, as Halloween 2021 (just about the scariest year on the planet ever) approaches, is to go over the things that I have learned on this subject over my journey from wary agnostic to baby Christian, and leading through the conclusions that I’ve arrived at from examining all the TRULY scary stuff on this topic.

Let’s start by looking at a basic premise that I will base things on: the belief in beings in a spiritual realm verses alien races from around the universe. Just by looking at the entertainment offerings on my Amazon Prime this week, it’s pretty clear that human beings believe or at least enjoy the idea that there are other races of beings in the universe that are all more advanced, powerful, and usually more EVIL than us that we need to prevail over. Let's look at what I think are truths on this subject.

Giants and The Nephilim in the Bible: If you don’t know about this, it’s simple to look up and so I’m not going to include any links because there are so many - the basics are that “the Sons of God” which are some sort of God-created Angelic beings who fell with Satan after the great rebellion in Heaven talked about in Genesis decided to have sex with human women, and the results were some sort of hybrid human of great strength and stature etc. One of the reasons for Noah’s flood was to exterminate these abominations, but it seems that at least some survived possibly either through the bloodlines of Noah’s wives or as disembodied spirits who went on to create more of the giant races as described in the story of David and Goliath, and the people who made the Israelites look like “grasshoppers” compared to them when they were entering in to possess the Promised Land. Again, I’m not going into detail on this, but lets just say for my purposes here that these would be early evidence of things to come from the demonic beings that have been our enemies since the Garden of Eden.

Suppressed truths of the Salem Witch Trials: See link #1below -This is a show that used to be on YouTube that (what a shock) got taken down, the two guys Rob and Ben have a lot of shall we say “extra-Christian beliefs” that include that not all witches are bad - although I will allow that not all witches KNOW that their powers come from Satanic sources, having dated a “white witch” briefly before being a Christian. This is a look at the Salem witch trials and if you want to get to the good part, start at 4:05 when they start talking about Cotton Mather, the leader of the Salem community. He was brilliant and entered Harvard at 10 years old. The stories I’m going to mention start at 9:40, here’s the highlights: A woman named Amy Duny who was caring for a mother's 10 year old boy that fell ill once the mother of the boy fired her for suspicion of doing bad things to him. The bottom line is that after that the family doctor told the mother that if she saw anything unusual on the house to throw it into the fire, and then the mother threw something like a toad into the fire and it exploded. The boy then recovered, but Amy Duny was scorched. Duny then cursed both the mother and child, and both curses happened: the boy died soon afterwards and the mother lost the ability to walk.

There are other things recounted here, but the story of the minister George Burroughs is the most remarkable to me, because he was named by the other witches as their leader. I also remember seeing somewhere that witnesses talking about seeing I think Burroughs literally riding a broom in the night, and they describe a woman witch who had numerous teats that produced a milky substance, which could be where the “colder than a witch’s tit” originally came from. This stuff if what is kept from the history books we learned from as kids and we have believed the "it was just hysteria" explanation. - it wasn't.

Beyond that, they talk about the Collins family as heavily behind early American witchcraft / Satan worship back to the early 1600s, who worked to throw blame for Satanist activity onto Christians. If anyone remembers the series “Dark Shadows” from the 1970s, the Collins family are the ones with the vampires etc in them. Then look at about the “teen witch” etc TV shows we’ve had recently, as such, we have to admit both how "mainstreamed but softened” the whole topic of the occult etc is in entertainment today. This helps to keep it all in the public eye while making it also seem “just pretend and fun” to all the parents that are helping their kids pick out costumes and carve Jack-O-Lanterns for the seemingly harmless holiday.

If you are interested on more from Edge Of Wonder on this subject, I have included both as link 1 and 2 below.

The people group of Satanists / Luciferians and their motivations:

So, the above shows that even though the original settlers of America came for Christian religious reasons, just like on the Ark it seems that most probably there were even Satanists on The Mayflower etc. They hide in plain sight as a creed and use many hand signals that you can see in photographs etc. to follow a code of both revealing the truth of their actions while hiding it at the same time.

Satanists and Lucifarians are like most all human beings ; they want power over their lives and destinies, they just picked a disastrous route to get there. The term Luciferian is just a softer and deluded way to be a Satanist. They have been conned into believing that Lucifer is either the real God of the Universe that the evil God of the Bible stole his birthright (or whatever you want to call it) from, or else he is Jesus’ brother. If you look at all false religions and belief systems; you will find that virtually every lie of Satan is devoted to people falsely identifying Jesus as something other and less than part of a three-part Godhead; and telling them that God doesn’t want the best for them, so they need to serve Satan to get what they want.

A Satanist is just a Luciferian that sees what is really going clearly and doesn’t delude themselves that they are good in any way, nor do they care. The longer and stronger that they serve Satan, the more like him they become. People that are just “dabbling” in witchcraft etc. and might identify themselves as “white” witches will either leave in horror once they see the truth, or they will just get more and more “black”. Wiccans are just a softer more New Age herbalist version of a witch - there are lots of modern hippy type people who think it’s romantic to describe themselves as Wiccan, and I believe that in the coming Great Ingathering of Souls before the Tribulation period of the End Times, many of these people will become Christians.

But there are also the motivations of sex, money, and of course extended youth which brings us to a subject that very few people know much about even in this day and age where it’s one of the biggest shadow industries on the planet: Adrenachrome. I’ll go into that after I get through the next section:

UFOs and Satanism in Present Day:

Before I go any further I want to say that most of what I am about to get into are things that only a small segment of the population knows anything about, and most are very inclined and even feel compelled to dismiss as just “conspiracy theory stuff”. Ask yourself this question before you come to a conclusion like this and stop reading: Do you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered JFK - especially all by himself? I’ve found that a very small segment of the world still think that Oswald killed Kennedy in today’s world. But did you know that “conspiracy theorist” was a term before the murder of JFK, but when it went into wide popular use was to try to silence all conjecture that showed that the government’s explanation made no sense to the point of physical impossibility? So rather than giving into the urge to not want to be “lumped in with the crazies” when you hear that “conspiracy theorist” trigger word coming up either in your own mind or in media, remember how many times it’s been used over the decades to get us to not look in a direction that “bad people” don’t want you to look in.

All that being said, the reason why I decided to write this today was watching a video of a woman named Jeanette Archer who is a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) survivor who just recently put on a rally that she spoke at in front of Windsor Castle, which is of course where the British Royal Family live. There have been piles of accusations against the royal family for both pedophilia as well as Satanic torture of children for ages, way back to the stories of the family being linked to Catholic nuns in Canada hiding the burial of a lot of indigenous children there many decades ago, see link #4 below.

I know I always say that I believe that aliens are demons and not other alien races from other places in the universe, and that's because I don't believe that the loving God described in the Bible would make a bunch of created beings made to prey on each other like is always depicted in our movies etc. But after many years of dismissing this, I have gotten to the point recently that I do believe the reports that demonic beings of some type can shape shift as she describes here, and that could include the “Reptilian” race shape many say is of an alien race from the stars. The Bible tells us that Satan can “appear as a being of light”.

“For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve” (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

For more on this see Link 5, but my purpose is just to help you to not rule out something like this as being impossible. If Satan can appear as being of light, he and his demons can look like any of the other myriad of supposed races of space aliens that people who are into UFOs believe in, including Reptilian. Demons’ whole purpose on Earth is the deception of the human race to keep them from recognizing Jesus Christ as their Savior, and so this is NOT a stretch at all from all the other deceptions they are listed as doing in the Bible.

When you look at the leading themes in entertainment these days - and looking at your Amazon Prime (if you have Netflix, I recommend dumping that, Soros owns a huge chunk of it) will show you exactly what I am talking about - you will see both “Apocalyptic end of the world events” and “alien races threatening humanity” as two of the biggest ones. I think this is to prepare us to accept aliens when the demons masquerading as them decide to reveal themselves - which I would think will be RIGHT AFTER the Christians are raptured off the planet to offer any opposing viewpoint - as well as to make us dismiss all of this as ‘just entertainment” in the meantime.

So when you listen to the Jeanette Archer video, please take my word for it if this is new to you that she is one of dozens or hundreds that have come forth on the internet to testify to the reality of what Satanists do in ritual torture and murder. One of the most prominent people in this Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor group is Jessie Czebotar, a woman who was raised and escaped from an extremely high level Illuminati group to be one of the “Mothers Of Darkness”, women who had a pure enough bloodline to actually give birth to the AntiChrist. See links 6 & 7 below for more, but there are interviews like crazy everywhere with her and as many details as you could want, including what she says was happening in the tunnels below Washington D.C. connected to the January 6th event there.

OK, so here’s the other “kaboom” that I was saving: the “why” behind the child torture. There is a substance that the human body produces that is intended by God to give us the extra energy etc that is needed to effectively “fight or flight” when we are confronted by dangers. It’s called Adrenachrome, and we’ve all felt it to an extent at some time or another in our lives. It’s that chilling rush that floods your head and goes down your back when you are suddenly very scared or terrified. Apparently that's when blood that has been literally FILLED with Adrenachrome through non-stop terror, the person ingesting that blood not only gets an immensely powerful high, but also enjoys a “fountain of youth” effect that slows or temporarily reverses aging. If you heard about “Pizzagate” and Comet Pizza etc a few years ago, that was all connected to in the DC and Hollywood elite crowd engaging in both sex with children and also taking Adrenachrome that had been harvested from tortured children to keep them young etc.

As hideous as it is to say, there is a huge industry run by possibly the most despicable and demonically infested people of all time who literally are running factories where they torture children as long as they can, and when they can get no more Adrenachrome from them, they kill them and discard them. No, I’m not going to put any links on this subject, you can believe me or disbelieve me, but this stuff is simple to find in a non-Google internet search - but be careful what you wish for. I am the sort of person that believes that knowledge is power and that power with truth can set us free, but I know a lot of people can only take a little of this kind of thing.

Either way, this is the kind of thing that urges me to write this stuff - it’s not “nice” and some people might say it’s dwelling on negativity, but the truth is that this stuff ONLY EXISTS because it’s hidden by no one talking about it, so it’s time that we did. So if your head hasn’t already exploded, you either have a really open mind or must already have known at least some of this, and so hopefully will look into more about this so you can educate others as well.

So this is why when I look at the Jack-O-Lanterns and cute kids in their Disney “Good Witch” etc costumes, I can’t help but see the Demons, Illuminati, Reptilians, Aliens, Ritual Torture, and ultimately AntiChrist Globalism behind it. It might seem mean and being a kill joy, but I don’t even give out candy on Halloween anymore even though that I know that most of the kids and parents have no idea of any of the stuff that’s really behind it.

I guess it’s always like that in life, once you find out the truth about something good or bad, you can never go back to the innocence about it again. Genies that leave their bottles never go back, even on Halloween….

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

October 24, 2021

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