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Release the Lawyer Krakens - News From The Front!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

I feel like lately my whole function in the undeclared civil war is to urge the runners in this Marathon to not give up and make it to the finish line that I see coming very soon around what I think is LITERALLY the next bend. When I write both here and on social media, I am trying to hold out a cup of cool literary optimism to the runners who are constantly threatening to give up, after months of dates being held out to them to “hold on until”, and after passing seeing what appears to be no consequential wins, then gasping on to whatever the new goal post is moved to.

While this “date pimping” might seem cruel and only for the selfish profit of some - which it could well be in some cases - as I write this I realize that this is exactly what a trainer or coach might do with their athletes in a long endurance race. As human beings, we aren’t wired for indefinite struggle and can’t just keep on going without some short term destinations that we can derive even just a short rest at before continuing on.

If you look at the history of the “Cabal/CoVax War”, that’s been precisely how it has played out, despite our constant displeasure with it. We hated ever minute of it, but at least it has gotten us to this point, and what I want to point out here today is really what a great position we have arrived at for those that might not see it.

The amazing thing is that God seems to be setting things up to use LAWYERS - a group of people that most every American loves to hate and the butt of many jokes (the most popular of which seems to be “Q: What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?” A: “A good start.”) - to actually be His instrument of destruction for the multi-tentacled Satanic hydra of corruption that is our modern corporate and governmental morass.

Let’s just start with the latest win for our side: that of both the Queen of England stripping Prince Andrew of his titles, and immediately and consequently; a New York state judge denying a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against Prince Andrew filed by Virginia Giuffre, who NOT-allegedly was sexually trafficked to him by the EMSPES (short for the Epstein / Maxwell Satanic Pedophile Extortion Syndicate, which in my opinion summarizes their joint International business) when she was underage. Before you start to go into your carefully rehearsed “Nothing will ever happen, they will all walk like always” songs, let’s take a look as to why I beg to differ with you - consider this, UnCaped Crusaders:

The Royal Family has resisted this and other scandals for decades that involve pedophilia and the like - why did they react this strongly to this one and not the others? Well, consider this concept from a popular book from a few decades back called “The Tipping Point(see link #1 below) :

The moment at which a social epidemic goes from invisible to seemingly ubiquitous is called a “Tipping Point.” I would say that what caused this “tipping point” are all the other points that we all thought made no difference that they walked away from, but were actually staking up to elevate them with every incident raising the Royal family - and that included Andrew, who now as of just days ago officially is no longer to be addressed as “His Royal Highness” - to the point that the whole world was so aware of his connection to the EMSPES that they could no longer afford to not act, and had to do so decisively.

This is where the old Russian term of “throwing someone to the wolves” came from: When Russians would come back from parties in the dead of their winter and the hungry wolves were chasing their sleigh and getting close enough to over take it, they would literally throw someone to the wolves to eat so as to save the rest of the party. Andrew was officially thrown by the Royal family to save themselves, and the New York court is the lead wolf that is taking the first big bite out of him. Will this be another "nothing burger with air sauce" on it that feeds nothing and no one? No, it can’t be, because the world can smell blood and It knows that once the scent of blood is in the air, the wolves WILL feed - the question is just who and how much they will eat, not IF. And there is no way that many others will not also be thrown from the sleigh that Andrew will try to re-grasp by giving them up in a last attempt to save himself by - again, the question is how MANY others will go down with him, not IF they will.

OK, moving on, since I can of course hear all the “Yeah, but that’s just one lawsuit” arguments coming up - oh ye of little faith.

There are numerous situations that I have been seeing all over Facebook - of course by people avoiding any wording that calls the “Fat Czechs” Facebook police on them - where they describe family members and loved ones getting into the clutches of hospitals who classified them as having what I call “CoVax” (meaning either the disease or bioweapon infecting people depending on your point of view and/or the shot that was supposed to prevent and treat it). The hospitals then followed the Fauci prescribed Remdesivir with ventilator treatment, which led to both shutting down immune system and the kidneys to where patients down in their own fluids and die.

OK, I know that some may well disagree with my assessment of this and that’s ok, but let’s just say what I think is going to be VERY PROVABLE by the lawyers once the parade of plaintiffs starts in what will result in huge piles of lawsuits that will virtually END the hospital system and Big Pharma industries: That lots of people were literally held as prisoners by the medical industry and I think many times KNOWINGLY KILLED by them in the name of preventing and treating CoVax.

Let me tell you of a case that just happened days ago by a friend in my recent hometown of Kansas City:

My friend told me about an old friend of hers that had a situation where a person describing themselves as a witch told him to stop witnessing to her boyfriend about Jesus, which I said he wouldn’t do. Because of this, she told him that she was going to put a death curse on him. The man laughed it off but did in fact become diagnosed with CoVid a few days later - let me say now that I am in no way inferring that this condition is only contracted via supernatural means, and I actually thought about leaving this part of the story out so as to not put some people off, but in the end I decided it was part of the whole thing and needed to stay in.

Anyway, as I have heard so many times from people all over the world, what came next was typical: upon being admitted, the access to her friend by his family and friends was very much restricted to the point that you would have thought that he was an incarcerated inmate in a prison camp rather than a person supposedly being given care by people describing themselves as being in the “healing profession”.

After the hospital was not complying with any of the family or patient’s instructions on care or medicine, a lawyer was contacted and then the family was at least allowed to bring in zinc etc for him, but the nurses literally threw away the medication over night so the patient got very little of it. He was well versed in what had been happening with Covid in hospitals and told people that "they're killing me", with the lawyer threatening to the point that things improved a little, but still after a few more days his body shut down and he died like all the other people whose stories I have been hearing.

The good part of the story is that the family has enough proof that it looks like they will litigate, and litigate BIG TIME. Just like the story with the Royal Family, all of these cases will pile up one upon the other to the point that that Mr. & Mrs. Joe Six Pack Normie will finally be able to see them, and by then almost everyone will know someone who this kind of thing has happened to - and THEN COMES THE ANGER that the American people have classically needed to finally fire their “shots heard ‘round the world.” If you doubt the frequency of any of my claims regarding this kind of story, here’s an article you should read, see link #2 below.

Want more evidence that actually “Touches the Untouchable Deep State Government?” How about Judicial Watch suing the Clowns In America for records of communications and meetings between then-CIA Director Gina Haspel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley (can you say Trump Impeachment plot?) Yes, I am well aware that JW tends to move at sub-glacier speed, but maybe not when you put all of this with the evidence of the NY judge giving the green light to go after a protected species like a Royal - see link #3 below:

And now the best for last: The International group of lawyers etc. that will show you here how they are about to be not only blow over but suck dry the whole Big Pharma / Medical Hospital House of Cards of every dollar that it’s ever squeezed from us.

Check out link #4 below for details on their plans, but when you read it think about this as well and remembering the Bible verse that says that the Lord works all things together for good to His own purposes:

Remember all the nurses and doctors that were being fired for not being vaccinated etc. and the big Pharma big and small wigs that blew the whistle on them and quit? We already know that these doctors and nurses have been forming their own health coalitions, with the hospital refugees setting up shop dealing with the administration of health care the way that they’d always known it SHOULD have been done. From where I’m sitting, it looks to me that God has positioned the newly DIS-PLACED healthcare workers to be put IN-PLACE to set up a whole new healing industry to replace the one that is about to sued and shattered.

Think about a world where the patent holders of disease cures that have been buried for years for things like cancer no longer exist and their assets are sold off to We the People. Think about THAT the next time you really want to sing your “It’s all for naughtEeyore the sad sack Donkey song - we are REALLY close, even though like any war, we lose a few battle on the road to final victory. The Cabal WILL be defeated, the world WILL have fair elections again, and the government of the United States - and hey, maybe Australia and even eventually CHINA - will be ruled by the will of it’s people.

In the vernacular of the American forefathers: HUZZAH!!

I lied - one MORE (oh, you KNOW the) THING: OK, it’s not ALL PollyAnna Pie In the Sky:

One thing that has come to my attention lately is that Newsy, an internet news organization that I was liking as a real world old-fashioned “we’ll tell you what happened, you decide what you think about it” operation up until recently, has definitely identified itself as a newly turned back hat shill masquerading as what it USED to be. Sure enough, upon seeing this and I checked and they were bought by Scripps, one of the biggest network gobblers out there, meaning so much for independent journalism for them. Check all of the accusations they are making about who they are calling “the insurrectionists” who support Trump regarding the Capitol incident on Jan.6, they are more insidious than CNN because of their sheeps' clothing, see link #5 below:

So that’s it - when someone gives you a date when something good might happen, just take it as as all it might be - one more goal post to use as either as a place to use as for rest along the way, or eventually a final destination. It matters not, the victory is certain.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

Jan 14, 2022

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