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Resisting the New “Newspeak”

For those that never read George Orwell’s amazing book the many say we might be living out right now “1984”, “Newspeak” was basically another way of saying “politically correct” terminology. But these days, we are all savvy to the propaganda from the Left and know better to be manipulated like that, right?

Well, think again - in actuality, whenever we use terminology that has been defined and propagated by the Leftist media, we are being compliant and spreading that message even though we don’t agree with it, just by using it as a commonly understood term. Let me show you some examples of what I am talking about:

The Insurrection”: This refers to what happened on January 6th, 2021 at a peacefully and legally set up rally in Washington D.C. where a number of people who attended it are still imprisoned (and one has died in custody), mostly for just taking a sight seeing stroll through a government building having been ushered inside by Capital employees. The only insurrection here seems to be the numerous “intelligence” agency plants who hurled the crowd to do what they wanted for video evidence to use for the purposes of persuading an easily duped population of the dangerousness of the right in a totally staged false flag event.

Well, if that is true, why do we support their psy-op plot by using EVER using the term “Insurrection” when referring to it even in defending what “the right” did in it? It’s always amazed me that “the right” (and even that term - besides at least be a team name to rally around) has always allowed “the left” to set up the buzz words and the definitions?

Sure, I get that they control the mainstream media that sets the terms that will be used there, but why do we need to comply by ever using them even in an argument with them? We should have our our terms sitting ready to go when an event that warrants them happens. Why wouldn’t when they say “insurrection” that we correct them and say, “no, it was The Malicious Manipulation”, because since it was staged by CIA and FBI plants with the intent of framing honest peaceful citizens as violent, virtually any American that had been in Washington DC that day could have been arrested and still in jail to this day.”

Anti-Vaxer” : This one is a pet peeve of mine. Let’s start off with the concept that words have definitions when they are coined, and people don’t have the right to pirate those definitions to their own purposes, but that is EXACTLY what we allow again and again with how we deal with our enemies. Here’s the definition of a vaccine from Merriam Webster:

“A preparation that is administered (as by injection) to stimulate the body's immune response against a specific infectious agent or disease”… Many vaccines are made from the virus itself, either weakened or killed, which will induce antibodies to bind and kill a live virus.”

So by definition, the “vaccines” coming from Big Pharma either don’t have ANY of this, or do in part but contain lots of extras that it’s recipients are largely unaware of including sub-microbial technology and aborted fetal tissue - meaning dead baby parts.

So why do we allow them to call that a “vaccine”? Why don’t we control the narrative and attack with our own terminology and message rather than defend in fear when attacked? How about “Biological Control Agent” for a better name to use? What if instead of starting every defense I hear someone say in the media that starts with “Well, I’m no Anti-Vaxer, but I think…” they said “I am against the Biological Control Agent that is being passed off to the population as a vaccine, because it quite simply does not fit the definition of the term”, and then when they sputter and snort “How can you say that?”, they do precisely that: explain why you can and do say that?

I submit - because I have been guilty of this as well - that we don’t do this because we have a need to be liked and don’t want to say things that cause anger, which is for a partially good reason that we know that anger shuts down the logic centers in people’s minds. But “hello” - let’s look at what time it is in the world: being Mr and Ms. Nice Guy has gotten us WHERE, exactly?

What about trying some shock attack instead and use a battlefield triage approach and leave the ones that can’t be saved to themselves and just concentrate on those that we can? I’ve started just flat out telling the truth in whatever capacity that I think that a particular individual can deal with at that moment, and let them attach whatever label they want to me to try to writ me off. They can’t un-hear what I said, and God will bring it back to their minds as He sees fit.

Racist”: I’m not going to spend much time on this because we have it coming out of every opening in our bodies over the last decade or so, but this again is a hijacking of the definition of the meaning of a word. If someone calls you a racist, tell them “that word means someone that referring to people that are pre-disposed to hating people of a certain ethnicity, and besides that not including me, invoking it doesn’t mean that it includes people who didn’t vote for who you did, or grant the right that some people groups have the right to destroy other’s property because of anything that may have done to their ancestors by people that are no longer living.”

That’s it, the main thing is to learn to no longer be afraid of that term, because it’s the fear of that label that gives it power….and speaking of fear….

Homophobic”: OK, we all know that this is an ultra-sensitive subject with all kinds of people, almost everyone has someone that they know that is gay etc that is very nice as an individual, but let’s put aside that and any question of if these people are born that way or not and reduce this down to the lowest common denominator.

Your cousin Bruce is not amongst the people that have used the gay rights laws to get things to the point where a parent went in front of a school board actually read a book in the school library in very pornographic non-clinical language a story of two ten year old boys touching each others “you know the thing” and sucking each other and then saying it wasn’t weird and it was no big deal. It was the “LGBTX-with YZ and LMNOP soon to come” agenda that figured out a decade or so ago that they were dying off and they better start making some replacements if they wanted their way of life to continue.

Putting aside everything, can we all agree that short of test tube reproduction, this lifestyle if allowed to multiply ultimately ends the species known as the human race due to no replacements of either sex? If you want to be “phobic” of something, that’s what you should look at, and that’s the elephant in the room that no one dares say in any discussion on homosexuality and transgender, but we better start “growing a pair” (OK, I had to go there) and not be afraid to speak truth to power in this subject - because if we’ve learned anything on this subject, they are POWERFUL. Disney, Netflix, more and more Amazon and pretty much any big media & entertainment company is ratcheting up the “War On Heterosexuality”, which is precisely what we need to be identifying it as and saying so in public. Don’t let them shut you up on this subject, and start talking about it to your family and forget about who you offend - it’s worth it to survive as a race. Let’s keep in mind that while the US birth rate continues to drop, China is now BANNING effeminate men from their entertainment, and is in the process of ending their limitation on the children a family can have - so let that swirl around in your head a while as to their motivations….

OK, that’s it, you can now return to your 3rd period classes, I’m done. But how about let’s all really think about being “done” with the Newspeak that we have been repeating and strengthening, whether we have meant to or not - just STOP it…

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

October 8, 2021

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