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Shocking True Conservative Plot EXPOSED!!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

(Before anyone gets too mad, this is a sort of “bait and switch” piece that I wrote right after "Slow ByeDone "appeared to win the Presidency. It’s meant to suck liberals into reading it by saying what they want to hear, and then turning the tables on them when I’ve already placed things in their unsuspecting minds that they can’t “un-hear”. I decided to pull this out for entertainment value, or in case anyone wants to copy and paste it to liberal friends and family in a sort of “drive by shooting” email etc. - which might result in unfriending or disowning, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Read on at your own peril….)

Shocking True Conservative Plot EXPOSED!!

I am a long time conservative who have heard the questions of why and how a seemingly intelligent person could possibly hold such mean spirited, cruel, and simply anti-humanity views on so many things that almost everyone knows are true. Well, upon this momentous win for President elect Biden, I feel that I can no longer suppress the awful truth – and I’m sorry to tell you, it’s far worse than you ever could have imagined – read on:

I have had constant questions from family members and friends over the years, incredulously asking why I didn’t care about the environment and the science proven truth of climate change, and the obvious manipulation of the poor and needy. So now I will finally admit the awful secret that I’m sure many have guessed to be true: I did it all for the money – all conservatives are ACTUALLY paid to mouth our awful racist beliefs.

We all are paid by our level of value to the conservative cause, which as you have all correctly supposed is to take over the entire world (more on that to follow). My “30 pieces of silver” is a paltry $3,000 a month. It was enough to make up for the work that I lost – quite fairly, of course – in the entertainment industry by the vile things that I said in social media, etc. and I was able to maintain a home and pay my bills etc while the whole master plan played out. But as I said, the actual plan is even grander and more diabolical than you could have ever imagined….

Besides that $3000 a month, I also got something else that when you think about it, would have to be included to make it all even worth it: a “seat on the ship”. What good would any amount of money be if when it was all over you were stuck with the rest of the suckers in a burned out world with no where to go?

This is the biggest bombshell of all time, which Joe Biden is about to expose when he is sworn into office in January: There is actually a huge mothership spacecraft that all the major conservatives have a cabin on to go to a up until now unknown Earth-like world after they have destroyed this world.

And how could this have all happened? Well, this brings me to the most awful news of all – but deep down, I think every thinking really “woke” person has already known from the start: Donald Trump is not the person he appears to be – in fact – he’s not a “person” at all:

The name of this planet is unpronounceable to the human tongue, but it doesn’t really matter anyway: Donald Trump is the advance guard of a race of beings from this rogue planet that has recruited the so called “conservative” traitors to destroy the entire Earth to make it into planetary minerals and scrap to be sold on the interplanetary black market!!!

….OK, that’s it, I’m not going to go any further with this because all but the most Koolaid drunk Liberal at this point must have figured out that I was pulling their collective chains. But if ANY of this was plausible to you at all, you need to seriously look at the reasoning you have come up with to all of the questions this brings up. Maybe this is unbelievable, but what ARE the believable explanations to the following?

Why would people want to destroy the only planet there is to live on other than that they have believable proof that it’s NOT being destroyed by the climate that has naturally and harmlessly changed over millennia with no life threatening effects. Yes, things could always be better, but the climate change controversy only exists to create division and siphon wealth from the various countries for personal gain of the few and the movement toward a one world global government that has NO individual person’s best interests in mind. As I’ve said many times, the Vikings weren’t making a joke to future generations by naming “Greenland” - there is petrified trees etc under the permafrost there now, so this shows the natural cycle of warming and cooling that no man made activity has changed, or ever COULD - and that includes the current insanity by Bill Gates to screen out sunlight - what DOES this guy smoke?

I am not going to use this to try to address the many battleground issues that the country is divided over, just to urge people to finally start to do your own research from other than from same media outlets that have gotten your beliefs to where they currently are – because there is NO SANE reason for the belief that conservatives don’t want to live in the same kind of healthy and wealthy world that all of us want other than that the division and fighting between us all serves THEIR purposes, and NOT ours.

And yes, I am including the “liberals” in with the “conservatives”, and the blacks in with the whites, and the gays in with the homosexuals, and on and on – because there is only ONE WORLD that we all share, and so OF COURSE we better start figuring out who the REAL VILLAINS are on the planet and how to unite against them while we still can.

And speaking of that – one more thing: Everyone will soon find out that American elections are decided by actual legal votes and not media, public opinion, etc. Many people will at first be angry about that, but as truth is revealed – not left or right truth, JUST PLAIN TRUTH that doesn’t have a “side” – all will relax and be happy as they see it unfold.

(And now many months later, it is all still playing out, albeit much slower than we ever could have predicted - or wanted. I have many saying in life that I have created to help me and others through the trials that it includes and here’s one that I think applies well to our current situation:

“The only thing in life that you can say that is ALWAYS true is ‘we’ll see’ - we WILL.” ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

June 1, 2021

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