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So what now? Sifting Information from Disinformation

Yesterday, Friday September 24, 2021, was a day that many conservatives were expecting to be a huge bombshell, but came off as exciting as a wet firecracker and as confusing as a muscleman in a dress. What was going on with all the Mass Media claiming that the early draft of the Arizona audit only proved that Resident ByeDone was the lawful ruler of all, and where were the sergeant of arms arrests of all the guilty that we’d been waiting for so patiently for so VERY long?

Was it all a dud? Well, I submit that instead of a dud, it was actually the second American “Shot heard ‘round the world”, AKA, the domino drop that has made the falling of all other dominos 100% inevitable; the beginning little vibration that eventually shook apart an entire building. Let’s take a serious and honest look at the lay of the land by deducing truth based on measurable facts:

We are on the offensive, and they are on the defensive in the information war.

All day yesterday, I heard people saying that they were giving up and had “had it”, but all I can see is proof that the snowball is picking up speed and continuing to roll down our side of the hill toward our enemies. Even if we didn’t get everything that we wanted from the presentation, all of the government people that saw it came out at least verbally seeming to have been impressed and taking the whole thing seriously.

All Pretense of Truth In Mass Media Has Been Discarded.

The mass media puny attempt to “get ahead of the narrative”, declaring that it legitimized ByeDone’s victory before they could be held accountable to having yet heard any official facts, just showed them to be totally in defense mode. What this showed me anyways was that paying any attention to mainstream media whatsoever is not just useless, but saps our energy by trying to take us on an emotional rollercoaster, going up and down between the patriot truths and the counterattack of lies by the media. As bad as Pravda was during the Soviet Union era, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as blatant of lies coming from

OK, so let’s start looking at some other weird stuff that should make you remember that we haven’t been in Kansas in a LONG time - even if you actually live in Kansas…

What’s up with Bill Maher?

If you ever turn on the late night talk shows at all, you should know by now that old Bill is a pretty smug liberal know it all that liberals love to feel superior from agreeing with. So what’s going on with Maher making the rounds lately and going against the official Covid talking points? And what I notice is that he makes sure not not use any trigger words linking his little mugging for the camera to get them to laugh about this subject, but I really get a sort of nervousness behind the laughs as the normies start to feel like something has somehow changed…is it possible that someone with a light colored hat has made a deal with him to help emotionally prepare people for what’s coming?

What’s up with Trump and the Vax?

That’s got to be the biggest head scratcher going on amongst the people I know these days - with all of the people in the medical industries - or recently OUT of them - telling us how bad they are and how many injuries and deaths are in our crystal balls for the coming future, why would Trump tell us it’s OK to get the shot? Nope, I didn’t have a definitive answer on this one, but there are a lot of good people making some good guesses out there, Praying Medic for one.

I’ve also recently seen a video showing all the people connected to the Jesuits that even lumps Trump in with them because he went to a Jesuit built college. All I can say is that if I were to see something that showed proof of Trump being dirty and secretly against us, that would be the point that I would start agreeing with all the people that say that we are actually in the start of the End Times, because short of God sending the ArchAngel Micheal down here with an industrial strength can of Whoop Ass, there is no one else I can see with what it takes to to the swamp draining that it’s going to require to fix our world.

I keep saying that we have to use CSP (“common sense proof”) to be our guides now, and if we think that anyone that took the crap that Trump did for all of us is secretly a bad guy, then I think we probably need to re-evaluate virtually EVERYONE in our lives as possible bad guys. But no, my take is that we just have to accept that we don’t know everything that he knows and just have some faith and trust in him - sort of like God, but no, I’m not saying that Trump is God - sent by God, but definitely human and subject to making mistakes. I don’t know if Covid etc is one of those mistakes or not, but it’s a pretty big subject and as such I would expect that he has scrutinized it LIKE crazy, so I’m going to go with “I guess I don’t know what he knows so I should trust him for now”.

What? Billy Graham was a pedo?

If there is a thing that I have heard in all the MKUltra survivor related videos that has bothered me the most, it was a survivor saying that she saw Billy Graham at a sex trafficking redo party and was used by him for sex. There’s two things about this that I think we have to look at: there being no other related evidence to this claim over many decades, as well as the huge legacy of souls he left; and the major ongoing legacy of his daughter, Ann Graham Lot, who totally impresses me as the real deal on her radio show.

But I also think that we need to remember that the very nature of MKUltra programming is something that can make it’s human subjects see and believe almost anything that their handlers want. I don’t disbelieve the honest memories that these altered personality survivors have, but I think that if I was a Satanist SeaEyeA MKUltra programmer that was all about bringing about a Globalist government; I might decide that I wanted to make some of my programmed sex slaves to believe that some of the most stellar examples of God’s servants on Earth were actually followers of Satan.

Not that we know ALL of the various true hearts of the big Evangelists we have seen, but the ones that were exposed as corrupt all had evidence that came out continually from their past of that corruption being true. Remember, one of the main weapons that we are having to battle in this undeclared war is Disinformation, and as I keep saying, our main shield to help us decide what is real and what is fake is the common sense that we were all born with. My apologies to anyone that this topic was new to, you can research it if you want but I really don’t think it’s worth people time to worry about, I just wanted to address it as one of the “elephants in the room” that has bothered me for a while.

But if you really want a great assessment of what just happened with the AZ- and coming other state - election audits, this is the best and most grounded in logic and fact example of that I have found. I know we are all inundated with things to watch all the time, but this is not “same old/same old” stuff, so I hope if you are interested you will watch the whole thing, which is unfortunately a flight that is in progress rather than landed as we had hoped - but still, return your seat backs to their upright positions and check that your seatbelt are fastened low about your waists, it will probably be a bumpy one as we approach the runway….by the way, “vitiate” means to corrupt, infect or pollute - nice choice of words ;-)

Ooopps - one more very important thing if you don’t already know about it: An actual effective action Christian group you should know about, that amongst other things is creating a fund for legal defense bills:

OK, now I’m really going…

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

Sept. 27, 2021

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