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That’s “Not Nothing” - How to Read the News for What’s Actually There (and not):

If there’s one thing that lots can agree on after the post-Obama era (and yes, I know that statement in itself is actually fake as well, but it’s just meant to refer to the time after he first started showing up on our television screens) , it’s that fake news exists.

OK, so it’s here and the only thing we can do is to try to make the best of it. I’m going to show you the things that I use to actually pull some real information out of all the spin and raw BS.

I will state that I get a continuous stream of headline stories delivered to my computer desktop, and if you want to do this as well it’s simple to go to the sites to set this up. Probably the most valuable one to me is The Daily Mail UK, because they don’t seem to have the same filters on news about America and other things that US news does.

First, there are certain things that I just filter out immediately, here’s some things that I have found that will help:

  • Ignore any headline involving a royal family member unless there is a death involved: Close to all the stories about royals - ESPECIALLY the English Royal Family - are just a distraction for the unwashed masses so they don’t pay attention to what’s really happening that’s important. But here’s a story with a death, and it’s a good case in point, because this story is about a beautiful young & rich princess who “committed suicide”:

Ignore all of it but these two paragraphs, which are all you need to see exactly what this is all about:

“Ms Poma said Ms Gallanio went to Paris in April this year to fight her ex-husband Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani, 73, for the custody of their three daughters – two twins aged 17 and a 15-year-old girl.

The court heard allegations that the prince had sexually abused one of his daughters, although he fiercely denied the claims, according to reports in French newspaper Le Parisien.“

So theres a high probability that this is what really happened:

This is yet another “faked suicide murder by a Muslim Male that didn’t get what they wanted” that has happened for years, all sanctified by the “Religion of Peace”. It wasn’t enough that he was 73 and had a beautiful young wife that he probably bought as a child, he had to have her kids too after by some miracle she was able to divorce him - and I can’t even imagine how bad he must have been get an Arab court to grant that. And when I say “have her kids”, it looks like he had them sexually as well. A mother is NOT going leave the planet willingly with her children unguarded in the “care” of a monster like this, so this story is obviously a fake smokescreen for a murder and pedophile situation.

And speaking of death announcements, here’s another one that has all you need to know in one sentence right the bottom in small print under, which is another way to find the main points - when they try to bury them. Overall, they are REALLY trying to cover up how many people have both died of CoVid as well as have gotten it AFTER being vaccinated - and many with lots of boosters:

“Brad Johnson died Feb. 18, 2022 of complications from COVID-19 in Fort Worth, Texas.”

  • Look for anything that stands out as “not fitting with the rest”, and that will lead you to the truth:

For example:

The headline:

"Uvalde Mayor admits an unidentified 'negotiator' tried to contact the teen gunman during attack while kids frantically phoned 911 during massacre: Mayor says school will likely be razed to the ground like Sandy Hook"

OK, what doesn’t fit here is the razing - If they are going to raze the school to the ground, you KNOW they are doing it to hide something. And then to say “Like Sandy Hook”, they should have ALSO said “Like the McMartin Preschool”, because they razed that to cover evident that as far as I know is STILL buried.

I’ve never heard parents or anyone else call for places where children were killed to be razed to make them feel better - did we ever tear down any government buildings that people were shot in or by? NO, right?

So to quote the "Senile Silly Sage of Capitol Hill": “Come on, man”.

So this whole thing is just an excuse for why they want to hide evidence, which also tells you that they are going to frantically try to bury the whole story as a botched operation as well. The encouraging thing that I am seeing is that people are just not going to sit down and shut up because someone from the government tells them to - I believe that the truth on this whole event is going to come out because THIS TIME people are going to hold onto it like a junkyard dog.

  • Reading what ISN’T there:

Check this out - what isn’t here? I’ll tell you - the REASON for the lockdown.

It say this at the “news station” it’s from, which would be better termed as a “lack of news station”:

“GANANDA, N.Y. (WHEC) — Gananda Middle School is on lockdown and there is a heavy police presence at the school. Police say all children are safe.

We have multiple crews at the school and we're working to get more information. Our crews have reported multiple parents showing up at the school. We'll have more information once it's available.”

So : “All children are safe” but the schools locked down and the parents are all running there? No, this is something REALLY weird, and it’s a lot like they are doing a test on what they can get away with by seeing how band the fear control is. I’m sure there will be LOTS more on this, I am writing this on Friday June 3 before noon, and it will probably be outdated by the time I publish this, but my point is that the real news here is what ISN’T said, not what is.

So, I just decided to go ahead and put this out now rather after Part 3 of the summer battlefields series is finished since I think that news is coming out so fast that people need something like this now. My little phase “this isn’t nothing” is something that I’ve used when I’ve posted things like this in my Facebook world events study group for years now - and we are seeing what I think is going be a whole summer of “not nothings” so the time is now. To paraphrase the famous Vulcan greeting:

“Live long and perspire” ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi / Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

June 3, 2022

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