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The Coming Truth Bomb

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

As I sit down to write this, there are many things looming on the world horizon

that show me that things are about to change in the favor of “the white hats” -

the catch all name for that the group of “named or unnamed people” working in

“alliance” against the Cabal have come to be referred to as. This change is

coming so quickly that I am going to avoid saying any detailed predictions that

could well become outdated in a matter of days, and will instead just talk about the

broader forces and causes behind what got us to this point and what’s coming.

To begin with, I will say that I am one of those people that believes that Donald J

Trump will return to visibly being the President of the United States and the

Leader of the Free (and Soon To Be Free) World - and I think I can prove as

much as anyone can as to why that’s true. I’ve said this for a long time and

vowed to leave my Christmas decorations up until it happens, and yes - they are


Here’s what I consider which I will call “common sense proof” (CSP), common

sense probably being a stronger gauge of reality in this age of photoshop,

holograms, etc. than any video or newspaper article is. CSP should be, in my

opinion, valid proof to win any argument on social media etc; but that time will

have to be after the events that I am predicting here have happened.

Common sense says that people are better understood by their actions than

their words, and the Trump family are no exceptions to that rule. So given that,

why would the Trumps both campaign for other political candidates as well as even

announce their own candidacies if they thought that the election process is

about as strong as wet toilet paper? Donald Trump never got his billions and all

his other accomplishments in life by wasting time, so the fact that he’s telling

people to do things within political parties at all tells you that he MUST know

some truth other than “the election has been stolen and oh well, try again in 4

years”. If the election is irreversibly stolen, then he would never talk about an

election again - it would be a complete waste of time, and that’s not what

Trumps do.

And another thing that Trump doesn’t do is LOSE well. While he brags (I think

deservedly) when he wins, if he really thought that he had an election stolen

from under him like what appears to some really happened, he would NOT

quietly and calmly bite his tongue like we’ve been seeing, he would be


So that’s why I think that the audits will follow their planned course and prove

that the election was stolen, and the VISIBLE presidency will be returned to

Trump. I use the term “visible” because I think that there is every probability that

to some extent or another, Trump has never actually lost power at least to some

degree. All the rumors of most of the generals still doing his bidding I think are

very plausible from how things appear at least to me, and while “ByeDone” has

done a few fairly bad things, he hasn’t - sorry, I mean HIS HANDLERS - done

anything that can’t be undone.

OK, so even if you don’t agree with that part, I think you might with the rest: I’m

talking about how we got to this point, and that very simply to me is all about

MIND Control. I call this part "Why LIB-ies Can't Listen To Logic":

No, I’m not talking about the old cartoon where when the Martian blasts

someone with their screech gun and they turn into zombies and have to do it’s

bidding...wait, maybe I am....but I want everyone to remember just how good

the advertising industry is at making people want to do things without knowing

why. If someone thinks that they are too intellectually sophisticated to “fall” for

marketing, I would say that means that you are even more at risk of “falling for

the mind control” than the person who worries about being subconsciously

influenced, because stroking an ego is exactly how this influencing is done.

It starts with a “self-belief” : let’s say the belief that “you” are a “very caring, hip,

and socially aware kind of person” - the truth of which doesn’t really matter, just

the belief. And because you believe that about yourself, then comes the

package of concepts that you are told - very subtly of course through peer

groups, advertising, etc. - that a person that is all of those things believes “THIS” -

and is given a package of beliefs that they accept in whole. The package of beliefs

would have changed as we have progressed from the “Sex Drugs and Rock&Roll”

package of the 60s, to the self centered “Me Generation” of the 70s up through

the “Che T-Shirt” wearing “Socialist Leaning Grunge” generation.

And now we have arrived at a population between their 20s to late 40s who

have never had a school curriculum and rarely a teacher that taught the real

history of the country and world, who've been taught that all things conservative

were bad and judgmental, and that America was a bad place that should feel

ashamed for what it has done to the world.

So these people will have to have been brought along slowly to be woken up to

the real world that they have been told was all just a right wing conspiracy

theory, The “trigger word” conditioning have taught them to automatically get

angry and call someone a “whatever-IST” insult whenever they are asked to look

at something logically. The way the programming works is through the emotions,

and they act as the gatekeeper to deny access to the programmed ones logic


That’s why the schools have taught about “triggering” and how “bad it was” to

“trigger” someone - the triggering feels bad, and they have been taught that

feeling bad is the WORST thing that can happen to someone - regardless if it’s

from the pointing out of truth, because abolition of absolute values of right and

wrong were jettisoned along the way to where they are now anyway.

So that’s why we are going to have to wait for what I call “the truth bomb” to go

off to even attempt to “reason” with people on reality - they don’t have the ability

to hear you. The only thing that will change that is either a VERY BIG emotional

bomb filled with incontrovertible truth to be forced upon them - which can be

potentially very emotionally dangerous for some people - OR - a series of “small

bombs” that they experience but are then given some time to recover from

before the next timed depth charge goes off.

And I think that that’s what when we have the luxury of finally getting to read the

“worldwide best seller of time tell all coffee table book” that explains what really

happened in what I think will be seen as the “Obama/Tump Era”. We will see all

of the battles and the pawns that were sacrificed by each side along the way -

The Obamoids marching to worldwide globalism, and the Trumpians trying to

remove the international cancer without killing the patient.

The short prediction that I WILL allow myself is this: a few more months of the

last desperate battles, with a lot of small to medium “reveals” that more and

more start actually showing up in the mainstream. And then finally the big “truth

bomb”, that may well consist of the revealing of where all the missing children

have gone, why, what adrenachrome is (look it up, but not on Google), and

probably much more.

So I know everyone is near exhausted, but I’m serious - the Truth Bomb cometh

- and when it does, all the hiding of conservative “conspiracy theory” opinions will

be OVER. You will see all of the people that jeered and hated at you blinking

their eyes, crying, saying “but - why didn’t I KNOW?”

And when that day happens, we need to try to bury our need to use the “I told

you so hatchet” in their heads and instead, calmly and patiently try to explain it

all little by little to them. Remember, what happened to them didn’t happen any

more by choice than it did to US - so let’s try to keep that in mind as we rebuild

the world together.

Uncle Ben Ghazi,

Flyover Country

May 26, 2021

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