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The Death of Big Pharma & The Birth of the New Healing, and more

Ever wonder why the symbol of medicine is two snakes coiled around each other? I actually always did - not that I ever thought there was anything wrong with doctors or hospitals (at least until rather recently) - but I just thought it was an odd choice to represent the profession of physical healing. Well, I think there is a new symbol for that coming over the horizon very soon, because my crystal ball is showing the death of Big Pharma and the existing “insurance hydra controlled” medical industry.

Why do I say that? Other than wishful thinking, that is?

I know it might LOOK like they have us by the shortest hairs imaginable now, but “play the movie forward”, as a favorite book of mine “9 Things You Simply Must Do” names one if it’s chapters; into just a few months from now and let’s look at what I think is absolutely certain to be coming soon:

Hundreds of thousands of doctors, nurses, police, fire fighters, and military are as of a few days ago all choosing to not work at their chosen professions rather than get the hallowed “vaccine that isn’t a vaccine” that everyone around us tells us that we are selfish and plague spreaders for not getting - how do they explain that away? Granted, there is plenty of “1984 Newspeak” type triple talk out there that makes no sense that they think tells you why, but people are starting to get agitated and there are far less vaccinated than “the numbers” (which of course no one ever checks) than they are claiming.

So more and more people are “not Biden it”, (did you like that? You can use it) and starting to think for themselves that things are not as they have been told. Yes, we have all heard that immigrants and military are being brought in to take their place - OK, fine, but so what? What happens when the lawsuits start to literally POUR in to the drug companies and the hospitals from all of these people? I saw one prominent lawyer who said that it will take he, his children, and at least one additional generation to handle all the lawsuits that are coming AND BE WON. So what that all adds up to is a pharmaceutical industry sued into future lifetimes with not just BANKRUPTCY, but (can you hear the lawyers licking their lips?) REPARATIONS.

And that is just talking about the medical industry, remember all the other industries that will be able to do similar kinds of things, but Big Pharma is going to owe LITERALLY EVERYONE - let me say that again: LITERALLY EVERYONE ON EARTH!!

OK, I will settle down here, but I want everyone to really get this. Now let’s move on to what’s going to happen when all the hospital workers and doctors no longer work at a hospital: they will unite to form a new form of medical industry - and I know this is revolutionary - actually based on HEALING THE PATIENT.

For anyone who recognizes this old trusted TV doctor name, the “Dr. Kildare’s” of the medical world started leaving the medical industry around the time of house calls somewhere back in the1960s - probably hitching a ride into history with the milkman. What happened to them? Well, pretty much the same “take over from the top down by money” operation that has happened to literally every industry we have - in this case, it’s called “health insurance”. Health insurance was born as the evil bastard half brother to it’s brother Big Pharma, because it provided a way for that brother to charge more and more because rather than a one time lump sum; it was a sort of “death by 1,000 cuts” to the population by paying thousands of dollars a year that they mostly would never use because of the FEAR (the main ingredient to this and CoVid and most every other scam) that any one single illness could bankrupt a person or put entire families on the street.

What might be coming? I’m already seeing medical professionals on social media seeking each other out and asking if their fellow newly unemployed would like to band together to form LLCs and PMAs (private membership associations) to finally get to provide HEALING CARE (as opposed to “managed care” - did you catch when about 15-20 years ago that all of the sudden illnesses and pain were “managed” rather than cured or healed? - without a bottom-line only hospital and insurance companies giving them orders like they were the cowering whipped lackies of some sadistic prison guard.

I don’t pretend to know what this will look like, but I can already see that it will involve a lot more natural vitamins and herbs and COMMON SENSE cures than hi-tech pills and cutting of flesh. OK, sometimes that might be what is required, but speaking as a person who was born with allergies after two operations to insert tubes to drain my ears that never worked culminating in huge ear and throat issues most of my life, those pretty much ended when I figured out that the allergy shots I was given only DESENSITIZED me to what foods I was allergic but was eating thinking I was “cured” had to be cut out, and that with Astragulus was way more effective than antibiotics. For the first time in my life the mucus in my ears and head drained away and I didn’t get sick a couple of times every winter.

OK, that might seem a little off topic but it’s really not. I believe that we will see cures for MANY things INCLUDING cancer, and they will cost an amount of money that won’t kill you faster than the illness. It might take a year or two to settle into a new model, but there’s nothing like necessity to mother inventions, and nothing drives that better than a complete crash and burn of the old model.

I expect to see similar changes in many many industries as a result of the unfortunately painful transition period that we are just now embarking on. Yes, it will be hard and of course it’s duration will be shortened or lengthened by who is at the helm. But the bad guys didn’t take into account our inborn sense of innovation and hope that just living in a place like America has bred into us. No matter what industry we are talking about, trying to control and kick people out of it will only bring positive change from those that refuse to be enslaved.

As I said before: “we’re not Biden it”, so Resident Joe better wake up and figure out what the words he’s been told to that chant he keeps hearing wherever he goes really are, and that JUST maybe the 8.5 million votes they told him he got could just be a TEENSY BIT OFF…..

WWG1…”Oh, you KNOW the THING”!

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

October 7, 2021

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