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The "Purple Unicorn Utopian Fantasy Politician" - Are They Really CRAZY, or is it "Something Else"?

I call people like Elon Musk's "Child Bride" wife who thinks that Artificial Intelligence will bring on "all the things about Communism that everyone loves, without the forced labor" something that I'm naming after an entity that has never and will never exist on the earth: a "Purple Unicorn Utopian Fantasy Person". This includes everyone that you've ever met that told you about what "Obama says" that has never taken the time to realize that what Obama DOES has sometimes nothing to do with what he SAYS. Lot of us were this kind of person in grade school, but then after we got out into "the real world" we realized how a lot of out idealist dreams from our youth were full of holes that we didn't see back then, and as we grew up we replaced them with ideas that actually WORKED.

Given that, many of our enemies right now never left "Neverland" and are trying to run our country. Check out this article at the bottom of this blog about a politician that supposedly wants to solve homelessness by making it legal for them to squat in any unoccupied house that they want. The reality of what she really said is of course not as simple as the headline reads: see the link at the bottom of this blog. No, this Socialist candidate doesn’t want the homeless to break into the homes that are occupied, but what she DOES want is at least equally stupid on the surface, but actually WORSE when you look at it:

She wants the homeless to be allowed to break into empty homes and live there rent free etc. Let’s make a list of just a few surface things that are wrong with this that I guess aren’t apparent if you are a Purple Unicorn Utopian Fantasyland Socialist:

A) All of these homes are owned by SOMEBODY, even if it’s just community property of the state - and so I’m sure that they’d have something to say about someone living there without their permission, and this would start a legal bonanza for lawyers - but ALSO make it that any legitimate legal case would be moved back in the sludge of the homeless house cases for YEARS!!

B) I have volunteered to take and pass out clothing to the homeless in downtown LA in the past, and I was told and observed it to be true from the dirty destroyed clothing I saw on the streets that all of the donated clothing is given out and worn until they are rags and then discarded. So what is going on is lots of decent clothing all goes to a landfill because it's too dangerous to wash anything given what all might be infected in it. So given that - who would we think that houses would be treated any differently by the homeless? This might seem to be both unfeeling and not 100% true, and both of those things are true to some extent, but for all of the good person exceptions to what I just said, the huge majority would make my claims a reality in practice.

C) And if this ever happened, you KNOW what would be next: “Utility Rights For The Homeless” - That’s right, it’s "inhumane" to let people in houses with no running water, electricity, heat, and unbroken and working light bulbs and the rest. And it would never stop there, THEN it would be “Furniture for the Homeless” etc. And then, they aren’t "homeless" anymore, they are a permanently protected class of people who never ever have to work for anything and have EVERYTHING given to them - which I would assume to include alcohol and drugs, and of course the right to not have to bother with mental health etc. which COULD actually mean that they can’t be convicted of any crimes, because IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT that this has happened to them, they’re all VICTIMS….

And guess what political party victims all vote for? There, you’re starting to figure it all out - they AREN’T crazy with all of this stuff, they are just hoping that WE are enough to let it all pass…

So when you are at the next glitzy Hollywood-wannabe type cocktail party you're invited to and someone brings up some Purple Unicorn Utopian Fantasyland Socialist concept that they believe will save the world, spend the time to show them the holes in their thinking - they might not appreciate it, but maybe someone listening will.

Keep in mind that it's actually OUR TAX DOLLARS that made them into the little junior Maoists that so many of the under 40 have become through our schools right under our noses, and VERY SOON when the "truth bomb" will go off they will be dazed wandering like survivors of a nuclear attack asking what happened; and it will be a lot better for ALL of us all if we can reduce the hopelessly brainwashed list by rehabilitating as many as possible.

And speaking of that, My Home Owner Association is having their Memorial Day pool opening party this Saturday, and I have my bright blue "Let's Go Brandon" t-shirt which never fails to get comments and laughter all laid out to wear to it. Never finding that being "all things to all people" gets ANYONE what they really want in life, I prefer to be both a lightening rod to attract the like minded as well as mosquito repellant to the rest ;-)

So Happy Memorial Day from UBG, and as Trump has been saying through the song he's been dancing to at his events recently: "Hold on - I'm Comin'" - and soon it shall be, I believe :-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi, Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

May 24, 2022

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