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The Three Main Battlegrounds of the Summer of ’22 - Part 1 of 3

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

(I hope you all had a great Memorial Day - now back to the war waged against us which is already in progress: This is a sort of “aggregation” blog separated by subject to make it easy to either skip a section or get more information from the many links I include. Originally I was going to hit all three topics in one blog, but it was so huge that I decided to separate them - so this is part 1 of three.)

There is SO MUCH controversy going on right now especially regarding the “shootings of the week” (remember “movie of the week”? - more on how that name could apply to what’s coming up) that if we are being totally honest with ourselves, the only thing that we can point to as being absolutely true is that almost no one trusts the narratives coming from their government - and I’m applying that on a PLANET-WIDE basis.

So here’s the deep dive on the first of the big three battles that I believe we will see for the rest of the summer “riot season”, barring the return of Trump before then, of course, which are:

  1. Gun Ownership Vs. Mass Shootings

  2. Abortion “rights”

  3. And “Other Distractions” from Election Theft.

As we look at the first two topics, let’s keep in mind that ALL of this might fall under the category of a distraction from the election steal. I will start with the Gun - 2nd Amendment Rights / Mass Shooter stuff, which I will say from the get go that I believe to be almost totally motivated by getting the American people to voluntarily disarm and become the new Australia, which would mean the total defeat of good on the entire planet, so I put these two subjects together as one because of that reason:

Let’s look at the person of Salvador Rolando Ramos, a boy from a dysfunctional home who was bullied for stuttering who is the first of the two recent 18 year old shooters who is from a “town of 15,000 residents, where nearly one-third of people live below the poverty line”.

He exhibited “cutting” behavior (on his face, etc.) which is common to kids going though some kind of trauma or abuse, and played violent video games and has all the ear marks of a mass murderer. You can see details here:

OK, so he is a textbook psychopath in the making and voted “most likely to be a mass murderer” in his graduating class, right? Well, maybe, but now let’s take a look under the surface here that shows it might be more than that, just allow yourself to try on a tin foil hat for size before you move on:

Groomed by the government?

This woman Radix Verum in the video above talks about Payton Gendron, the other 18 year old shooter, possibly being groomed on what I think is either a dark web site or app called “Discord” by someone that could be a federal agent calling themselves “Armand”.

She talks about what she thinks is an FBI history of grooming mentally unstable boys to be used in this “asset” kind of way, and something about an organization that he might be trying to join here - no, this video obviously isn’t proof of anything like this, but we are just looking at the possibilities here for now of what MIGHT be true.

She and others talk about a pattern that we have not been told about how a lot of these shooters are autistic, which makes them easier to mentally control or influence. I think the body armor that he is wearing in the picture in this video, and I'm seeing in here the symbol that I believe is also on the Nazi influenced Ukranian “Azov Battalion” uniforms, which is a Satanic symbol of the elite Nazi or SS which dates back to the 1920/30s.

And here’s more on Salvador:

He publicly stated what he was going to do and it was reported, but nothing was done. “The girl later told CNN that she reported the chilling texts to US authorities but did not think Ramos would be capable of acting out the threats he made”. Apparently he was in contact with three different girls on the French social media site called Yubo, who “reported Ramos' threats to the app's support team, which included a series of messages sent by the gunman, threatening to commit sexual violence and carry out school shootings”.

So the main point here to me is that he was reported but nothing was done. I’m just guessing, but I would think that with the guy being an American citizen, the first thing Yubo in France would have done to cover their butts would have been to contact the FBI - so what does that say to us?

Common Sense Conclusions. Or “Riddle me this, Caped Crusaders”:

The only thing I am positive of is that this Payton guy didn’t pay for his $70,000 truck and $5,000+ of weapons and tactical body armor from the job that he didn’t have.

Where does an 18 year old boy who is supposedly sleeping on a mattress in grandma’s basement get a $70,000 truck, weapons valued at $5,000 a piece and body armor?

Read on to see what I think is the answer:

To summarize, this video has lots of interesting information on the subject of the possible grooming of these shooters:

I’m looking at the image at the start of the video at what I think is the body armor that he bought, and regarding the Satanic / Nazi / Azov symbol symbol on his uniform - do you think this design was available at his local “Guns-R-Us”?

No, I’m just going to come out and say that I think it’s very likely that EVERYTHING that he used was provided for him, just like what is provided for a Black Ops military team as they are going into some country like we always see in the movies. Because why wouldn’t they arm an asset any differently than they would an adult soldier - they are doing the same kind of task, but the unsuspecting child is set up to be suicided out at the end of the mission.

I believe that this gun disarmament battleground is using mentally unstable “asset” shooters, because the battle plan is to use fear to try get us to willingly disarm and become the new Australia - which would be the same as surrendering the whole world to the Cabal. The stakes on this battlefield is literally all the freedom marbles, so it’s important to recognize that and not allow ourselves to make any mental concessions when speaking to others on the subject.

The Big Kaboom - Is literally “everything we know wrong?”

OK, I’m getting close to winding up this subject, but let’s look at this recent repost of one of the always wonderful “Amazing Polly” videos from December of 2019. In it she has uncovered a private company called “Strategic Communications Laboratories” - a name I never heard before but apparently a UK firm made up of ex-military who sell their “influence operations” services to literally create fake news. This is the kaboom topic here for me.

She is posting this to look at how this relates to the “shooters / movie of the week” phenomenon that I alluded to before as to just how fake (not IF) these events actually are - and no, I am not ready to go all the way to the concept of NONE of it being real and that no one actually died, very simply because that’s way more expensive and hard to keep secret than just killing a bunch of people.

But it really does start to make you wonder what percentage of what we are told happens in our world and if “everything we know is wrong”: Here’s the video:

Gang Stalking, Mass Shooters and More:

This is related to the faked news stuff that is touched on in the Amazing Polly video earlier. I’m including this because it really effected me when I saw it, and I think that it’s important to know not just what is possible but also really is happening through our “intelligence industries” - some of why evil gets away with what it does is by being SO evil that the average good person thinks that it’s too far fetched to be true.

You may have never heard of “Gang Stalking” but here is a good definition: “We can define gang stalking to refer to a group of people coordinating their efforts to harass or cause psychological distress in another person or a group of people. When a person is stalked, he or she is being pursued obsessively by another person to a point that the victim no longer feels safe or suffers emotional distress”.

Here is the link for more info, but the coordinated group doing the stalking seems to be at least in part government black ops agencies - for more, go here:

I’m including this here because it could be a factor in the shooters. I think a lot of the people who are involved in this “gang stalking” practice and the “Voice Of God” (VOG) technology that they use on who are referred to as “Targeted Individuals” (aka: TI’s) believe that they are patriots, but are actually being used by Satan. When you watch the video link I have at the end of this paragraph, think about the mass shooters. If you want to know where the term “a tin foil hat crazy”, this is it - TI’s attempting to protect themselves from the VOG tech being aimed at them - this will blow you away:

Notice that this whistleblower guy says that Amazon is involved, and then think about the Metaverse blog that I wrote a month or so ago. I first posted this video in my Facebook group in 2018, and upon re-listening to this it’s very chilling to see the progress that they have made in recent years.

One thing about the Internet age is how looking into one topic can lead you down to another - I never heard of “gang stalking” before l posted this back then, or “targeted individuals” for that matter, but it paints a very believable picture and gives a lot to think about regarding the mass shooters we are being shown.

This whistle blowers explanation of who is chosen to be targeted, how it’s done and why is very sound and sane from a technology point of view, as well as listening to what he says about Amazon. The video adds validity to the subject by showing people calling in to a show with personal experiences at the end. It also explains a lot about what could even be a cause of some homelessness and what could explain some of the overall weird mindsets of people in Seattle overall.

Getting back to the possible tie-ins with the present day shooters, there are quotes in the news article below made by Ramos that whenever his resolve to kill waned, he went back to 4chan and was fired up again - possibly by a discussion with “Armand”? This sort of thing is exactly the kind of goading that the Gang Stalkers talk about using against their Targeted Individuals:

And this just in: another shooting murder just happened on the subway in NYC. Speaking of the murderer, Pastor Lamor Miller Whitehead, speaking on his behalf, says Abdullah 'doesn't remember anything' - so maybe it’s all because the guy is crazy, but ask yourself this - what has changed in the last couple of years that all of the sudden homeless people murder people on the subway in NYC? And if it’s all coincidence, why isn’t it really happening in other big cities? Is it JUST POSSIBLE that this person was controlled in some way to do this? Who is really going to care enough with a homeless person in NYC to try to find out?

Michael Moore, “Stupidest American not actually in politics”:

And here’s Michael Moore delivering his latest steaming fresh hot load of verbal horse manure, who gets my vote for “stupidest American not actually in politics”. He seems to think that either the rifles used to fight the Revolutionary War didn’t use something that could be called a bullet, or that the Founding Fathers weren’t aware of them; because he claims that not only should the 2nd Amendment be repealed, but that the Fathers never would have put it in the constitution had they know how they could kill. It has to be heard to be believed:

So I’m seriously not claiming to know the answer on all of this stuff - but I know that the answer ISN'T that it’s all just happening naturally with no help. When we get through this era I have started calling “The Cabal Wars”, we have to go through a lot of government with a blow torch. Any entity that can’t quickly and simply prove it’s legitimacy and value to our citizens' well being needs to be THROWN ON THE BONFIRE OF HISTORY.

Speaking of that, I just got another 6 day ban from posting this same sentence “we have to go through a lot of government with a blow torch“ on Facebook, which I will admit was stupid on my part but when you go from writing a free speech blog like this to being in enemy held territory like Facebook you can forget sometimes. For those that care, here’s how to speak in Facebook code and still get your message across - I should have spelled it “bl0w t0rch” ;-)

So that’s it for now, but really do try to keep your heads down because the Cabal are desperate and they would literally torch the entire country to give themselves one more minute of life. As a very smart person or persons is famous for saying: “these people are evil” - but they WILL lose.

Uncle Ben Ghazi / Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

May 30, 2022

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