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The Three Main Battlegrounds of the Summer of ’22 - Part 2 of 3: The Abortion /Transgender Front

(Here’s part 2 of 3 of emotional flash points that might not seem to be related, but actually are.)

I’m going to state right from the get-go that I am about to say a number of things that pretty much nobody else will right now - maybe because they don’t agree with me or maybe just because they are afraid of the blowback from others, be it in real life or social media. But one of the advantages of being a fake snarky pseudonym action figure as apposed to “a real boy" like Pinocchio always wanted to be (who - not unlike many of the people I'm about to discuss -also had issues with truth); is that you can say what you want and still walk down the streets in downtown San Francisco.

So I will start with this: Both the act of aborting a baby and deciding to become any of the 97 (that’s more than Baskin-Robbins right?) flavors of Trangenderism are all about the same thing: demanding that your sexual choices bear consequences on those other than you, while our current “politically correct” (is that still a term?) laws shield you from any and all of their consequences. Before I go any further, let me deal with the expected and obvious first reaction by many to that statement - that of now being called a bigot and Racist and sexist WhatHaveYou-ist and FlavorOfTheMonth-phobic for even thinking this, much less saying it in public.

OK, people have a right to their opinion, but I will say why I believe that is wrong (yes, I have a right to my opinion as well, regardless of if they make some people feel bad), because we only have the right to fully execute our choices when they don’t effect others adversely.

Many people’s answer to that statement might be some form of “my/their sexual choices only effect me/them”. Here comes my effort at proving that this is about the most incorrect statement that a person can possibly make, which will actually turn out to cover almost all aspects of society, effecting us ALL.

Sexual Choices in Olden Days:

Amongst the violent 3rd wave feminists of our day there is really no more “sacred” subject than the right to kill babies. It really is a modern form of ancient Ba’al or Moloch demon worship, the same thing that was practiced by the ancient Israelites who “made their children pass through the fire”, as some Bibles refer to the sacrifice of their children at the statues of the demon gods.

For a point of reference for those that don’t know this Bible story, the Israelites who had escaped from Egypt a few years earlier eventually fell into doing the things that a lot of the people who lived in the lands that they came to occupy after their 40 year tour of the “sand-lands” of the desert after complaining that parting the red Sea and raining quail and bread from heaven every day on them wasn’t good enough.

One of the most popular ways that people worshipped these gods was by having ritualized sex with those gods temple prostitutes, and I’m sure it didn’t take long for whoever was in charge of the temples marketing departments to get the bright idea once pregnancies started happening (I’m guessing maybe about 9 months from the start) that if the gods wanted the kids dead as worship, that would both take care of the extra mouths to feed and add to the spectacle of the whole thing.

So sooner or later the Israelites decided they should get in on this, since at least the front end of the whole thing looked pretty good to the guys that can tend to be of the “it’s just sex, thank you very much, now let’s move on” mindset - which I think we have all heard in the whole abortion movement like crazy these days, right?

One of the Bible phases that has always struck me as so true throughout our history is that there is “nothing new under the sun”. As a race, humanity has repeated the same mistakes just using different technology, clothing and hairstyles for millennia. More on that later…

So regarding these “gods” (read: Demons) that these people worshiped, two were called Ba’al and Morloch, which were probably different names for the same Demon depending on the land they were worshiped in. I thought about taking this famous picture and to make a point putting it on a t-shirt with “Starve Morloch” over it and “End Abortion” underneath it, but I am pretty sure that I would be attacked regularly if I wore it on the street ;-)

If you are unfamiliar with the term “3rd Wave Feminism”, go to the history of Feminism at the link below. Like most things today, this once was a very legitimate and needed movement that has been taken over by the Satanic agenda for humanity; once again by the process of getting a people group to self identify as victims and then weaponize their anger which has been fermented in them for Satanic purposes. I believe that feminism was 100% needed at one time, but has gotten hijacked to be used against not just children, but against the very concept of marriage that is needed to both create them and for them to thrive:

And now to the current state of 3rd Wave Feminists, who are as angry as a MMV (Modern Manufactured Victim) can get, see the video below to show I’m not exaggerating. You will see humans who I will go out on a limb and say really have nothing to worry about ever actually getting pregnant:

So, to wrap this up with modern Feminism, by all actions and appearances they:

A) hate all things masculine - except of course for their haircuts, and B) want to kill the babies they don’t have to get back at all things masculine, which results in them trying to get others to kill the children that they DO have, to support them in their MMV rage, thus justifying that rage by doing so.

So before I flip this coin to its’ Transgender side, here’s some current “war stories” from social media to show the way this is effecting society:

There was a thread discussion on Facebook that I saw on this story with a police video talking about a news story where a woman actually threw out her newborn son in a trash bag in a dumpster, and a woman in the thread actually posted this: "You'll see a lot more of this if you take away a woman's right to choose” - this was my reply:

What an idiotic thing to say - what you just saw WAS a woman's choice! It is amazing to me that people that are "pro-choice" are only pro-THEIR CHOICES, not the baby's choice. A mother is supposed to protect their baby OF ANY AGE. The fact that many people refuse to recognize this in recent years just show the current age of narcissism and self centeredness that permeates our world.

I know you’ll be shocked - but there was no reply…

What blows me away is that this woman in the post is probably a very responsible person (and may even be a mother) would express no shocked emotions at the throwing away of a newborn baby by its mother, but instead used the story to attack anyone daring to challenge a her beloved “woman’s right” to kill a baby.

So that’s why this will be such a hot topic for the summer: They have been whipping up especially woman’s residual resentments from the period of time where they were treated like property, and have actually found a way to focus it on the unborn.

And now to the other side of the same coin what’s currently called Trans-rights in the MMV (Modern Manufactured Victims) world.

I say that they are manufactured victims because of observing their effect on our world: the pitting of one group of victims against another is a published Communist Manifesto warfare tactic that SOMEONE described as “Change We Can Believe In”, but we thought meant we all got a pony - oops.

But if you were building a victim class to weaponize against a way of life you wanted to wipe out, could you imagine any better than one with shaved rainbow hair, tattoos and pierced everything that are so morbidly obese they can barely move except to scream and spit that they weren’t getting everything that was owed to them? I certainly can’t imagine who I might be describing….yes, the snark is strong with this one today, Skywalker…

HOW WE GOT TO WHERE WE ARE: Transgenderism as taught by Transgender teachers:

For decades, I have watched the slippery slope progression of how the world has been taught to embrace any kind of sexual expression other then the monogamous married heterosexuality as outlined in the Bible. Hear me out before anyone gets mad, because I did actually witness this process rather than just reading it in a book.

Let’s pick a start date of around the 50s/60s, where there was finally starting to be protection from the bullying of homosexuals (yes, a GOOD thing), and a sort of “live and let live” attitude overall. Some people might have chosen not to live near a gay person or have them as friends, but in general the whole “let’s go beat up a queer as weekend entertainment” that we’ve all seen depicted in old black and white movies was very much dying out and seen as unacceptable behavior. So if anyone WAS still doing that by the end of this period, they certainly kept it secret, because we all felt sorry for these victims of bullying - and that’s key to what I’m about to say:

Then the 70’s hit and homosexuality was starting to become seen as a sort of “exotic spice” to add to the “young and hip” films that were starting to come out. I remember my parents starting to go see a lot of these with my father calling out “there goes another Easy Rider” whenever he drove by a guy with long hair on a motorcycle, which was probably the very embodiment of freedom to a young man with a office job and a family of 5. They even admitted to going to what was in my town called “Blue Movies” - which was low level/budget hetero-porn shot in dim “blue” light so the actors faces couldn’t be clearly seen. It was all just a tiny bit naughty and supposedly hurt no one at least as far as we could see yet, and so…

Then on to the 1980-90s. Disco had introduced casual sex and the whole Cocaine Culture to the country as it slammed the door on the 70s, and suddenly 80s New Wave and Punk music was rebelling against both that and the 60s rock. What used to seem so exciting was now was as embarrassing as yesterdays' platform shoes in the back of your closet - we were now “experienced”, and as such needed a greater thrill...which brings up the following....

Let me pause the timeline here and talk about porn and what it’s done for us as a society: What we thought we were using as a little sometimes thrill or “marital aid” for many became a drug that demanded descending to lower and lower depths to get a greater and greater thrill.

Many people got into a lot of consensual sexual activities that had become sort of mainstream as shown in our entertainment that would have shocked people just 100 years before. Bondage, partner swapping and the like had all come up around this time, but also a lot of gay porn had become accepted and normalized - but hey, heterosexuals couldn’t really tell gay people that they couldn’t have their own versions of what “the straights” had already been doing for years -besides, it didn’t effect anyone but them, right?

What has been found is that many of our serial killers started with regular heterosexual porn, but for whatever reason, the need to feed their growing thrill monkey led them down roads to pedophelia and sexual torture, etc. Am I implying that porn always leads to sexual perversions that hurt other people? I will answer absolutely not, which is proven by most of the non-serial killer world having used porn to some degree.

BUT: my point is that really NO ONE sets off to becoming anything other than a “monogamous married heterosexuality” person - such as I mentioned before - instead, SOMETHING HAPPENED THAT TOOK THEM ON THAT JOURNEY.

And one of the destinations in that journey can be Transgenderism, which I am about to show is NOT something that only hurts the person practicing it, regardless of how they perceive the damage being done to them and others as they are on that road.

Every homosexual that I knew that had become a Christian and no longer practiced that lifestyle admitted to me that they were introduced to it as through the actions of another outside themselves and usually older, who had had it happen to them in the same way.

The sound I am imagining going on for many right now is the “head explosions” that I was warning of when this whole thing started, and since this subject have been covered ad nauseum all over the internet, I’m not going to take the time to try to prove it, mostly because many reading this already think it’s at least plausible and others will reject it no matter how much proof is presented.

But here’s where I am going with this (and many had probably abandoned all hope of “a point” by now): Transexual lifestyles are a LEARNED thing, and as such, if we want to make sure there is a steady flow of new little humans to keep the race going - and pay everyone’s social security benefits once they are older and we are REALLY older - we better make sure that we MINIMIZE THE PRODUCTION OF MORE TRANSGENDERS.

Kaboom!!! Shrieks and cries, ripping of garments and and gnashing of teeth!!!

As bad as that was to say, I’m about to go one worse:

We need to end the Dept. of Education so that our schools are not forced to hire Transgender teachers that will undoubtedly teach their young charges to both be in favor of their being more Transgenders, but also maybe become one themselves.

Ending the Tyranny of the Entitled Victim Class:

This subject has elements of both the shooter of the week topic as well as abortion in a way, because it’s largely about the lives of the children that actually make it past the abortionists to have to figure out how to survive in the hideous battlefield country we are subjecting them to. It might not be obvious as to why I say this, but keep this in the back of your mind as you watch this video with lots of transgender people - many of whom are teachers - show us their horrible 1st world problems:

I posted this Libs Of TicToc video really scares me at how many of these people are teachers of little kids - what a war is being waged against humanity!!! As it was in the days of Noah...I seriously didn’t realize how bad things are with some people...pray for the children when you listen to this “teacher” telling them about “pronouns”...this current state of humanity needs to end for us to survive as a species...watching this will show you just how completely Satan hates us all.

One person replied that this was “insane”. Yes, its both insane AND extremely dangerous. I just saw a conservative black (mentioned just because it's starting to happen that more and more are outspokenly conservative) man running for office who was saying that we need to protect our schools at least as well as our politicians protect themselves with security. That's true, but it has to go FARTHER than that - we can't allow this kind of (albeit not by their own choice, this kind off sexual damage comes from trauma inflicted by others) damaged psycho have any access to our children whatsoever, which is a big part of the reason that the department of education needs to be dismantled.

Anything that is public under public laws are subject to discrimination laws, and so all of education needs to be privatized so that schools are essentially private clubs that have the right to have their own rules, which can include very simply not hiring transgender teachers. As long as schools are government regulated, then the entitled victim class have the right to go in and demand to control them.If they were all private, they could have the right to not hire transgender teachers of any sort. They can be as do as they want in their own lives, but they can't be allowed to cripple the countries future by poisoning our children.

Here's something that I am literally copy and pasting directly from a Facebook post, and it shows just how serious the damage has been to our youth I believe largely due to the public school system that we have funded. This is from some parents describing a conversation they overheard that was an awakening moment where they realized that the things that they hear about on the internet are real and have just touched their own lives:

“We were at a park in a town near to ours and as the hubby and I sat and conversed watching baby girl on the swing, we listened to a very casual conversation from 3 girls who self-described to one another as ages 10-12. The youngest girl described that she “f’s her daddy” (her words). While her older sister told the third girl that she watches. The third girl we later found out was a boy wearing a wig as he told the others he was transgender. None of them appeared to think anything wrong with any of this.”

So here’s the point that I am really trying to make on our schools: It’s very important for people to understand that it’s not enough to protect our children’s physical bodies in the schools, we have to protect their minds as well, and I’m just gonna come out and say that we have to not allow transsexuals to teach in public schools. I know that’s never gonna happen, so I am very much supporting the end of the Department of Education so that schools are all private and can have their own rules. If somebody thinks that that’s prejudiced, I frankly don’t care. We have to try to save the current crop of children in America, because if we don’t it’s all over.

The Good News On The Abortion Battleground:

But here's why the Cabal will lose and abortion upon demand will be ending In America, and following that, in other countries as well. The “Moral Majority” DOES exist, and they are standing up and fighting along side the “Angel Armies” as he says here:

And just to try to leave you laughing on this subject, if you haven’t seen it, here’s Bill Maher in an openly anti-transgender monologue, who has somehow either changed his perspective on political things or figured out that the tide is changing and he better be on the winning side - this is both pithy and humorous although nauseating in its accuracy:


I don't like to add things after the fact, but this was just too perfect to prove my point that our children are being stalked as prey by the Transgender agenda. I saw this in the Rubin Report video listed below this video that is also in it, but I had to put in this Disney "Pride Month" promo video - and if you are like me, you will stop playing it as soon as he/she starts singing:

And by the way, did you notice that in your Google Calendars that there was an auto-fill event on June 1 listing the "First Day Of LGBTQ+ Pride Month" - Go look. it's there. If you're a parent, your head will do a Linda Blair in the Exorcist spin when you see the two clips of the school board member being grilled to answer yes or no on many transgender issues in schools. If this doesn't make people want to end the Dept. of Education, I don't know what more it would take:

OK, so hate me or love me, but I spoke the truth as promised, and hopefully at least a few of your hearts felt good to hear someone actually say this in print….

Uncle Ben Ghazi / Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

June 2, 2022

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