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The Three Main Battlegrounds of the Summer of ’22 - Part 3 of 3: Hiding The Spygate / Election Steal

What do the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard "defamation due to divorce" debacle, the latest Kardashian wedding, and and the latest “shooting d’jour” all have in common? Even though it might not be apparent to many, they are put in the public eye for one primary reason: to distract us all from the Unspoken of Elephant Standing in the Middle of Everything - yes, I’m talking about our stolen elections, which is just another way of saying “our stolen Republic”.

Here’s exhibit A, it’s got everything the fans of “Real Housewives of Nowhere Real” and “The Spew” (snarky re-titles mine of course) salivate for: besides the obvious required “celebrity love gone wrong” angle, there’s secret private investigators and plenty of unprovable but titillating personal accusations of other celebrity types to fuel peoples’ gossip sessions:

And this proves my point, it’s the ultimate in “catty women pouncing on the prettiest one to try to pull her down to their level” by saying that she wore the same outfit to something - again, this stuff is all to distract them from other things that actually matter - like their votes being stolen or criminals running their government, maybe?

From the just barely beginning series of Durham investigation fed “Spygate” trials (as so aptly recently dubbed by the amazing Epoch Times) to the soon to be loudly proclaimed “states’ evidence talking Mules” on the 2020 Election Theft; we are seeing yet another double-sided event. Just like with Gun Rights / Mass Shooters and Abortion / Transgender in the first two parts of this series, this too is the old “two sides of the same coin” phenomenon.

Lots have been said on election theft recently especially with the release of the game changing film “2000 Mules”. So here we have the amazing Patel Patriot, of Devolution fame Interviews Gregg Phillips from the True The Vote group that did all the sourcing and crunching of the mule data for the film (if you don’t know about Devolution, you owe it to yourself to find out:

Here’s the full interview, you can bypass the rap etc section and all the (admittedly great) Trump historical stuff at the top and go right to the interview at 8 minutes in:

And here’s the “Cliff’s Notes summary” to take away from this:

Phillips says that they can track all the mule phones to within 16 inches of their owners, and that they know exactly who those owners are, so you know that when the time comes - which could already be in progress - the white hat powers that be can squeeze them to give up all the power people that hired them, right up to the head of the Demoncrap party and their Cabal masters.

Beyond that, he says that he “has irrefutable evidence and has been involved in a major counter-intelligence operation ad that once that we get to where this is ready to go, it’s going to make everybody forget the Mules ad cause everyone to question everything that they think they know about elections.”

So by “irrefutable”, that means to EVERYONE, not just conservatives and Republicans. “Irrefutable” means: Impossible to refute or disprove; incontrovertible. Incapable of being refuted or disproved; indisputable, undeniable; unable to be disproved or refuted. So to translate this into modern Urban speak - all those people who have called you crazy will be crying.

But there’s more - He actually names DATES:

He says that in about 4-6 weeks depending when you count from, a major reveal video will happen. But what to me is even more exciting is that he told Patel Patriot that there was also a big sort of “meeting of the joint chiefs of staff” type event (my term, not his) that will happen in July to coordinate with major influencers like him so as to involve them in the plan and what’s coming. What is that plan? Well, we will have to wait to see, but Phillips does admit to them having kept in continuous contact with Trump on all of this, so I’m thinking that does not mean anything less than the checkmate for the win - game, set and match.

Last week I was half-joking about the old term “The Movie Of The Week” turning into the "Mass Shooting of the week" - Week? How about of the day?

I just saw the article below today and it brought to mind a story I heard once about missionaries to India being shown around by a tour guide, and when they went around a corner they were horrified to see a dead body lying on the side walk in front of them. The guide saw their shock and to calm them down and regain “face” for the country, explained that it wasn’t yet noon, so that they hadn’t gone around and picked up all the corpses of the night before yet.

So that obviously spoke volumes about the difference between India and the United States - but is that what they are trying to to do to us? To get us so desensitized - or HYPER-sensitized - to shootings that that we either no longer react to them OR immediately freak out screaming for the death of all gun owners?

Just one more thing:

I just had to comment on this new headline on social media today because it’s the oddest newspaper article I can ever remember seeing - and it both fits with my blog last week about how to sort of “decode” the news as well as possibly being some kind of “comm” or communication that is signaling something between the Alliance members. My editor says that articles about the deaths of dogs are very commonly used for this purpose, probably because no one would ever check on them and as such they are perfect for secret communication. But the fact that this story came out on the 78th anniversary of D-Day (for younger readers that may not remember, D-Day was the invasion of Normandy that turned the tide against Hitler in WWII) may well be significant as well.

If you’ll remember, there is a scene in “The Longest Day”, the amazing film about the planning and execution of the invasion, where the French Resistance is sitting around listening to a radio transmission from the Allies that is all in code, using different lines of poetry to mean different things to different resistance group. All of the sudden, the line “wound my heart with a monotonous languor” is read on their radio, and they all get excited because that is the signal for the invasion to happen and for them to demotion railroads etc to prepare the way for the allies- here's the story of that, check it out:

So back to the article below, ask yourself this: Do you think this is the only homeless person in NYC that has been found dead on the streets In the last few years? Because I will tell you that I get all the headlines from about 5-6 newspapers from around the world, and I haven't seen ANY headlines on this topic.

Case in point: when I was a music college student in Boston, there was a "wino" as we defined him in the day that was a really nice guy that always talked to us on the way to class. One day we approached where he always sat and there was police emergency tape around the area, and there he was, lying dead - and it wasn't even mentioned In the newspaper.

And they were there monitoring his cough before he died because WHY? There's stuff between the lines here big time...….so I'm just sayin’ - could this be a signal that something is about to happen regarding the return of Trump and / or the righting of the wrongs of the election steal? I don’t know anything one way or another, but check out this article and see if your spider sense doesn’t go off:

In Closing:

I know I opened an information dump truck on your heads, and it’s OK if many think that I actually AM the classic “conspiracy theory crazy” that everyone is always warning you against. But as Greg Phillips said when he was closing his interview, it isn’t about what theories any of us do or don’t believe, so don’t let the Left win in their attempt to divide us as to if we do or don’t believe in Q or whatever else. They do that for one reason and one reason only - to keep us divided so we don’t unite and go after THEM.

And as Phillips also says, this is a “thousand front war”. It makes me feel good and that we are really close to winning when I finally hear someone publicly even STATE that this is a true war, and that there are casualties in a war, and wars take as long as they take to win. There are no promised deadlines like ButtBoyBarry used to give us, and there is no complaining that it’s not fair that it isn’t over yet - this is war, and war doesn’t keep to a schedule.

So I think that’s what the summer is going to entail for us all, with both victories and defeats on a thousand fronts that seem to not be related, but actually are. But our loses will be less and less and the wins are going to build to a spectacular fire works show sooner than we all think ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi / Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

June 6, 2022

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