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The Trial Heard ‘Round The World - Biggest in All Mankind!

You might already have heard that Gislaine Maxwell - described by some as “Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend”, others as his partner in “child sex trafficking”, and described by herself as the new female “Sgt. ‘I know NOTHINK’ Schultz” - is currently on trial in New York City. You might think that it is for the underage sex trafficking of a handful of now adult women, but that would be like describing an elephant as a “short leathery tail” - meaning that you would be missing most of what is there.

There are many who are taking upon their shoulders the task of telling us all the details of this potentially monumental case - and when you look at some of what I will present here, you will see why I am saying that it could be the biggest court case in the history of mankind - and I’m not going to go int the detail that they will and do, this is just meant to be a “Cliff’s Notes” style summary to save people time and raise awareness that you can pass to people to read in just a few minutes.

But for the best in depth overview of the case you could find, I could not recommend the recent Mel K interview at Flyover Conservatives more, so I have included a link below, see link #1. Ok, let’s get started:

Epsteingate - the rabbit hole that leads everywhere:

Regardless of what the “normies” have been sold, Jeffery Epstein was NOT just a sex addict that had to have sex three of more times a day with underage girls, that’s just the titillating image that covers the portrait of the actual monster inside. Jeffery Epstein’s actual business was the blackmailing of the rich and powerful worldwide for the purposes of making himself rich, as well as literally serving and sacrificing to Satan. People who don’t believe in that created fallen intelligent being are about to have their faces rubbed in Satan and his demons like a ton of dog poop - sorry, that’s just the best way I can describe what’s about to come.

Who is Gislaine Maxell really?

Gislaine Maxwell is the daughter of hugely wealthy newspaper owner and secret Israeli Mossad intelligence operative Robert Maxwell, who was found dead in the water off his yacht in the 1990s, see Link #2 below. She was never actually Epstein’s girl friend but both procured young girls for him for sex and instructed them on how to please him sexually, as well as managed the influx of young girls and boys offered to the rich and powerful for sex and torture through what was described as a “modeling agency” that she ran, where people could select who they wanted from it’s website.

Most of the “models” that were selected for sex - and probably organ harvesting sometimes as well - were never heard from again, and were kidnapped from underprivileged countries like Haiti all over the world. She is NOT just an assistant, she was in business with Epstein and his worldwide operation.

The famous and utterly Satanic “Epstein Island” was only accessible via helicopter or boat, and Maxwell had the ability to pilot a submarine (Joe Biden’s brother owns the closest island and both islands have submarine ports) as well a helicopter license. See link # 3 below for info on that and some (probably not unbiased) coverage of the start of the trial.

What Epstein (and that means Maxwell as well) did to deserve anything that they (and those associated with them) get:

Prepare to find out the definition of the substance Adrenachrome, where it comes from, how it’s produced, what it does, who buys it and why. You should find out now so that when in a few weeks (or months, that’s OK, things take as long as they take) people are asking you, you will have had time to figure out what you are going to say.

I’ve talked about it in past blogs in detail, but there’s lots of other sources better than myself. Here’s a short “off the top of my head” list of their crimes against all of humanity:

  • Anal rape of children of both genders (nope, there’s just two, sorry)

  • International Extortion by use of sex videos of adults with children.

  • Manipulation of international politics by blackmail

  • Torture for the purpose of Satanic offering & making Adrenachrome

  • Murder of many many children for sexual thrill and Satanic worship

  • Impregnation of many women to build a “master race” of his DNA.

  • Fed the Black Ops agencies - including helping to create the Clinton Foundation, one of the most evil organization son the planet - empowering them to enslave the world, physically, mentally, and economically.

Why this won’t “come to nothing” like all the “other times”:

If that list isn’t going to get people’s attention, it’s only because the information doesn’t get out. There is understandable reason for people to think that this will go nowhere, especially with the recent addition of the daughter of James Comey being added as the lead prosecutor, and where the judge has ruled certain subjects as supposedly off limits.

I was recently at a party where a guy heard me talking and I think had figured out that I must be conservative, and then started talking to me in the sort of code that we have all come to use to feel a new person out as to their world views. This guy never ever looked at me and just stared off to the side and down expressionless, and each and every thing that I brought up that looked positive as happening in the near future was always answered by him “that will never happen”, “nothing will ever happen to them”, and on and on. Eventually I finally just stopped trying to talk to him, and felt like I needed a shower to get the hopelessness that was all over him off of me.

When I recounted the experience to a friend, I described him as being “emotionally embalmed in pessimism”. I think many around us have this malady, and so I will list some things that might not be so apparent to think about to try to lift ourselves up to go “once more into the fray”, as I have quoted before in other blogs to get people to take hope:

  • Too many people are awakened to truth now, this can’t be covered up. It’s not 1947 at the end of WWI when a lot of the cover ups started.

  • Too many victims (Cathy O’Brien etc) can’t be silenced because of the internet, their books etc., and too many people already know about them.

  • Very powerful forces constantly show their moves behind the scenes - see all the CEOs / CFOs etc that stepped down THE DAY OF THE TRIAL - as I like to say, “that isn’t nothing”.

  • But most importantly, God has been behind the planning to get things to this point, and God doesn’t waste His time. There are thousands of children’s lives it this very moment in time that are at stake, and He will work with the people on this Earth that He’s been empowering to ensure that this international physical and spiritual chess game / hand to hand combat will result as quickly as possible in His victory over evil.

So, I don’t claim to know any details on what WILL happen through this trial, I just can see that this is all going to that “defeated evil destination”. Along the road, the best thing we can do as foot soldiers is to educate ourselves so that we are prepared for what could be a very “cold shocked into reality” world of people who will have a lot of questions and probably emotional breakdowns.

Knowledge is power and we need to use it powerfully, but also with the compassion of knowing that the same people that killed all the children are the ones that blinded the minds of these people through the bought media etc. They are our fellow human beings, and it’s up to us to help to try to heal them to the point that they can join us in the extermination of the greatest traitors to humanity since the snake in the garden of Eden - time to do some worldwide weeding ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

Dec 1, 2021

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