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The TRULY Crazy Hazy Days of AUGUST - or “How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love the Process”

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

These days it seems like we permanently live at the corner of Destruction and Despair; what with Biblical level flooding all around the world, earthquakes, and things like the Iranian ships that have gone “out of control” (read: someone unexpected is now in control of them), and with the Israeli defense minister saying that Iran is just 10 weeks away from producing enough fissile material to have a nuclear bomb. Sorry if you just got up and this is the first you heard of any of this, but I gotta call them like I see them. (Note: if you check out anything here, please see the two things in the Shot/Chaser addendumat the end of the blog.)

But I am still believing for the cavalry to show up very soon. Things are so potentially bad everywhere now that really it's going to take God to undo the treachery that has been planned for us, but I continue to have faith that we WILL get through this, and soon.

I read a post in the PrayingMedic Telegram group recently (you are on Telegram, right?) where he said not to do any “date fagging”, which is apparently an "8chan" insider term that refers to predicting exact times for usually positive future events, like when Trump will visibly be seen as president. Well, I’m not technically doing any “date fagging” here, but I am going to talk generally about what I am predicting we have in store for us in the growingly explosive month of August, 2021.

But before I go any further, I want to talk about the CAUSES of whatever is going to happen. The operative word behind everything that we will see in August is CONTROL. On a grand scale, we are talking about the control of the whole world through the subjugation of the population and laws of the United States of America. But those that have planned this will, of course, implement it using all kinds of things that will affect all, so we will feel this on a day to day level.

Not to confuse myself with Captain Obvious, but a large amount of what we will be seeing this month is for one reason only: to function as an ever changing “new shiny” that will serve to keep people’s eyes off of the November 2020 presidential election audit results. The list of who’s behind this of course includes “CHYNAH” (their bots are everywhere on the internet, so I try to encode that country name when I have to use it), but while they are a huge player; they may still just be a mercenary proxy fighter for the worldwide globalist agenda that has run for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Things that relate to this breaking right now would include: The deadline that happened Monday August 2 (the day I started writing this) where the Arizona Attorney General will to be forced to turn over all subpoenaed election materials. We are also seeing the first of what I think will be a series of “big boom” level whistleblower videos released who had full access to every aspect of the Dominion systems to the system admin level. This is supposed to be covered in detail at “The Pillow Guy’s” live event held over August 10-12. All of this election audit stuff is the thing that all the rest of what will happen at least in America this month is trying to distract you from.

So both as a country and a world, I think that we are now standing at the crossroads of seeing good or evil seize the day. But there are LOTS of signs if you are paying attention that the cracks in the leftist’s dam on truth are getting ready to explode open worldwide:

Filmmaker Ken Burns has just called Mark Zuckerburg an “enemy of the state who should be jailed”, saying, “The Nuremberg of this, is if it ever happens, which it won’t, will be pretty interesting.’ I wonder if he knows there is a movement called “Nuremberg 2.0” going on right now to battle these kinds of people? (See Ref. #1 below.)

Apparently Burns still sees himself as a Democrat, probably because cognitive dissonance will not allow his mind to even entertain the possible self description of “Conservative”, even if the facts are starting to yell rather loudly. Maybe the “truth bomb” that I predicted coming on my first blog here will actually not explode all at once, but build as a long low lumbering rumble, as more and more people like this boil up to the “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” level. But if he’s actually saying here that big tech should “face a tribunal”, maybe he knows a lot more than I’m giving him credit for?

And speaking of Zuckerberg, did you hear that Marky Mark has a hospital in San Francisco named after him? And not only that, but apparently lots of vaccinated staff have all gotten really sick and died horribly painful and slow deaths there recently! Oops, correction, that’s just what they appear to want you think, since they know that most people will only read the headline, see Ref. #2 below. The details state that as of August 2, “55 staff members out of over 7,000 staffers at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital are COVID-19 positive, and none of the infected staff have required hospitalization”. So as usual, it’s all about the case numbers with no consideration of actual deaths or complications.

I know that this is a really really touchy subject these days, but I still want people to consider a couple of things: The copyright holders of Covid have never provided samples of it for study, so I have to ask - how does one identify deaths and “cases” of Covid when the ability to even agree on its identity can’t be agreed on? See a lot more on this subject in the “Shot/Chaser addendum” at the end.

You might have just seen that my favorite human to hate, The Barry Obamination, just had to "dial down" his gala 60th birthday party that lots of his “closest friends” were I’m sure invited to, due to concerns for Covid infection. Or, just maybe, there was never going to be any party in the first place, and the whole point of the news release was to make everyone emotionally identify that even the great ex-president has had to go through hardships in the name of “being safe”. (See Ref. #3 below.)

Speaking of the Iranian ships that I referenced at the start here, this thing for me smells like another “Evergreen” event where someone is controlling things from behind the scenes. (See Ref. #4 below for basic info on this, and Ref. #5 for a way to actually track any of the 6 ships involved.)

As we all remember, a few months ago a huge container ship “got stuck” in the Suez Canal where it supposedly did a maneuver that resembled a male sexual thrust (sorry if that’s too graphic, but need to be specific) before getting wedged between the walls of the canal. The conjecture here was that “the white hats” had taken control of the ship, and the maneuver was to send a message to the people that owned the ship and its cargo (possible including lots of trafficked children) that they were “f***ed”, and that the white hats were going to shut their operation down.

If a similar situation is going on with the Iranian ships, the good guys might have control of these for similar reasons. We know that there have been demonstrations by the Iranians recently and a new government there, and so we might be witnessing a complete change in the whole Muslim power base this month - or not, we have to wait and see, it’s all part of the August craziness.

Here’s another thing that one of the researchers in my secret private Facebook group just opened my eyes to, and it really surprises me that I never thought of this until now: Over the years we’ve seen a lot of people who seemed to figure into world events prominently supposedly commit suicide, right?

I actually bought a home made wooden Christmas ornament in December 2019 with a burned in image of our old pal Jeffrey Epstein smiling up from it that was SUPPOSED to say “This Ornament Didn’t Hang Itself”. I say it was supposed to say that, but actually by mistake (but maybe not), it said “This Ornament Didn’t Hang”. I have asserted from the get go that Jeffy was WAY too valuable as a witness, and there would be NO WAY that Trump would have let someone take that guy out, especially just from sloppy security at a prison. We just saw a “news article” that told us that now, there have been FOUR White House Police that have “committed suicide”, and we all get mad when we hear that because we think that the black hat Hillary’s of the world did it to shut them up.

What if “suiciding” is the new way to explain the sudden absence of someone put into the Military Tribunal’s “witness protection program”?

Again, if it’s true that these guys would be excellent witnesses for what REALLY happened on Jan. 6, 2021 - and more importantly, who was responsible for it and why - do you really think that a “sane genius” like Donald Trump would let someone just rub them out like the bit players in a bad 60’s Mafia movie? I think that when we finally slide over the finish line into the time of the truth bomb, a LOT of people we thought were dead will all of the sudden show up alive.

Another thing that I have to bring up that gives me hope this month is that I saw Steve Bannon of “War Room” make a supposedly accidental faux-pas live on camera about a month or so ago, He actually said (yes, I saw it) “the August 15th inauguration” and caught himself and put his head down, laughing that there was obviously no way to walk that back. All his “on camera co-horts” were laughing and saying that he was busted - to me, even if he is wrong in this actually happening, I can only believe that he thought it to be true.

I think that the recent prophecy of America for a time having a period of “two presidents” is true, and Donald Trump does have a significant amount of control despite the optics of SlowJoe being in charge. If so, I think that he’s well aware that even though he’s been waiting for the magic 70%+ ratio of Americans that are favorable enough towards him so as to not riot upon his return, he knows that the Cabal is pushing for mandatory vaccines and he has to do something before that. I know that some of his messages on that subject have been confusing, but I have put this in the category of things that are beyond my knowledge base to understand his motives on, and will just trust and have faith.

So as I said, this month will all be about a last ditch Cabal desperation attempt to keep everyone from finding out that not only the Presidential Election of 2020 was stolen, but then maybe the “biggest boom” will come after that: The automatic falling of the dominos will result in the reveal and reversal of all the other state and local elections that were also stolen, and will go back probably for decades. So this month is really “for all of the marbles”, which is why it will probably be one of the must remarkable - and yes, scary - months in the remembered history. For anyone that needs to go over the details of the election steal, the expose movie on the subject “Deep Rig” is now available for free, see Ref. #6 below.

Personally, I feel very lucky to be alive to actually witness all of this go down, because I think it’s going to be the biggest triumph of good over evil since that guy that was actually God showed up in Galilee a couple of thousand years ago. Nope, I don’t know the specifics of what will happen, but I am sure that they will truly re-define the term “a fluid situation”.

So let’s try to not get distracted and try to educate where we can in the journey, which brings me to me sub-title of this blog, “How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love the Process”.

As human beings, we tend to all be about arriving at the destination and not about enjoying any of the journey to get there, which I think really robs us of a lot that we are supposed to get out of life. Remember that some day soon there will probably be younger people asking us to tell them about the days when everything changed, and we were saved from what appeared to be certain death, or enslavement at the very least. It will be a truly astounding story for all generations to come, no matter how few or many that may be.

So let’s keep our eyes on both the prize AND the process; we will get there - it’s as inevitable as death and taxes - and maybe even taxes might be going away soon…but that’s another story….

(Shot/Chaser addendum: Speaking of the researchers in my secret group, here’s a couple of things I just saw from them: The first is the “biggest boom video” I’ve ever seen on “the illness”, you might think after about 20 minutes you’ve got it all, but you really need to watch all the way to the end, see Ref. #7 below. The second shows who owns the copyright to the test for it - and their last name starts with “R”, what a non-shock - see Ref. #8 below.)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country

August 4, 2021

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