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Vanderbilt's Fuller Broke the "Power 5 Glass Ceiling" Just in Time for Biden to Kill Women's Sports

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Here in America, we suffer from an incredibly short news cycle. Apart from the strife bred by such incessant news, the most common side effect of a short news cycle is an even shorter memory. As a result of this poor memory, you may have forgotten what was, at the time, the most incredible, groundbreaking, glass ceiling-shattering moment in NCAA Football history.

November 28, 2020. The Squib Heard 'Round the World: Vanderbilt soccer player Sarah Fuller made history as the first woman to play in a Power Five college football game. As a woman and former athlete myself, I have to say... I didn't care much for the moment. She kicked the ball nearly 30 yards to the sideline, Vanderbilt lost 41-0, the coach was fired after the game, and Fuller won SEC Player of the Week and became a household name for simply being a woman. Big whoop.

My favorite take on this story came from Matt Walsh at The Daily Wire. If you aren't familiar with Matt's writing, you're missing out. The article was titled "A Woman Played In A College Football Game And Immediately Proved Why Women Don't Belong In Men's Sports." In the article, Walsh notes:

Are women really so unimpressive and bereft of achievement that we have to treat them like we would a small child who draws a bunch of scribbles on a sheet of construction paper and claims that it’s a picture of a tree? We congratulate the small child for his bad drawing because we do not expect children to do any better than that, and because they are emotionally fragile and in need of constant positive affirmation. Is this the case for grown women? Must we stand and applaud and shout “great kick” when, in truth, it was a very bad kick? Are women so pathetic that we have to call even their failures achievements? Not just achievements — but historic achievements? Is that how sad and mediocre women are, that we must stoop to this?

Walsh is spot on. But, I'll take it one step further.

Yes. Women are, indeed, SO sad, mediocre, and pathetic that we should simply eradicate their sports leagues and organizations all together. At least, that's what the President of the United States decided unilaterally last week for the whole nation by means of Executive Order by allowing biological men to play in women's sports based on gender identity.

Make no mistake: this EO will ruin women's sports. Why? Because women are athletically inferior to men. *gasp* Oops, my misogyny is showing again! Being offended by that biological fact does not change its truth. Let's look at a few practical examples.

After the Biden EO last week, Amy Alkon tweeted the following: "The fastest female sprinter in the world is American runner Allyson Felix, a woman with more gold medals than Usain Bolt. Her lifetime best for the 400-meter run is 49.26 seconds. Based on 2018 data, nearly 300 high-school boys in the U.S. alone could beat it." Felix, now 35 years old, would have her hard-earned record broken, after dedicating her entire life to training and hard work, by a genetically-advantaged 17 year old boy if that boy identified as a woman and competed against her. Because men and women are different.

In 2017, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team lost to a group of under-15-year-old boys in Texas. Yes... anthem-kneeling, "raise my pay, Trump's a racist"-screaming, social justice warrior/professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe and friends got wrecked by a group of prepubescent boys. Those teenage boys were better athletes than this group of national champion, adult women. Because men and women are different.

In 1998, a German tennis player named Karsten Braasch – then-ranked #203 in the world – defeated the Williams sisters back-to-back without breaking a sweat. Venus and Serena found themselves on top of the women's tennis world at that point, and for many years to come after that. However, when former tennis pro John McEnroe suggested in 2017 that Serena Williams wouldn't even crack the top 700 if she had to play the men's circuit, he was absolutely correct. Williams herself acknowledged afterward that she would be skunked in "five to six minutes" if she played Andy Murray. Because men and women are different.

Also, the WNBA. I don't even need to say more.

Genetically. Mentally. Physically. Hormonally. Emotionally. Sexually. Biologically. Different.

In nearly every single way, the two sexes are distinguishable. There is a reason we segregate various aspects of our lives based on sex, an argument I made in last week's article covering the EO itself. Men are genetically and statistically stronger, larger, taller, and faster than women on all fronts. This should not be a controversial statement. It is well-proven and supported by biology and genetics.

Sport is regulated by biology, not ideology.

Remember that short term memory I mentioned? Over the span of 53 days between Fuller's kick and Biden's EO, the media went from celebrating the shattering of glass ceilings and the ushering of women into the world of football to now celebrating the shattering of women's sports as a whole by allowing men to intrude, take their places, and break their records.

If men and women were the same, and their athletic abilities were equivalent, then no one would have batted an eye at the girl kicking the football. By the same token, if Fuller identified as a man and then kicked the 30-yard squib, we wouldn't even know her (his?) name.

The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee equality of outcome, but it does guarantee equality of opportunity. Women have every single opportunity that men have in the realm of sports right now, thanks to Title IX. We can play, compete, set records, stand out, be excellent, and win. Women are not disadvantaged by the undeniable inequality of ability between men and women, nor are they disadvantaged by the inequality of outcome.

They are disadvantaged by President Biden.

When he allowed men to infiltrate women's sports, knowing that men are built stronger and more athletically advantaged than women, he eradicated the Title IX protections on women's opportunities to play sports. He has singlehandedly taken away women's opportunity to engage in fair sport and competition.

I suppose it's okay for him to do this, though, since he and his party no longer believe in the biologically, objectively true definitions of gender and sex.

Sarah Fuller, Allyson Felix, Megan Rapinoe, Serena and Venus Williams, Brittany Griner, Monica Abbott, Lindsey Vonn, Mia Hamm, Jennie Finch, Ronda Rousey, Jessica Mendoza, Simone Biles, Lisa Leslie, Kerri Walsh Jennings, and countless other inspirational, successful female athletes would be no-names without women's sports leagues and organizations. Thanks to the Biden Administration, the new reality for all female athletes – including your school-aged daughters – is this: on a no longer equitable playing field, female athletes have been reduced to inferior benchwarmers among their soon-to-be male teammates.

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