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Wanted : De-Programmers

(This is like one of those “what if / dream sequence” scenarios that you sometimes find in in novels and films. I’m not saying that it would go down exactly like this - and certainly not WHEN - but just that I think that when what I know happens, something like what I describe here will have to be done. If that piques your interest, read on.)

The year is 2022, sometime a few weeks to a month after the worldwide “Great Awakening” that shocked the entire population of planet Earth into learning of what has become to be called the “Gargantuan Great Lie”, now commonly referred to both on the streets as well in the new media that has been hurriedly put in place after the old one was taken to the Tribunals, where many from all walks of life still are today awaiting judgement - simply as “the GGL”.

Immediately following the “Great Reveal” (or the GR) that shocked even the most well researched “Q follower” and “Conspiracy Theorist” (now known as “Conspiracy Realists” in repudiation of the now infamous CIA “trigger word” perpetuated since the JFK murder plot to keep the public from listening to their findings), everywhere there were still people walking around dazed and moving from anger to disbelief, some constantly crying, others sedated in hospitals and homes; and unfortunately who just couldn’t bear the guilt and impact of the past now dead from suicide.

And so one glaringly obvious question has been inflating and looming and now has to be addressed: What to do to help the people that couldn’t wake up after the truth was exploded in their faces? Like the famous Japanese soldier found in the jungle 20 years after WWII was all over, there were many people that no amount of written and video proof and information was enough to shake their beliefs that the GGL was actually true, and the rest of the “Newly Awoken World” (NAW) were the ones that had suddenly gone crazy. These are the the horrendous MKUltra conditioning’s worst victims, who many times through no fault of cooperation of their own were just too completely indoctrinated to be able do anything but resist embracing the new knowledge of both the past and what was presently changing all around them.

We had to find a way to try to de-program these people, or unfortunately figure out a way to protect ourselves from the violent amongst them. In short, the world had a mass need for psychological de-programming experts, and we needed them FAST. So everywhere on any kind of advertising available were the simple ads: “Wanted: De-Programmers”.

Everyone knew. What that meant was understood by all by now, so no job description details were necessary. Everywhere the new “fumigated governments” - named from the practice of tenting of buildings so infested with vermin that it was needed to kill everything with pesticide within them - were calling in every psychiatric and mental health professional, Satanic occult spiritual deliverance / exorcist specialist, and even the few intelligence agency programming specialists that had actually repented and “come to Jesus” who were desperate to do anything that they could to undo the evil that they had perpetuated for so long.

These were the ones who working with the courageous people who had left the old “Big Pharma” medical “industry” to build the new “healing society” that had replaced it when all those that had willingly cooperated in the evil “manage rather than cure” one had been taken to the Tribunals for judgement, would be tasked to find a way to help those who had come to be known as “The Waking Dead”, for lack of a better term. They were as lost as those who hadn’t actually died from the radiation poisoning in post surrender Japan but would without any miraculous cures. Together, these would be the “Florence Nightingales” of the NAW.

The Walking Dead could be found in all walks of life:

There were the “Average Joe” types that had become to be known as the “Normies” by the those in the “Internet Conservative Community” (ICC) or online truth researchers who had simply overdosed on CNN and people like Rachael Maddow and Don Lemon (deceased).

The “Never Trumpers” who had so completely swallowed the faked Steele Dossier and web of out right lies and edited video soundbites that had come to the declaration that they would hate anything connected to him for the rest of their lives.

And a huge number of the self identified “Intelligentsia”, whose numbers included both those in the “lettered professions” of lawyers, doctors, the few captains of industry who truly “didn’t know” what was really going on with the workings of the Cabal machine and as such not currently in the Tribunals.

Those in the arts; who in their arrogance on their own genius were easily controlled to never allow any un-Cabal-approved ideas to enter their minds, which their self images as free thinkers effectively programmed shut the ability to process logic through the emotional conditioning they were unknowingly subjected to all of their lives.

So the de-programming process went on for many months, and sometimes many years. There were new techniques discovered, largely due to working with the many SRA survivors (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and those that helped to undo the many split personality “Alters” that their minds had been split into to create to do their bidding, which included everything from sex slave to programmed killers who shot and then allow themselves to be silenced by suicide by police so they can’t ever be questioned.

Along those lines, while most of the people who were truly and deeply Satan worshipers ended up being amongst the first to be executed in the Tribunals as irredeemable, many people who identified as Wiccan and into the “New Age” who were not really aware of where whatever power they were playing with came from were amongst the most joyous of the newly awakened, as they were amongst the strongest of the many new Christians on the planet. Their testimonies to the rest of the new converts solidified just how great the danger was had they never changed the paths that they had been on.

So there you have it, my little “Once upon a COMING time” scenario of what I think will very soon happen - and I actually think it will be in 2021, but as I’ve said before, I am signed up for the duration regardless of how long it takes.

Hopefully as you go into the Thanksgiving Season, this will give you some comfort and anticipation of what we have to look forward to. As bad as 2021 has been, when you look at it from the perspective as the most important part of correcting a problem is identifying it, the coming NAW would not be possible without the pain that it has included. Much like a pregnant woman, the period of 2020-21 has been the agony of childbirth period that will bring the joy of a new life in 2022.

Happy Holidays and New World to Come.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

Nov. 12, 2021

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