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Welcome to Zuckerland - the new Facebook/Meta coming to Kansas City!

It might seem like I enjoy telling people that the sky is falling, but I really don’t - I like my skies to stay above me with plenty of fresh air to breathe and cute little birdies flying in it, but sometimes that’s just not reality, as much as we’d all like it to be. But if you’re reading this, you probably are a WVC (world-view conservative) and as such are used to rejecting KoolAid as it’s offered, you want to know what’s coming so you can prepare, so here it comes:

I’ve just come from being on the construction site of a HUUUUUUGE technology park whose first resident is going to be none other than Facebook/Meta.

And I’m going to show you some “intell” on the subject that will probably make you go “ruh-row!” big time - I will start with a little history on the topic, here goes something:

I moved to the Kansas City area in March of 2015, and I remember having heard that KC was going to be one of if not the first city in America to get Google Fiber, which at that point in my understanding of the world that we live in just meant really fast internet, so I said “that’s great”.

While waiting for my escrow to close, I was living in an Extended Stay hotel in the Shawnee area with nothing but my dog and some guitars and a computer. But I was told that the huge spools of cable literally filling all of the rear grounds of the hotel were the fiber cable going in everywhere, and that a lot of the people installing it were living in the hotel as well. About 6-12 months later, Google Fiber was then connected to my house, which again I thought was great. OK, hold that in your memory while I go on.

Then a couple years later I heard that Amazon was going to open a huge facility here, which made total sense to me since KC is in the exact center of the whole country, is a huge railroad and trucking hub in general, and I was sure it meant a lot of jobs for a lot of people - again, it all seemed great to me, being a person that in general regularly needs things that can’t be found in a local Walmart etc. and an ongoing Amazon Prime customer - and yes, I know all the bad things about it now, but these days I can’t even find my shoe size (11 1/2) locally, so for a lot of things I have to order on line.

Fast-forward to the arrival of the phenomenon known as Donald J Trump and all the red-pilling awareness that came to so many of us through that, which has come to include years of disinformation wars on social media and every OTHER kind of media. And of course, that came to include those entities I call the Fat Czechs: Mark Zuckerbutt’s paid “independent” thought police who censor truth as fiction and silence those that try to spread it over his worldwide water cooler gossip exchange known as Facebook.

We all thought that Facebook was free, but what it actually cost us all was our privacy, because besides all the product marketing of whatever all our “smart devices” that communicate directly to it for everything our phones etc have learned that we are interested in, Facebook’s REAL business is DATA MINING. Hold that thought as well as I go to the next segment:

I was in a conservative political group Zoom call last week when one of the very knowledgeable members just happened to mention that Facebook/Meta was opening a location in Kansas City. My spider-sense was tingling about as much as if he had said that they were going to clone Hitler, and I immediately grilled him for more info.

He told me the general area it was going to be in and that - although I have yet to be able to confirm this as yet in the internet - the gargantuan place opening in 2024 was going to be surrounded by a moat (yes, as in medieval castles with drawbridges) and would have it’s own sovereign police force - and yes, I would assume that would mean that it will be allowed to some extent do police type actions on people it deems undesirable or doing activities that “go against our guidelines”, to put things in Zuck-speak.

Would that include deadly force? I don’t know, but I did find out that the company will be given BILLIONS in tax incentives - more on that in the links included here (wow, I feel just like the male version of Lois Lane, investigative reporter!). Ok, let’s get into the solid proof:

“Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has selected the Kansas City region for a new $800 million hyperscale data center. The nearly 1 million-square-foot facility will be located in the Golden Plains Technology Park, a 5.5 million-square-foot data center campus in Kansas City, MO. The new data center will support up to 100 operational jobs and more than 1,300 jobs at peak construction. Meta has started construction and plans to be operational in 2024.” (see link #1)

Even though a huge “data center” is largely servers and hard drives, I’m guessing that way more than 100 jobs are gong to be generated from this (like how about the ZuckSquad Police?), but maybe the others come in from out of state - or even country.

Then there’s the expected “green/clean” jargon about why it’s all really great, followed by THIS which might not look like much, but “isn’t nothing”:

"Meta’s selection of KC, joining many other global tech brands in our region, puts a spotlight on our thriving tech industry. The region’s new state-of-the-art single terminal airport opening in March 2023 and our collaborative business community make KC a top location of choice for other tech companies seeking growth.”

OK, there is a lot more thickness to this plot to show still:

“Local developer Diode Ventures, a subsidiary of Black & Veatch, has been granted tax incentives on plans to build a massive data center campus in Kansas City, Missouri.

“When you think about 5.5 million square feet of data center space, it’s a pretty tremendous amount of things like equipment and services that’ll need to come from the community,” said Brad Hardin, Diode Ventures president. “And so, as we continue to push this forward it’s going to mean a lot of positive growth and positive impact for Kansas City overall.”

And as I said: The Committee's approval included revenue bonds that could reach a maximum aggregate of $103.7 billion. The total tax breaks the proposals is seeking comes to around $8.2 billion.

Project Velvet, and it’s Fangs…I mean FAANGs…

Project Velvet is the sweet-i-poo name for a ginormous tech park in Kansas City that is under construction RIGHT NOW. (see Link #2)

In fact, I just came from there to make sure that all of this stuff is really happening. It turned out to be right next to the Vineyard Church in Smithville MO that I have gone to a lot - and when I say right by, I mean BUTTED UP AGAINST - where the road to the church used to just stop and become open land is now the beginning of what I will call “Faang-land”. It had earthmover going everywhere and when I pulled into the construction area and asked that I was in the right place, a large shaved bald head security man said it was, and that I was on the “Meta-Campus” which was private property and I needed to leave immediately - which was fine with me, he just told me everything that I wanted to know.

I thought about taking some pictures but I realized that like my life too much, but I can tell you that when I asked “Siri” where Golden Plains Technology Park was on my iPhone, she had never heard of it, s that should tell you something - (See Link #5 for location info)

Ok, I’m carrying on here:

Enter the FAANG connection:

“As Project Velvet, Meta/Facebook will become the first "FAANG" tenant within the Golden Plains Technology Park in Kansas City's Northland, real estate sources have said.”

FAANG???!!! What the @#$%& is THAT?

FAANG is an acronym. It stands for Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), (NASDAQ: AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Google—now Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL). See links #3 & 4 below:

So what this means is that Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google have all joined forces to do something big in the world, so big that they have seen the need to create a separate entity that trades on the stock exchange. What might that be, you ask?

I was talking to a friend about all of this and she said that KC could well become the first American “Smart City” - and I was like: “Smart City”? You mean as in China where everyone has a social score and they have 100% facial recognition tracking of the entire population? That kind of “Smart City”?

Well, in a word: yes - check it out: (from Link #1): “KC is the most connected region in the U.S. with more than 5.5 million miles of fiber deployed.” All these companies devices all “talk” to each other because they all share the SAME MISSION - population control.

So - THAT’S why this is dystopian-type scary to me. If I wanted to live in China, I would move there, I wouldn’t wait for a bunch of technology companies who want to own the entire world to force it on me here in America - the land of the at least partially still free. It might not be here YET and I have every confidence that the good guys have been working in the background (I just heard a video with Sydney Powell saying that finally her work on the election steal is going to be presented next week, and that they have evidence that there has been election theft / fraud since at least 2000) and will save the country before it becomes a complete globalist hell hole.

But that’s not the point, which to me is that - as all Satanists are compelled to do - they have done their preparation for their whole “spider waiting for the fly” thing with everything “hidden in plain site”; and with the blessing of every tech-addicted one of us - and yes, that includes ME as I sit here writing this on my maxed out iMac.

What can we do about this? Well, to begin with, start to talk to anyone that seems at all open about the things that you see happening “behind the veil” of the image of the world that has been sold to most people. The more aware and awake we all are, the harder it will be to deceive us.

I’m certainly not planning on chaining myself to the gates of Zuckerland on opening day or throwing poisoned meat into the moat to kill the alligators, but I will do whatever I can to spread truth in the meantime.

Uncle Ben Ghazi

Flyover Country, April 14, 2022

Link #4, more FAAANGs:

Link #5 it’s Location:

Park map:

Additional links: The B&V connection:

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