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What’s Really Going On Here?

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

“What’s Really Going On Here?” is the name of the secret and private Facebook group that I run, and what you see here is the picture I use in the group that says many thousands of words about our current world. I can’t think of a more pertinent question that is probably being asked all over the world right now - what IS really going on here?

What’s going on in Afghanistan, what’s going on in the US stolen elections, what’s going on with the rapidly escalating arrival of the “mandatory” Plannedmic shot, and what’s going on with the ByeDone entity that sometimes can’t speak or walk; but suddenly was recently able to deliver a long speech on why America needs to get used to not being the most powerful country on the planet because of how he exited our military while leaving a lot of civilians to rot somewhere?

Well, some plenty smarter peeps than me from all over the world have been trying to answer those questions, so I am just going to do what I do all the time in my group: submit things for discussion that make me and hopefully you go “hhhmmm”. I’m not going to write a lot other than just some short summaries so you can decide if you want to watch or not, but I will remind everyone of the saying I use that really applies to this period in history: “The only thing that you can say in life that’s always true is ‘We’ll see’ - we WILL.” Whatever is going to happen is coming up like the surface of the earth for a skydiver whose parachute didn’t open, but it might help ease the impact if we have some idea on what to expect, and see that we are not alone in our consensus of what this all even is.

First up is this interview with the fabulous and smartest person in any room she’s in, MelK, where she gives a summary of the whole “secret war”; as it is being called by the guy calling himself Patel Patriot who has been the engine running the “Devolution” movement (more on him and that later) with China. She also alludes to it including all of the Cabal which I agree with, and talks about trying to identify the actual groups that are in play in Afghanistan, who is running them, and for what purpose.

Mel is honest enough to say when she doesn’t know something for sure which is a rare quality in the highly intelligent that I really admire, but I think the main thing here is that she is asking all of the right questions; the best of which is “where is Trump, and when will he tell us what is going on?” Go to Link 1 below for this.

Next up to know about: Speaking of “Devolution”, it’s something that I have just run across in the last couple of weeks, but it’s basically the concept that a lot of what we are seeing played out on the world stage is a “continuity of government” plan that Trump put in before “leaving office”. It was done to safeguard us from what he knew was going to be a dark time where the Cabal was going to appear to have won and the ByeDone entity was running the country.

“Continuity of government” is a government term for a plan for what to do in the event of emergency / takeover by an enemy, and this guy calling himself Patel Patriot (drawing his name from Cash Patel) got the name Devolution from many government documents that used it as the word to describe these plans. He is an amazing researcher and has so far written 10 different documents supporting his claims. Whether this sounds either interesting or crazy to anyone, I urge you to at least read the first one before you decide you know what you think on this - remember, you have to have information before you form an opinion, an opinion without information is not an opinion, it’s a reaction (I just made that up, but I think I will save it to use again.)

He also has a couple of Telegram channels and a Rumble channel, and there are videos where a guy reads the documents in a very Shakespearian actor voice if you hate to read. X22Report is all over Devolution as well, which for me really gives it a lot of credibility, so search his Rumble channel for videos on this concept as well. Go to Link 2 below for this. And for more from others on this, go to link 3.

Finally (I told you I would keep this short), I watched this video in link 4 this morning - I tend to watch most videos when I wake up and it’s still dark and I’m not ready to get up yet but I’m not asleep either. This guy Gene DeCode is apparently an ex-military high level code breaker, so the kind of mind that can do that sort of thing gets my attention right away. There are some things he gets into that I just have to keep in the “seems weird but I don’t know” drawer in my head, but that drawer gets more and more things moved from it into the ever growing pile of things that get proven to be true as I continue the journey into the rabbit hole of separating truth from deception.

They hit just about every topic you could imagine from what I call “weather warfare” to what I think is very probably the real explanation of what is behind Afghanistan and the SEAEyeA. I’m not even going to try to summarize this any more, I couldn’t do it justice and would for sure leave some very important things out. Go to link 4 below for this.

Speaking of my Facebook group, I have been posting links to GOOD things that have been happening that I’ve been calling the “White Hat Win Of The Week”, and lately there have been more than one. I would think at this point that everyone knows about the latest ProjectVeritas expose of the Antifa-Communist public school teacher who bragged about how he was actively indoctrinating his students to be Marxists. Well, the next day the parents of the kids in the school he was teaching in went MAGA-BALLISTIC on the school board with literally the most anger I have ever heard hurled at anyone where blood didn’t come out of it, and guess what?

The commie-teacher is now looking for a new line of work, which I think will need to be something a lot more “woke” than public school because I doubt any school would touch him now. Maybe there will be a GoFundMe for a one way ticket to China for him, I’m sure they’d put him to “work”…

Everywhere on Facebook I see people angry and starting to fight back, and maybe THAT’S what is “really going on here” - getting people scared and angry enough to not sit and wait for the government to come and save them, and realize that at least some aspects of government are the actual enemies that they need to fight. MelK calls for people to band together and fight back, and that includes in person as well as internet. Personally, I would love to know about any active groups in the Kansas City area that meet for discussion and action, being relatively in to the area, I don’t hear about things via word of mouth like others might.

So, as it was written in Shakespeare’s play Henry V: “once more into the fray (or breach), dear friends”. This to me means a call to arms for your comrades in war that might feel like a doomed venture, but is said knowing you had to fight on anyways. Once more into the breach, or maybe many times more into the fray, but victory is coming - I can feel it, I can see it, and I can almost smell it and taste it - and it tastes GREAT - and less filling too ;-)

Uncle Ben Ghazi

FlyOver Country

Sept. 2, 2021

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