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Why Drag Shows are The Second Hand Smoke of Sexuality

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

I can hear everyone going “Huh??? Uncle Ben must be smokin’ somethin’ savage HIMSELF, what the heck is he saying?” Bear with me and I will show you what the second hand smoke studies of the 70s that influenced the eventual banning of smoking in public places could do for us to save the “last stand generation of American youth” from the most insidious long-planned plot we’ve ever encountered.

There is a restaurant / family entertainment center in North Kansas City called “Chicken & Pickle” - it is what it sounds like, a 2 story restaurant with outdoor pickle ball games and a liquor license. Lots of people come there after work, singles meet and go on dates, and kids birthday parties are held there. I know people who know the owners and they are very conservative, and I would think that the owners of C&P probably are as well.

So when I saw this poster for a live drag show “for the whole family” there last Saturday night, it was REALLY surprising to me. The people on social media that were talking about it said that they would NEVER go there again, etc. but I said - yes, maybe, but there is a lot here to consider. First, go here and take a look around this site and you’ll start to get an idea of what’s REALLY going on here, this is WAY more than about one drag show in one restaurant:

You’ll notice that their mission is separated into three areas: Education, Entertainment, and Media. If you look under the “Education” tab, you will see a section marked “Family Planning”. You might say to yourself, “Hey wait a minute, what do the LGBTX-LMNOP-EIEIO have to do with families?

OK, now you’re asking the right question, but you need to look at the answer from a number of angles: What is shown at the site is them trying to show trans-couples how to adopt children. But I wouldn’t assume that this would be limited to a COUPLE, remember their branding cry “Love is Love” which means that ANY type of sexuality, shared amongst any AMOUNT of pronoun labeled entities, or as they might say to you: “check your phobic much?”

OK, so this on its own is just ultra terrible at least in my world, but I know that lots of people would say that any person of any sexual orientation has love to give to a child, and so with all the children in the foster system etc, why shouldn’t they be put into a loving home, gay or otherwise?

Since seeing the Drag Queen event poster, I heard from a woman who did in fact contact C&P who was told by the manager that they had no problem with the organization and stuck with the story that it as “just a fun family time”.

“Family” is exactly the point I am trying to make in writing this, I want people to understand that FAMILY is what is in the crosshair sights of the Transgender Agenda - here’s why I say that:

Let’s take the hypothetical position that people of any sexual orientation aren’t effecting anyone but themselves, and as such should be allowed to express that however they like, and if you don’t want to see it, just don’t go to their events. Here are my arguments of just how utterly wrong that is:

I will say that it is a FACT that the more very young children are exposed to gay & trans-sexuality where it is shown as normal and in fact are given positive attention when they do “cute things” like put dollar bills in G-strings and dress up themselves in drag costumes, the more absolute certainty there is that a much greater percentage of them will grow up gay or transexual. And given that, mathematically it is 100% true that there will be fewer and fewer heterosexual marriages producing biologically created babies. And let me spell out what that means to those that like things in simple word pictures:

Less babies mean less people to pay into the benefits of the already grown older people, and the less heterosexuals in the country, the more its future will be controlled by people who tend to be controlled almost completely by their emotions, and as such easily manipulated by those with a Globalist agenda.

You might think that I am jumping to a lot of conclusions here, but I will tell you that I was given a book years ago called “America Alone” that is all about how none of the European countries had a high enough birthrate to survive, and this was why Muslims were brought to their countries - to keep making babies and keep the entitlements flowing. The title comes from the obvious conclusion that if the Muslims in Europe were the only ones having children, eventually it will be largely Muslim and act out the agenda of Islam - to make the world convert or be enslaved or die - and that would leave “America Alone” to stand against that. Well, I will tell you that if America can’t stand against the plot to steal the sexuality of our children, we CERTAINLY are not going to be able to stand up against Islam, Globalism, AI or anything else that is pointed at us these days.

My comparison of the effect of drag shows that we don’t attend to be the same as the “second hand smoke” of cigarettes we don't directly smoke that was used to make the argument to end public smoking is that even if we get all of OUR children out of the schools that have them is that by their fellow classmates becoming gay & transgender increasing, they will still be indirectly influencing all the children that DIDN’T go to drag shows - just like all the people infected in those end of the world zombie movies were effected by the zombies all around them.

And as such, we no longer have the luxury to “go along to get along” and make nice with everyone that says that we are bigots etc for saying that the drag shows and all the other things that they have planned in their TransWars as I called them a few blogs back - if you think that a few guys with beards in pink bras and high heels singing show tunes is where it’s going to stop, then please send me an email and I will make you a great deal on a bridge I own in Brooklyn….

I’ll make one more illustration that it doesn’t matter what a trans or gay person’s intention is, what matters is what happens BECAUSE of them:

In the video below, the snarky but correct Sydney Watson shows us even more proof that we live on “Clown World” as she so aptly puts it referring to the things that make no sense happening all around us. Here’s the video:

She tells a tale of a biological man who murdered his girlfriend, then after gender re-assignment therapy got himself re-assigned to a woman’s prison - in California, knock me over with a feather. He complains in it that he knows that his case has been precedent setting since now there are lots of men identifying as women in women’s prisons abusing and impregnating women inmates, and he was sorry but he didn’t mean for it to happen.

This makes huge points for my argument that while the people with the gender / sexuality confusion really aren’t to blame for what’s happened to them anymore than any other casualty warfare, it is the GENERALS who did the planning and used them as weapons against the rest of us. But at the point we are at, the main thing is defense against the attack; if there is any healing and deprogramming to be done, it will have to wait until we have secured ourselves and our children from the enemy who is attacking our futures through sexuality.

So let me summarize here and offer a solution:

  • The website of shows us a probably well funded and heavily lawyered organization, which is certainly not unique - as such, they are not going away and they ARE coming to your town, schools, and YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES.

  • The solution is the same that it usually is - hurt them where they live financially via law-fare. Parents need to organize and file class action lawsuits, claiming that any attempts to publicly show gay and transsexuality where children could be in the audience effects ALL children from how it will get into their lives even if they are not in attendance. Just as second hand smoke from tobacco effects those that are not doing the smoking directly - we all “breathe it in” just because it is ALL around us. If they want to say that we are limiting their freedoms, then we will have to fight to prove that our right to not have gay and trans children is greater than their right to try to sell that lifestyle choice to them.

It’s that simple, and so now we just need to find a bunch of lawyer with guts and know-how. There is not going to be a “tomorrow” to kick this can down the road to : Children of 5-7 that we are seeing watching drag shows now will be the voters 2040, and if a good 25% more of them are gay and transgender they will probably vote in things that make a lot of the lives that we currently enjoy living AGAINST THE LAW.

SHARE THIS WITH THE PARENTS THAT YOU KNOW. Let’s not be the ostriches with our heads in the sand that Conservatives so often are - yes, it “CAN happen here”, and it will if we don’t fix this NOW.

Uncle Ben Ghazi / Sultan of Snark and Trader in Truth

Flyover Country

June 21, 2022

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